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Saturday, April 4, 2015


Proposed SF TransBay Building

The First People of the United States as did all indigenous people all over the world - always respected Mother Earth - and more importantly - water - that nourishes - all life.

There is one fundamental difference between indigenous people and those we will term "strangers" - indigenous people - have their heart in the "right place" - when it comes to Mother Earth.

The strangers have undone what the indigenous people have preserved and protected for thousands of years - in just 200 years - more here in the Bay Area and California.

In recent years California the eighth largest economy in the world - has been suffering from a drought - a drought that is on going for the last four years.

Jerry Brown the present Governor of California declared an emergency - mandating that Californians conserve and reduce their consumption by twenty five percent.

Jerry Brown should have mentioned that his father Edmund Brown - was instrumental in sending millions of gallons of water from Northern California to Southern California - and more to the Central Valley.

This was a failed policy - where subsidized water - used by the farmers profited the large farmers - often Corporations - and penalized - the COMMONS - hard working constituents who pay their taxes.

It is a paradox that ninety percent of the water consumed in California - as the empirical data shows - points in the direction of the large agricultural entities.

The corporate farmers - who rake in millions - and have been hoodwinking innocent California - who pay their taxes and subsidize the "farmers" - favored by evil and corrupt politicians at the State and Federal level.

These evil entities that cared less - went on a rampage - using water - less recycled water to grow crops. Crops grown on well watered land - that yielded millions of tons of vegetables, fruits, nuts and what have you - making very - large profits.

In many cases getting the water of cheap - subsidized by the State and Federal government - using evil politicians - who sold out the community and betrayed our trust.

In some case prisoners were used to harvest crops and paid a measly 10 cents an hour.

These atrocities have been going on for years - some of these evil farmers - laughing all the way to the bank - raking in the millions of dollars - as I will repeat.

Now, all of a sudden - everything has come to a halt.

The farmers started tapping into the ground water - digging deep wells - and destroying the watershed for miles around.

Recently, Governor Jerry Brown went to the hills - where once stood fifteen to twenty feet of snow - at this time - the first week of April. 

Only to find out the "truth" this time around there was nothing - just some green scrubs and weeds. The snow that we all took for granted - was NOT there - the Governor got a shock - but still does not get it.

You do not penalize those that conserve water - you chance your policies - send less water - down south.

Warn the entities that provide water EastBay MUD, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) to fix their leaking pipes - and use "real time monitoring" - to detect and report such leaks - on the Internet.

We have inept so called managers - making in access of $200,000 some as much as $300,000 with benefit - who are playing with the lives of the constituents.

In San Francisco we should have replaced our aging clean drink water pipes that are over 85 years old - on a "war footing" - we have NOT done that - and yet these people - so called Managers - are on the job. They should be fired - inept, shallow, spineless, and got with their hand in the cookie jar.

The Governor declared that we have a "serious drought" and mandated - reducing our water consumption - by twenty five percent. Not a word about the millions of clean drinking water - leeching into the ground. Not a word - how this contaminated the watershed.

In San Francisco we pride ourselves that we have the best clean drinking water - that comes from Yosemite - the Hetch Hetchy reservoir - some 160 miles plus away.

We stole the water - from the Miwoks, Pomos, the Piutes - other tribes of the region that  - consider the rivers, streams, and the waters gathered at the  Hetch Hetchy reservoir as Sacred - waters.

We have the audacity to waste millions of gallons of water. We steal the water - call it the purest ever - and use this clean drinking water to - flush our toilets.

This is a DESECRATION of a SACRED resource - but evil, immoral, unethical, folks lacking decency - who talk from both sides of their mouth - do not get it.

Wake up San Francisco and more the sordid leadership that includes the Mayor of San Francisco - Edwin M. Lee.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee does not blink an eye - he may twitch his moustache a bit - when he brags of the over 80 high rises - all over the City and County of San Francisco.

This one evil deed - where recycled water could have been used - grey water too - and incorporated in all these buildings - was ignored.

This one fact will come to haunt this City and more those that with disdain continue to waste - millions of gallons of clean drinking water - from Hetch Hetchy - even as we experience a "drought" that will go deep into five years - and awaken those who are deep asleep - in their slumber of sorts.

