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Thursday, March 13, 2014


San Francisco is unique and what keeps San Francisco somewhat operational - in the various neighborhoods are the neighborhood advocates. We still have some - who are stellar and wise.

There is nothing like sound wisdom - more when it accompanies sound accountability and transparency.

Recently, we noticed how the "techies" that our City Officials think and feel are here to stay - but I tell you - just like the era - these "good for nothing" jerks - have nothing substantial to contribute to the culture of San Francisco.

Our elders always kept it simple - " your heart must be in the right place - and everything will fall in place".

"Money does not make a person - being a good person does".  "Better than greed - compassion".

The techies are like zombies - they are there, some how - but you get the feeling they are far removed from real life.

The "techies" are caught in the web of cyber space - far distancing themselves from reality - and lost in their own world.

The techies could not communicate with the many segments of our population in the Mission for example - Roberto, Mitchell Salazar, Oscar Grande, Renee when she was there - and many more.

Folks like Jane Kim who hails from Korea - raised in New York - who has no roots in the Bay Area and panders to the MACHINE.

Jane Kim took a stand to bring TWITTER - to San Francisco and has screwed up so many things.

Can you imagine TWITTER  getting subsidized by the City and County of San Francisco?

The Mayor at his latest appearance before the SF Board of Supervisors - in Room 250 - proclaiming that in the year 2014 - our City is still in the red - lacking funds.

While we appreciate GOOGLE forking out some millions to pay the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) to help our youth ride free.

 GOOGLE did that - so gather some recognition - and stem the adverse impacts and negativity - from the GOOGLE and other buses - bothering decent San Franciscans.

San Franciscans love their culture - the various restaurants - offering the world's cuisine in our various neighborhoods.

But, even in the world of restaurants - the people who operate these world class restaurants - must live near by and afford the rents.

Our weird San Francisco Board of Supervisors the likes of Jane Kim, Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, David Chiu, London Breed the others could not care less.

The above idiots love to hold hearings on this and that - long after much damage has been done.

Be it the many Ellis evictions, the pedestrians dying on the streets of San Francisco, high rents, lack of jobs, the many who suffer from respiratory diseases, obesity, the homeless - and the many other pertinent issues - that escape the current SF Board of Supervisors.

Our San Francisco politicians be they Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, a former "thug" Mayor like Willie L. Brown - are folks who raked in the millions at the expense of the decent tax payers of San Francisco.

I personally do not give a "rat ass" to pander to them - once they are gone - they cannot possibly leave a legacy - and will NOT be remembered by the majority.

San Francisco once boasted a strong middle class - not any more.

Over 300,000 in the last ten years - all decent San Francisco have left San Francisco - decent families and with them their children. Gone, gone, gone forever. What a loss!

The era saw the exit of thousands of stellar artists - I tried my best to keep some at the Presidio of San Francisco - shelter them - in those buildings and ware houses - and played some role.

Today, thousands more are leaving in disgust - and our SF City Planning is pandering to the developers - and impacting thousands. 

It does not help - when a fire that brought attention to the worse aspect of "high density" buildings - and the lack of sound planning.

More leading in the loss of 172 units - linked to the 360 Project - at 4th and China Basin. And there is more to come.

In the Southeast Sector where our children, youth, and young adults are in the majority - our SF City and County has shafted this segment of the population.

Giving them no opportunities. Time will tell.

The children, youth, and young adult will remember those that could have helped them - but did nothing much. Karma.

Our homeless are growing by leaps and bounds. Entire families cramped in small places - others bound for shelters that are dirty and bug infested.

Mercy Housing, Hamilton House, Progress Foundation, some Faith Based Organizations to many to name - others - preying on the poor.

The paper work, the many questions, the mandatory meeting one must attend to reveal yourself and bare yourself naked to others that you do not trust.

Millions of dollars go to these organization - and mostly these organization make a "worse person" - when those that need help - need some succor and less to be bothered - and tortured to get some shelter, some help, some, something - pathetic.

Our streets are full of the mentally challenged - and at times many of these folks - attack our tourists. others who happen to be in the vicinity - and do things - that a normal person would not do.

Our City and County has chosen to look the other way - hoping against hope the problem of destitution will go away.

The San Francisco Housing Authority is poised to divided Public Housing to "private developers" the likes of the John Stewart Company, Mercy Housing, Bridge Developers.

Vying for some attention the "Tabernacle Group" - that our SF City and County - has said - "to go to hell".

The Black leadership in San Francisco is pathetic - they made hay while the sun was shining - during the Willie L. Brown Jr regime.

The present Mayor Ed Lee - will not accept corruption - or so he says - and will not endorse corruption and crooks - more from those that have a proven track record - linked to - "tugs and blatant corruption".

Thugs who have gone to "jail" once were part of the inner circle  - who raked in millions.

The person who clear cut 400 trees that were on Parcel A at Hunters Point.

Others who raked in millions at the Mira Flores Project in the East Bay - an entity that is crooked to the core - and now want to build housing - and be part of the San Francisco fabric linked to sound development when the opposite is the case.

Some Blacks simply do not get it - "you do not have the money" - you want the City of San Francisco to give you the money.

Tax payers money - to make a profit - that will NOT happen.

More if you went to jail - more if your certification was revoked - you are put on notice.

We the people encourage Community Policing at the highest levels.

We the people who endorse the principle well stated by the COMMONS.

We the tax payers - must have a say - in choosing decent developers - to work with decent people who have stellar standards, more morals and sound ethics.

No one can fool all the people all the time. Aho.