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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


District 10 in the San Francisco Bayview does not deserve very poor representation - but, that is all it gets from Malia Cohen - the District 10 Supervisor - not worth the salt.

Again and again Malia Cohen without comprehending the issues - rubber stamps - legislation, poor policies, ordinances - with only one thing in mind - contributions to her campaign - coffers.

This time around she must be booted out and those who vote for her - remember - you all have BLOOD on your hands.

This woman, Malia Cohen - with "intent" has harmed our children and elders. All Malia Cohen cares is pandering to those that can massage her ego - and give her money - most of it - under the table. Time to enforce the RICO Act.

Over 300 acres by Candlestick Stadium in the Southeast Sector - the last frontier - are slated to be graded to make way for some poor quality infrastructure.

Land propped up for Street Vacation with any meaningful dialog with the community at large. Large changes will be made - with those in authority - doing as they please.

Much like what has been done without any meaningful dialog with the community - a large outfall - has already been put in place - and most people living within a mile of the large outfall - have no idea - that it is in place.

There is no doubt - some corrupt contractor - some corrupt Prime will get the job.

Some Prime  - who will help fill the campaign coffers of our Mayor Edwin Lee - and those Supervisors - he has chosen to act as his lackeys - to vote on his present and future - legislation.

Soon some Primes and others who want jobs will be mandated to buy $50 or $100 a seat - tables with ten seats -  all that money going to further ploys and machinations - to further - adversely impact Quality of Life issues - that the Developers have little consideration - more to make money and foster - greed.

One of the Mayor's supreme lackeys is Malia Cohen - who entered the race for Supervisor of San Francisco's 10th District  - the last time around - with 23 other candidates - this type of races and about panders - and about the electorate - taken for a ride.

Because of that flawed Ranked Choice Voting system in place - Malia Cohen won by a few hundred votes - not because the people voted for Malia Cohen - but because other stellar and decent candidates did not muster sufficient - first and second place votes - to be counted in the flawed Ranked Choice Voting system.

This time around this despicable House Negro - must be sent packing back to where she came from - hell.

In all the time Malia Cohen has been at Potrero Hill a racist part of District 10 -  where she has been pandering to White folks - looking with disdain at Black folks who are poor - and dared to oppose a 100 bed facility to help the indigent - linked to Mother Brown's facility catering to the poor and those that have fallen on bad times.

Malia Cohen backed Nadine Burke some Jamaican doctor - who suddenly appeared in our community some years ago - propping herself after some year to receive $4 million from California Pacific Medical Center and another $300 thousand from the 49ers the Football Team who has chosen to make its home at Santa Clara.

Some investigation must be done to find out how much money - Malia Cohen received - and how will this money be spent.

The money was given to help our children - these two evil women - chose to build a Wellness Center - at 3450 Third Street - a contaminated area.

As it often happen - crooks of the first order - use our children to receive grants and money of all kinds - to rake in the millions - turn their backs on our children - and adversely harm our children.

Now we have learned that Nadine Burke a Black Jamaican - has jumped ship - she has chose to turn over the Wellness Center to someone - who has decided to take the Wellness Center - but not had one single meaningful meeting in our community.

 Again Nadine Burke - has transferred the Wellness Center to Charles Range -  from Health Care Clinics -who has NOT had one single meaningful meeting in the community.

I spoke to him and he says that he is in the process of taking over the clinic - but he is working some issues that he will explain to me. I know Mr Charles Range - and look forward to meeting him soon.

Mr Charles Range has got some Federal Government  grants and looks forward to doing what he does best. I am looking forward to meeting him and offering to him resources and information that may better serve our children - our Black children, other children that have suffered - because of some adults - more like Malia Cohen who have no idea - about the harm they have done with intent.

Simply because Malia Cohen is not educated on issues - is an air-head - and has no clue about representing the community. The community does not respect her - and less trust her.

Why is the community always taken for a ride - and why do these crooks - always escape without - being taken to task?

Much the same as Malia Cohen used her office to change the zoning from industrial to one embracing wellness centers - in an area that is known - to be very polluted. 

The site 3450 Third Street by Cargo Way have recorded very high particulates - from the millions of vehicles that ply in the area.

Now, Malia Cohen in her typical fashion - with the help of Scott Wiener and Jane Kim - both transplants from New York - rubber stamped and have sent - an entire area - over 300 acres to be street vacated - so that some poor infrastructure - can be laid on land - prone to liquefaction and flooding.

Another some 100 acres of very poor landfill - part of which - was a garbage dump - later declared with some fun fare - as the first State Park - in an Urban Area.

The area spews methane gas - and jack rabbits and other animals have been known to be adversely affected. Our City and County of San Francisco has lost its mind - and that includes Senator Mark Leno who backed Lennar Urban - in help Lennar Urban - initiate legislation that was part of Proposition G.

G that stood for Goons and Greed. Lennar Urban backed Proposition G and wasted $10 million dollars. To this day - no one decent backs - Lennar Urban and Kofi Bonner knows that.

Lennar Urban plans to implode Candlestick Stadium - grade over 300 acres - and build a Shopping Mall and other drab facilities - on land prone to liquefaction and flooding.

This people are out of their mind - further planning a Causeway from Highway 101 north - closer to Executive Park - over Yosemite Slough - to the very contaminated Superfund - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Greedy developers do not give a hoot - and much more Lennar Urban - that has contributed to the Mayor's Campaign and to Malia Cohen - who is a lackey, a sell out, and a House Negro that does the White man's bidding. A disgrace to anything - decent.

The agenda item came up yesterday - March 17, 2014 before the Land Use in Room 263.

There were only two people from the Bayview Community - commenting on this sordid ordinance - Dr Espanola Jackson and Francisco Da Costa.

It is a shame that the community is asleep - and that thugs - folks that have gone to jail - are acting as "brokers" trying to make hay - while the sun shines - linked to big and small projects - linked to the 300 acres - the street vacation - and other planned shenanigans.

We are watching the crooks - and we may have to put a halt to the on going nonsense - by taking the matter to court - and for sure - make our presence felt -  before and after  the impending - November elections.

This sell out Negro - Malia Cohen - who is a House Negro - does not deserve our support - and must be booted out. 

This is clarion call to do just that - get rid of this known - rubbish.