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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


This is San Francisco - so when the Five Alarm Fire - was announced on our Television Stations - around 5 pm -  March 11, 2014 - many of those that "brag" about having their "modus operandi" in place - had long left their offices - and were caught hopping on their left foot - far away from the City and County of San Francisco.

With the exception of our stellar Fire Chief - Joanne Hayes-White - there was not a whimper from the Office of Emergency Services.

Not a whimper from Department of Building Inspection.

Not a spokesperson - worth the salt - from the City and County of San Francisco.

No one from the many so called "drab experts" giving us some hint - about the impact of this huge fire.

How the adverse impacts will be handled and how the many constituents adversely impacted - will be helped and their urgent concerns - addressed?

Over 150 Fire Fighters fought this fire and still 14 hours after this incident - still continue to abate the hot spots - with high winds - attacking the fire - all night, long.

In and around 4th and King - the air is foul - and there is a smell - that is creepy and foul.

Since 1906 and after - San Franciscans have always depended on our Fire Fighters - not on our dubious politicians.

None of our politicians - had the decency to stand by the hurting constituents - not Jane Kim, not David Chiu, not that drab Malia Cohen - none of them - jokesters - who were - frolicking yesterday - March 11, 2014 at City Hall - in Room 250.

Our City Officials have a lot to think about - and if we have yet another incident like this - more of the on going "shenanigans" - ploys and machinations - will be exposed.

Consultants on the side -  who rake in millions - the likes of " Platinum Consultants" fast track such developments.

The San Francisco authorities have failed San Franciscans - and with the SF Planning Department and the Department of Building Inspection -  signing on these permits - with devious political pressure - paying no attention to Safety and less Health - still less -
Quality of Life issues.

Weeks and months before this incident - many were talking about this big development - without our City taking precaution.

Hundreds more - all brand new housing units - some Senior housing - such as those belonging to Mercy Housing - who has been raking in the millions - were in imminent, danger.

Other entities; too many to mention - the University of California San Francisco - that has invested billions in research and development - hospitals - one of a kind - could have all gone up - in smoke - incinerated.

The high winds somehow stalled around 5 pm but a few hours later - they started kicking up - and while those impacted prayed hard - our City officials were - "frolicking" - pathetic.

While thousands of units - market price units - have destroyed  the San Francisco skyline - very few " so called affordable" housing - for low income and no income constituents - are spoken of - but nothing is done - to address the situation at hand.

We are in a drought and yesterday a huge pipe - the Water Department says over " a hundred years old" gave way - and thousands of gallons of clean drinking water was wasted. This by Waller street - for those City officials that have their senior moment - or have lost their mind - have no accountability and less transparency.

At 4th and King - this so called 360 Development - displayed for all to see - that we cannot permit - such large developments - without "fire abatement tools in place" - a ticking bomb - ready to adversely impact - thousands.

So - now that we had the "fire works" - I want to know what have the following entities to say? :

The Office of Emergency Services that talks from both side of their mouth?

The Department of Building Inspection?

The Contracting Monitoring Division?

The City Administrator?

The Controller when it comes to paying our Fire Fighters and expanding better equipment to fight - even bigger fires?

The Mayor of San Francisco - Edwin Lee - we have yet to hear from him - and his office? Steve Kawa!

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors - all of them - are silent - of course they have nothing to say - but - waste their time - talking from both sides of their - mouth.

Come on San Francisco - let us not pander to the Big Developers.

Just like that - the Big One - and another fire or two - can bring us to our knees.

We do not have the infrastructure to address such calamities - the military and other stellar institutions can teach our City - a thing or two. Not those that talk from both sides of their mouth - and have no - experience.

Now, who will pay for this big fire?

Who are the consultants who fast tracked this project?

Who truly signed on the permits - and will we send them to jail?

We want to know - now. Aho