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Saturday, March 29, 2014


Let us not kid ourselves that the Democrats - more folks like Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi - say but fool themselves - that they have NO blood on their hands.

Recently when the higher authorities closer to those who made top "Security" decisions at the National level - pried open some electronic files - and found out what Diane Feinstein, her aides - others and their aides - were prying open and sharing - and thought no one was watching them - some one got angry.

Yes, when you are caught with your hand in the cookie jar - when you leak secrets to a country that purports to be the only "true" Democratic Nation - in the Middle East.

We know - the few that keep monitoring - "World Affairs" - who truly is selling out our Nation - the United States of America.

Sad to say - our Nation has failed - because the constituents do not respect any of our "Representatives".

Our Representatives have failed to represent - and "dug" their own graves.

This time around in November - very sad to say - but it is the truth - " the Democrats will fail - because they lie, they hoodwink, and because they cannot be trusted".

You just have to review the leading experts who poll the constituents on "issues" - issues that matter - good jobs, sound health programs, education and transportation.

Quality of Life issues like good housing, childcare, recreational facilities - that once were the norm - but now are the domain and available only to the filthy - rich.

The Democrats thought they have it - but soon they will loose it - and when they loose - they will huff and puff - and no one will listen to them - but more most people - will ignore, them.

Today, anyway you look at it - our health programs are a mess.

We pay more - and when some decided to revamp our health system - over 60% already had some "health benefits" - that should have been left - alone.

The 40% that need some attention - that population only - should have been taken over by the so called "Affordable Care Act" - evaluated and tweaked. Many promises were made and many cannot be fulfilled.

People pay into a program - call their doctors - only to be told that the doctor or doctors they called - are NOT their care givers. This one fact - exposes the entire failing system.

And there is more - thousands still do not know if they will be penalized - because they think all was well - but now are told they have to enroll - all over again.

Those that planned the " Affordable Care Act " known better as "Obama Care" - 7 million clients are needed to make the program work. - and recently someone is bragging the number reached is 6 million - so how long before we reach the target and time is running out.

No one knows the truth about " The Affordable Care Act" - and the entire so called "Affordable Care Act" is reeling towards some "black hole" - that will suck many in this dark, dark hole - and adversely impact them.

Our population is about 320 million - Nationwide - just so that we know.

The entire  population of our Nation a know Super Power -  should be covered and taken care of. However, when most civilized nations - have done well is taking care of the majority of our population - our Nation has chosen to permit - "Insurance Companies" to fleece our population.

Much as our "Nation" permitted large financial institution to play an important role using " sub prime loans" derivatives and other ploys and machinations in the spiraling of our economy in the United States in the years 2007 and 2008.

Our Representatives were asleep in the cockpit - and did nothing much to bring succor to our Seniors, other who lost most of their savings - and today all they do is pander - asking for money - when most of them have access to the "One Percent" who have the money - and dole it out for favors.

The Middle Class is eroding - and no one is really paying attention. There is a wide gap - the rich are growing richer - and the poor are now called openly - "indigent".

Closer to home our San Francisco Board of Supervisors - in recent days are shaken up a bit - the likes of Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, Scott Wiener, David Chiu, London Breed - others, the likes of Carmen Chu, Juliet Ellis - must be investigated using the RICO ACT. 

Our City's - Contract Monitoring Division - is a joke.
At the over 50 sites where our Mayor brags the cranes are up - and good things are happening - less than one percent of the total workers - working on all these job sites - are from San Francisco.
What does this say to those that brag about Local Hire, City Build, and the other cliches that they spew?

In San Francisco small contractors are constantly adversely impacted. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - has a history to keep small contractors out - making it mandatory - that most any contractor who is comes under the the term " small contractor" - a Local Business Enterprise and so on - must have three or four contracts - under their belt - and that too with the SFPUC - a contradiction in term.

The over 4.6 Billion Water System Improvement Project mostly linked with the Hetch Hetchy operation - is now ending with some tail-ended projects - in peril - one of them Mountain Tunnel and the other Calavares.

With the 7 Billion - Sewer System Improvement Project - that is dragging its legs - the community and the more the community advocates are - "disrespected". But not for long.

Anything that has to be done with Community Benefits - and the Sewer System Improvement System - that now comes under Juliet Ellis - who was charged by the Fair Political Practices Act and the San Francisco Ethics Commission - must be taken away from her and her minions. This must be done on a War Footing.

Millions doled out without any meaningful deliberation and more favoring lackeys - who have NOT contributed to the well being and deliberations - as have some organizations and advocates - who still continue to monitor the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - a bed of corruption - that is growing from bad to worse.

At City Hall and more at the San Francisco Board of Supervisor - the public is hindered from giving Public Comment. Advocates such as James Chaffee and others are targeted - and David Chiu thinks all is well when he calls the Sheriff to arrest those that are participating well within the First Amendment rights.

Supervisor Scott Wiener, Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, London Breed need to be investigated - the behind the doors shenanigans are will known - and now is the time - before the November elections - to bring those dubious and nefarious actions - above ground an shed light.

These Democrats have been hoodwinking the constituents for the longest time ever - pandering to the MACHINE - to folks like the "thug Mayor" - Willie L. Brown Jr - and Platinum Consultants and Rose Pak - raking in millions and pretending to be interested in the welfare of San Francisco and the constituents.

We must Never Ever forger the nefarious and dubious - power play that put some people in office - read on and refresh your memories: