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Saturday, March 15, 2014


Lennar Urban is a diabolical entity.

Lennar Urban and Kofi Bonner -  simply does not get it - "no good ever, will come - at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Change the name - do anything - you will FALL - FLAT on your FACE". Aho.

At Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - once stood two hills - much like the Bayview Hill by Candlestick Stadium. 

he two hills were demolished - and the dirt with the remains of the Ohlone - removed and used as landfill.

This is a crime crying to heaven for justice.

Not one square inch has been surveyed - as per the Federal Regulations - and in keeping the the Native American Graves Protect and Rehabilitation Act (NAGPRA).

The City and County of San Francisco is playing with fire.

We the constituents of San Francisco - saw this with Proposition F - I was one of the proponents. My name is Francisco Da Costa and I served our Nation - under three United States Generals - at United States Sixty Army and Presidio of San Francisco.

Unlike the many lackeys I have to deal with - who are NOT educated on issues - and less have sound morals, ethics, and standards. Break the laws of our Nation - each and every day.

We the people of the Bayview and the entire City and County of San Francisco - the decent constituents - opposed Lennar Urban and took them to the - "cleaners".

Proposition F spent $5 thousand.

Lennar Urban the devil spend over $10 million.

More - spewing lies, and hoodwinking the public with $10 thousands advertisements - all of which were used to do the - "devil's work".

God has blessed our children, the sisters and brothers who took part in the movement and are well respected and remembered all this many years - from 2004.

Ten years later - we are geared to do God's work - and this time - there will be a more resounding success. Take this warning seriously - and again no laws will be broken - the RICO ACT and other legal rules and regulations - will be applied.

Today we have "thugs" - jail birds - people without any morals, no standards, less ethics - trying to aid and abet Lennar Urban.

Acting as consultants without proper cerifications - trying to build on Ohlone Land - and not comprehending that anyone - who has anything to do with Lennar Urban - be it the former "thug" Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr - his minions - folks like Roy Willis, Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, the Tabernacle Group - all of them will fall flat on their face.

Kofi Bonner must remember - this is not Emeryville Shopping Center where another Ohlone Shellmound was desecrated.

This time around - " I am warning you - long before you see anything - you and all those have anything to do with Lennar Urban - will fall on your face". 

Please take the warning - while you have time to change your ways. Do one worth the salt - invited Lennar into our community. Let me make this clear - not those Blacks that are not from the Bayview in the first place - we are watching you all - like a HAWK.

Right now as I write this article there have been exceedances of Asbestos Structures - over 25,000 Structures per cubic meter.

On many days the workers - working on Parcel A have been exposed to the Asbestos Structures. The workers are not wearing face masks - and no one gives a damn.

Mayor Edwin Lee has no clue about rules and regulations and no one has told him about the high levels of Asbestos Structures. 

Mayor Edwin Lee must request Lennar Urban to have a copy - of all the days - there were high levels of Asbestos Structures - where NO NOTICE OF VIOLATIONS - were issued and why?

What is the Bay Area Air Quality Management District doing - and Mr Jack Broadbent. Do you want us to initiate another law suit? The last time around Lennar Urban admitted guilt and was fined - $515.000. Yes or No?

This is the year 2014 and for Lennar Urban and Tiffany Bohee and Thor Kascofsky and Bronson Johnson from Lennar Urban  think they can fool all the people - all the time.

This is not any other place - "this is San Francisco".

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - and this land is ours.

The land was stolen and I want to ask Mayor Edwin Lee if he can produce any document which the City and County of San Francisco has - that says the White thugs early on bought the land.

They stole the land all of it.

Again and again all the illegal Environmental Impact Reports and Studies done - have ignored - first informing the Muwekma Ohlone and secondly following the rules and regulations.

Again I say - do not play with fire - you will be consumed by it - do not play with the indigenous people - they do not worship mammon and for sure they are not "greedy".

Take the warning - will the going is good.

Thugs, jail birds, people without any ethics - are coming into the Southeast Sector - where the Mayor brags there are people as precious as gold - while he permits the worse of the worst to - hoodwink people, steal, loot, deceive, and speaks from both sides of his mouth.

The high density being built does not encourage Quality of Life issues. Town houses do. So, for all your worthless talk - you slept for hours - before you woke up to make some drab statement - on Project 360 and there is more to come.

Our Fire Fighters need good equipment to do their work. Our Fire Fighters need sound pressure in all the hydrants to do their job. Our infrastructure is falling apart - and some one is running his mouth. Time to wake up - and face reality.

Buildings are built for Seniors on contaminated ground - Brownfield - without any standard abatement and sound mitigation - in the Bayview.

Nancy Pelosi running her mouth - this coming National Elections - you will see Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstien - drown in the cesspool of their own creation - again, these vermin - have failed to truly represent - San Franciscans.

The Seniors in the Bayview more then anywhere else in San Francisco - are already inflicted with severe, chronic respiratory diseases.

Cancers and tumors of all kinds - in their golden years - the Seniors should have had some respite - but not with the City crooks around - making hay - while the sun shines. Pathetic.

The San Francisco Health Department knows about the contamination and the many health problems - but does nothing about it.

Tumors, Cancers, all sorts of chronic diseases are well documented - there is all the empirical data - for anyone who may want to read and use the valid information for research.

Yet our City Officials be it the City Administrator, the General Manage of the SF Public Utilities Commission, our SF Controller, Steve Kawa - crooked advisers who whisper sweet nothings into the Mayor's ear.

Those in charge of HOPESF - are playing with fire.

Take my warning very seriously - you will suffer - while we are alive to see it all.

We have had a lot of patience - and time is running out.

Lennar Urban is cutting corners - trying to intimidate City Officials to take short cuts - using the SF Public Utilities Contractor's Center - to give seminars on Financing and Bonding and other shenanigans - "who is fooling whom".

Where are the Career Jobs?

Do you think we have no grass roots movement ready to mobilize and take anyone on?

All this in our back yard.

Do you think - we cannot and did not take control of San Francisco City Hall - on several occasions?

Do you think for a second - we will stand by - while you all slowly kill our children?

Do you think for a second - well stand by and wait - while you kill our Seniors?

We hear those that have no morals, less ethics, less standards - speak from both side of their mouth.

Spew diatribe - our patience has reached, saturation point - and listen - you may want to see us - but we do not want to have anything with you.

There is a time for everything - this time is ours.

We are in charge of our destiny - this is Ohlone Land - always remember that - the thieves cannot and will not dictate to us. 

You that wallow in the cesspool of your creation - especially the Black thugs - you time has already come.

You are on borrowed time. Please pay attention to what I am saying.

If you mess with our children - you are messing with me.

Never mind who you think you are - we will deal with you - with urgency and within the laws of this Nation.