The indigenous people took care of Mother Earth - using little - and preserving more for future generations.

This Sacred way of thinking and acting - has been relegated to the cesspool of thoughts and actions - befitting those that have - no moral, less ethics, and for sure NO - standards - in polite terms we call them the - "strangers".

None of them have anything remotely close - to the norms, principles, wisdom bestowed on the keepers of these Earth. The ones that know and knew - have mentioned to me - the prophecies of old - and in each of these prophecies - in detail - the mention of these evil folks - who are the source of diseases, a mentality where they live and procreate - as if there was no tomorrow.

Grabbing, using, killing, raping, doing what the "devil" does - living a path of destruction - building huge monuments to pray and worship - when Nature with all its majesty and glory - is all that we need to respect.

Lots of ceremony but no harmony. Tons of hot air - but nothing to show - in good deeds. Today and in years gone by - waging war far away - and causing turmoil - divisiveness - and further the cause of the - "devil".

The shamans predicted it all - and in my writing - twenty, twenty five years ago - I wrote - what I am forced to write today.

No good can come without spirituality - no good can come from the politicians whose heart is not in the right place. The First People called the stranger - people with fork tongues. Much like the snake - who symbolizes all - "Evil".

Some of us for the last four years have been conserving water.

The suppliers of clean drinking water - are going to raise the price of water - punishing those that - conserve - while allowing those that get subsidies and those that waste water - get a break.

In the Central Valley - having no chance to tap into the rivers and streams - over 120,000 deep wells - have been drilled.

This one act alone - will destroy the aquifers - that indigenous people - preserved - and prayed over for future - generations to come.

Shamans often spent time - pondering deep and reflecting on the evil ways of those that are "greedy".

Greedy folks we call "strangers" - who will sell their mothers for nickel.

Do all in their power to steal and brag that they are capitalists of a kind - doing all in the power to worship - evil.

As we see the rivers dry impacting the fish and salmon that we have come to wonder - how they make their way from the Oceans - seeking the travel paths of those that traversed - before them - other salmon and trout.

The difficult journey - thousand of miles away from the Ocean - entering the estuaries and mouths of so many rivers - up stream and down stream -  to spawn and die - and give life.

Then the journey begins - for the new generation of salmon and trout - but, soon that will all come to a halt.

We have damned the rivers, we have ruined the conditions for snow, we have contaminated the air, clear cut large tracts of old growth redwood and other precious wood.

The strangers want it all - and they want it now - in less than two hundred years - they have created a - "concrete jungle" - they can eat the "concrete".

For soon clean drinking water - and the sumptuous fruits, vegetables, grain, nuts, and what have you - will be - affordable - much as the homes are affordable to those that can afford it.

We know of the KOCH brothers, we know of MONSANTO - we know of the large corporations - too many to mention - none of them - care about humanity and tomorrow - we live for today.

Some decades ago - dams and reservoirs were built - putting hurdles in the way of those fish that have travelled a path - engrained in the their DNA. Those that are greedy - do not give a damn.

Much as the strangers destroyed the old growth redwood trees, the Buffalo that roamed majestically.

The thousands of other species that was perished - and we the two legged human beings - so called homo sapiens - could have done better - but have disgraced our humanity - and more our ability to - discern and do good.

The frogs that once signaled all that was good - are disappearing - thousands of species lost - once lost - they cannot be brought back.

As I said - water is precious and water nourishes and sustains life.

You would not know that from the evil ways of those that have brought about this tragedy - and soon - we will have very little of water. left.

We will put the blame on others - knowing fully well that - few of us - spoke up and stood for what is right.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is tapping into ground water - mixing it with Hetch Hetchy water - and selling this mix - at a higher price.

The SFPUC has failed to notice one single public meeting in San Francisco - on this issue - mixing ground water with clean drinking water from Hetch Hetchy.

Failed to allow us to consult the hydrologist - those that know more - about our aquifers - and give us the correct information - on this important matter.

These so called policy makers -  with all their hog wash - are not worth the salt - Aho. 

Hetch Hetchy Valley - less snow, less water - Waiting for Godot!

Exceptional Drought in places where we need clean drinking most - this time around we must address the issue at hand on a War Footing - where is the leadership - it dos not exists.