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Sunday, March 29, 2015


The digital world is here - has been here for some time now - and those that can work deeply and thoughtfully - in this digital world - who can communicate well. Keep knowing and meeting others in a virtual manner - and still continue on that journey - hopefully making - progress.

Few know this but it is worthy to mention this one fact in my life. When I was two years old - I was struck my polio - suffered and over came. Today only my left leg suffers from atrophy - but at one time it was my entire - left side of my body.

In all the years that I could until very recently - I played most contact sports. At one time - my boxing skills very good - and I can still throw a good punch - and still practice on my "South Paw".

I mention this little know fact - because it has not stopped me - to achieve what I set my mind to do.

Which always brings to the fore - the many people I met in my life. 

Today, those that touched me and those I touched - are spread - all over the world - and through Facebook and other digital tools - we still foster our deep - friendship.

The world has shrunk and what we see is that the divide and divisiveness - all over the world - has created a great divide. Even here in the United States of America.

I never, ever thought I would be involved in the decision making - that would change the lives of many - on the world arena.

It happens so fast and so suddenly - that when I was there - I realized - I had to offer the best I had to offer - to discern - and make good things - happen.

Recently I was going through the many photographs - some some Nairobi, Kenya where I was born, from Goa, India - others from Italy - especially Naturno and Rome - that I have fond memories of.

Still other from Germany - Nuremberg and Berlin from the yesterday years - and again from my recent trip Nuremberg and Frankfurt.

Melbourne, Australia which I visited three times - the last time to be present at the funeral of my dear, Mother.

Auckland, New Zealand and of course a lot from the various places - in the United States of America.

You look at the photograph - and just like that - in nano seconds - images stream through your mind - your soul is uplifted - especially if the events touched you.

Loved ones and others impacted you - and you impacted others - and more if this is revealed to you - at you see a loved one face to face - and those that were young once and now look at old as you.

Social media is now impacting millions - it just depends what you post and how one communicates.

If what you post hits a cord with some one - some very simple but very direct idea, concept, issue, project,  - it takes seconds for something to go viral.

We see this happening - all the time. Most of the time - for good.

For those that are interested I am involved in deep issues linked to the indigenous people - here in America the Native Americans.

Closer to home and San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone:

In Canada the First People. I do what I have to do to highlight the issues - of the First People - and counter the disdain showed to the many Tribes - by those that should know better.

In San Francisco - I deal with issues linked to City Planning, Transportation, Education, Health, Safety, focusing mostly on infants, children, youth, and young adults.

San Francisco is a City that embraces all - the entire Bay Area a wider Region - is unique in the entire world.

Some of the best minds travel to the Bay Area - and often times - I am very fortunate to meet some best mind - to listen more and speak to the point and share my - experiences.

I thought that I would share a few of my thoughts - and would like others that I know - who have influence me in any way - to give me some quality - feed back. God Bless.