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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


There is something strange about MUNI - our local San Francisco transportation system. 

The cobwebs are many - and the doors and windows - need to be opened and the ENTIRE area - cleared of the disgusting - reining and festering - corruption at the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA).

We are a hilly city - as many as 42 known hills some small, others average, and only a few large to be called extra steep and big. Those that know little about history , less educated on issues - fail to comprehend the goodness and the challenges of San Francisco - with holistic operations and models - that have been successful.

The first thing the "idiots" think of is making the constituents pay more.

Failing that cut some services - and penalize those that need help - put more hurdles in their way - of those that need help most - and these "goons" think that all is well. 

Well, you will be in for a big, big, surprise.

So it was not by accident we are fortunate to have inventors who put in place our famous - world class - cable cars. Think deep about this invention and operation.

When is the last time the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) - invented something decent that helped the people. Each and every new gimmick the MTA has imposed on the people of San Francisco - has been received with mixed - feelings.

In the early fifties and sixties we put in place light rail - that took people to far off places - you could if you wanted at one time travel from Market Street - through San Bruno Avenue, Old Bayshore - all the way to present day Burlingame.

The problem is that we have "idiots" who have failed at doing other things in other places - then hired - by our City and County of San Francisco - to head Agencies and do things that they are NOT capable of dong.

Good for nothing - spewing diatribe and hot air - all the time - time to send these folks - packing.

Right now - all these corrupt folks are doing is hoodwinking the public at large.

Our GRID - how MUNI operates and carries thousands of people is antiquated. 

We should have changed our GRID a long time ago - ideally 30 years ago.

Mayors Frank Jordon - Art Agnos, Willie L. Brown Jr. leading to Gavin Newsom - bragged about this and that - to fix MUNI and the MTA - and failed - miserably.

The worst Mayor to screw MUNI - Willie L. Brown Jr and he did it on purpose. More with the two- tier system - where those who joined MUNI after 1996 - are shafted, royally. 

For example the situation in the South of our City of San Francisco - MUNI service is poorest in the Southeast Sector.

The idiots at MUNI have yet to figure out - how, the now defunct 15 Third performed so well - still get compliments - and why was it removed.

You could take one bus from San Francisco City College - that is the 15 Third - all the way to Fisherman's Wharf - pass through the CalTrans Station at 4th and King - through Market Street, thorough the Financial District - and enjoy some quality crab and clam chowder at Fisherman's Wharf.

Try doing that now - you have to stop - hop - alight - and still FAIL to arrive on time. 

The 3rd Street Rail is a joke and cost over $800 million.

Starting at 4th and King and stopping - abruptly at Middle of No Where - Visitation Valley! 

Whey did not this $800 million White Elephant connect to Balboa Station? We want to know.

The 3rd Street Light Rail is also called Phase I of the proposed Light Rail route - through the Central Subway - Phase II - that has now reach over $1.8 Billion - started at $600 million.

Where do we get these jerks - who plan all these grand plans - and fail - each and every time.

Over 30,000 units are planned for the Southeast Sector - and as thing stand today - the public transportation in the Southeast Sector is pathetic - to say the least. 

The many stations, doting the 3rd Street Light Rail - filthy.

The bus stops not functional. dirty - and no one cares. Check the one at Arleta and Old Bayshore - it has NOT been working for the last 3 months. There was one bus stop the signs working - the one replaced - is just that - a white elephant.

The cameras on 80% of the MUNI buses are not functional.

Crime is on the increase and what is most disgusting - the buses filthy.

Ride on any SamTrans and compare - we would not - because we and more the Municipal Transportation Agency - would be put to utter - ashamed. 

Now, suddenly the authorities that have messed MUNI, John Haley, and Ed Reskin, and others - want to trim MUNI - our bus stops and other amenities that have served our constituents for over hundred and fifty years!

Who are these new comers and what the hell do they know?

Who appointed them - and how is it - you come in to establish a 311 and 411 system that is faulty - and then suddenly head the MTA?

More with the exit of Gerald Ford - who was let go - for cheating and hoodwinking - we imported him from Chicago and before that Micheal Burns and before that many - that will go unmentioned - for now.

There is a relation that brought Gerald Ford to San Francisco - and the man behind that dubious relation - Richard Blum the husband of Senator Diane Feinstien.

We are not London - and we are not Sweden - and the glaring factor that stares us in the face - is our terrain - we are a hilly City and have always been one.

San Francisco our terrain - the land of the Ohlone. Each and every square inch stolen - by crooks and greedy mongers.

The current Municipal Transportation Agency - town hall meetings are just meant to trigger the IRE of the populace.

Believe me - people are very angry - and always remember you triggered the anger.

Our buses are crowed and dirty - and those "yellow hornets" with yellow jackets - on the bus and off the bus - are useless. They provide no "security" and are worthless.

And here is a surprise they are paid by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission some $500,000 plus - money that should have gone to the Southeast Sector - our youth, career training, and so on and so forth.

At Palou Street MTA forced me to collect signatures to put up two bus stops - to help those get some shelter in inclement weather - our seniors and single mothers with infants - others that need shelter. 

The MTA forced me to collect the signatures - in the rain - and challenged me - while I fulfilled my obligations - that more was required.

When they wanted me to do more - and pushed the buttons -  I did what I do best - I fired an email back - to those that run MUNI and head the MTA - and then - just like that - everything fell in place.

We have folks heading the Municipal Transportation Agency - who are a disgrace to the human race.

When you decide to eliminate bus stops and force the Elderly and those Mentally and Physically Challenged to walk long distances - something is wrong with this picture.

When MTA decided to give a break to GOOGLE and other Tech Companies - asking them to give a dollar or some little money to use - tax payers funded Bus Stops - something is wrong - with this picture.

When 80% of the cameras on our buses - are not operational - some one must be fired.

May be the man who talks the talks - cannot walk the walks - and has a ear piece that does not - perhaps - work. Haley not Hello!

Google gave our youth a break recently - and that is good - they could do more - and joining them SalesForce, Twitter, and a host of other Techies - that take a lot from us San Franciscans and give little.

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA), John Avalos who is Chair of the SFCTA is all FLUFF.

Ed Reiskin and his minions - all have let us San Franciscans down - do not mess with our IRE - it has reached saturation point.

We have MTA planning department failing us San Franciscans.

We have MTA stealing money from the former Taxi Commission and the Trust Funds of the San Francisco Taxi Drivers - we have all sorts of shenanigans, ploys, and machinations - and we lack sound leadership at MTA.

Give some one the opportunity - and we could turn this nonsense around - the one thing required - fire the MTA Commission and those heading the Municipal Transportation Agency.

Today - for sure the man with a ear piece in his ear - and his nose stuck up - while all sorts of corruption - is going on. Any takers.

The SF Controller was given all the documentation - linked to rampant corruption at MTA - nothing happened.

Can you imagine that. The City Officials condoning - corruption - or should we post the emails and the documents - on the Internet. May be that is called for -  and will be done - shortly.

Do not penalize the youth, the seniors, the single mothers - the poor and the indigent - that are treated with disdain. All of them need help from MUNI - the MTA and our Mayor Edwin Lee.

MUNI and its services are worse off today - then ever before. Time to turn it around - but first we must clean house. Clear and sanitize the filth - that has been piled to high, heaven.  Aho.