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Sunday, March 16, 2014


Our children in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - more Bayview Hunters Point - will never, ever forget Lennar Urban for their diabolical deeds in the year 2004.

Mayor Gavin Newsom, Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr, Roy Willies, Kofi Bonner, Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones, Aurelious Walker, Lolla Whittle, Doris Vincent, Veronica Hunnicutt, Calvin Jones, Sophie Maxwell, Malia Cohen - and a host of other diabolical individuals that still continue to pander to Lennar Urban.

Lennar Urban now has the blessing of the present Mayor Edwin Lee, the City Administrator Naomi Kelly, the SF Health Director Barbara Gracia, many others who should know better - but are pandering to the devil - Lennar Urban.

No one can harm our children with intent and think for a second that all is fine. 

The empirical data is there - that Lennar Urban - fined by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - with INTENT - bombarded large areas - in the year 2004 - with Asbestos Structures - and was fined over $515,000 by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

Lennar Urban paid this fine. The world knows about it.

Lennar Urban the diabolical entity that we the community do not want in our community - is at it again - daily there have been high readings of Asbestos Structures - at Parcel A.

With the high winds - all it takes one single Asbestos Structure to lodge in one's lungs - to eventually - make you ill - and suffer a painful death - Mesothelioma - Asbestosis.

The naturally occurring SERPENTINITE rock at Hunters Point - when crushed releases large amount of Asbestos Structures.

One way to keep the structures is by keep the structures contained - and you do this by using large amounts of water. Lennar Urban has failed to do so. More workers do not use masks - and soon many of them will DIE a slow, death. Mark my words.

Lennar Urban has failed the community - the Bay Area Air Quality Management District has failed the community, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors have failed the community , the City Administrator has failed the community, the Mayor Edwin Lee has failed the community.

The San Francisco Health Department and Barbara Gracia has failed the community. The SF Health Department has not have at TOXICOLOGIST on its payroll. Go Figure!

It makes no sense to build one single unit on Parcel A - when daily we get high readings.

Why building housing units in the middle of Chernobyl? Who is their right mind will build homes - where "depleted uranium" was once tested?

The entities above must analyze the readings and make sense of them.

It is a crime - crying to heaven - when we harm our infants, our children, our youth, and our young adults - with intent.

For all of the vain talk - people with NO compassion - are pandering to Lennar Urban - who do not have the best interest of the community at large.

Lennar Urban has chosen to defy the community.

In the year 2004 Lennar Urban spent over $10 million dollars - to defend Proposition G - backed by Diane Feintstein, Gavin Newsom, Bevan Dufty, Sophie Maxwell, Jose Cisneroes, Carmen Chu, Aurelious Walker, Lola Whittle - other despicable people who have NO idea about Quality of Life issues.

The above all have BLOOD on their hands. We will never forget how the above jumped on the bandwagon - and even today - continue to serve and worship the DEVIL.

The entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is a Superfund Site.

Only the worse of the worst contaminated sites are put on the Superfund Site.

Yet, Mayor Edwin Lee has chosen to follow in the steps of the former "thug" Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr., Gavin Newsom (another despicable character), and the crooks I have mentioned above - who pander to anyone that gives them money.

Large areas in the Southeast Sector are prone to liquefaction and flooding.

That includes Mission Bay - where the recent fire costing over $35 million - leaving many to ponder the poor job done by the Department of Building Inspection, the San Francisco Planning Department - and of course the failed polices of the Mayor's Office of Housing and one Olson Lee.

The Contracting Monitoring Division has failed to monitor - and judging from its policy does no good to the small Contractors - more those small contractors who invest their resources - and are forced to close their shops.

Large Primes who can fill the campaign coffers of the politicians are given opportunities.

More through crooked and corrupt consultants like - PLATINUM which is controlled by the former "thug" Mayor of San Francisco Willie L. Brown Jr.

Our City and County of San Francisco - named after Saint Francis Assisi has always embraced our infants, children, youth, young adults - no more - under the present. corrupt - administration.

As much as we advocates work hard to maintain law and order - curtail violence, help the infants, children, youth, and young adults - we have forces that defy us - and create many hurdles.

This nonsense cannot go on forever - not with politicians seeking their own aspirations based on greed, corruption, and utter disdain for Quality of Life issues.

That fire - the 360 Project where over 272 units burned down - where dangerous particulates still bother those that live near by.

Where people are now thinking twice about - high density buildings - where buildings can be torched and large areas burned.

Where there is NO sufficient water pressure - and our San Francisco Fire Fighters are put in harms way.

Where our politicians have NO clue - about the dangers of raging fire - and how most of our our buildings - contain frames build of wood - that can easily be set on fire.

Where large areas can burn down - had happened on this 360 Project  at Mission Bay- which has forced everyone who have some sense - think - twice.

Our infants, children, youth, young adults must be given the first priority, nurtured by all - " it takes a village to nurture and fend for those that cannot fend for themselves and need our unconditional love and attention".

What we have here on the corrupt and drab, sordid, and mundane political cronies - who are actively fostering - greed and blatant corruption.

Politicians talking from both sides of their mouth, having meaningless - "ribbon cutting" ceremonies - with no purpose and no benefit to those that need help most.

Pathetic, shallow thinking, shallow words - fun are that goes no where - no one can fool all the people all the time.

Time to boot these folks - who have no intention - to represent - and only care about themselves and their own selfish interests.

God help them - and more mercy on their souls.

The crime against our infants and children - is the worse that can be committed and this is done - each and every day - in San Francisco.

One in three children in San Francisco - go to bed hungry - and this must be addressed right now - and measures implemented - right now - on a war footing.

The same with our Seniors - one in four - go to bed hungry.

The paradox - the Blind Black Leadership that could have done something - learned something from the Civil Rights Movement - but the have - created all this mess - and leading the charge the Tabernacle Group - who now purport to know much about - construction and much interested in development.

The Shepherds have forsaken the Sheep - and no not - what they are doing. They will be judged by God - and they already know in their hearts - the mockery they have created by their deeds - shallow words - and empty mundane - promises.