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Friday, March 21, 2014


No one invited the rogue property management company - The John Stewart Company - that has a very bad track record - all over California - Santa Cruz, San Francisco, San Diego - thousands of legitimate complaints.

Harming poor people, more indigent people - and now trying to do the same at Middle Point at Hunters Point - no one invited this diabolical entity - into our community.

So when Jack D. Gardner the chief executive bad mouths Huntersview and yet says his evil property management company is out to do good.

Jack D. Gardner is talking from both sides of his mouth - and truly speaking - he is being very, anal. Typical of those that favor - Zionism.

It is the same with Olson Lee - who has worked with the now defunct San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - harmed thousands.

More those issued "certificates" when innocent people were removed from the Fillmore - also known as the Western Addition from their homes - using another "evil tool" - eminent domain.

Olson Lee should just go away - and now with his latest utterances - he has crossed the line. Olson Lee knows nothing much about the Hill - that is what we call Hunters Point.

There was good housing at Middle Point for years - now renamed Huntersview as the White men always does -  always wanting to tarnish, rewriting - history.

The old housing had bigger rooms and friendly open space. Gardens, there were stores, a theater, and so on and so forth. Who destroyed and made that all go away?

Now you have smaller rooms and high density living.

The John Stewart received over $150 million from the State of California - and a like sum from the City and County of San Francisco. Pocketed millions and says that this project at Hunterview cost them $87 million.

When Phase II is complete around 2017 - the John Stewart Company - will have expanded - over $800 million. Mark my words.

The John Stewart tore down hundreds of low income housing; with large rooms, and open space near by and has replaced them with hundreds more of new smaller, poorly built housing units, the windows leaking, the floors coming apart,the vents not working - all high density housing. All this in the year 2014.

So when the New York Times is invited and Morris Newman the author of the article " A Troubled Neighborhood's Revival in San Francisco" - meets Jack Gardner, Olson Lee, and the architect Daniel Solomon and bad mouths - Middle Point - watch out.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development handed over sound housing to the San Francisco Housing Authority in the late 1960s.

There is not a sentence in the article printed by the New York Time - about the sordid performance of the San Francisco Housing Authority.

Not a sentence about the proposed Management Resident Committee that The Department of Housing and Urban Development - had in mind. 

That the San Francisco Housing Authority did away with - with folks like Amos Brown at the helm of affairs.

The San Francisco Housing Authority with intent used deferred maintenance to foster gentrification.

Of course the Zionists Jack Gardner who is mentioned in the article as the developer and also as the Chief Executive Office - has no clue about - "gentrification" or so he thinks.

It is the same with the author of the article Morris Newman - he may know something about New York - but little if noting about Middle Point, Kiska Road, and the many other neighborhoods at Hunters Point and all over San Francisco - that we San Franciscans are proud about.

Let us be real we have NO gangs in San Francisco.

You want to meet gangs - go to Chicago and Compton in Southern California - and you who are bad mouthing - without knowing your facts - we not live long to see light - the next day.

The new Huntersview has inherent problems too many to name. And soon Phase II will start and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - a sell out - will be invited to cut the ribbon on April 17, 2014. 

It is at this event on April 17, 2014 in the morning - that we would like to hear Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi back the John Stewart Company - and bad mouth the constituent of Hunters Point, the Bayview, and San Francisco - those of us united and in solidarity.

HOPESF is a joke and Olson Lee should be grateful he has a job.

Olson Lee has done a lot of damage - and I have been following him since the year 2000 and before.

Mayors Frank Jordon, Art Agnos, Willie L. Brown Jr., Newsom with intent encouraged - deferred maintenance.

Ruining good housing - with large rooms - and creating hostility, divisiveness, and encouraging the sales of weapons and drugs in Public Housing - where hundreds of City employees live to this day. 

More so greater damage was done at all levels with the introduction of crack cocaine - and the sale of high power military style, weapons - with the full knowledge at that time of Law Enforcement.

The John Stewart Company can be likened to the Mafia and so do many of our so called Representatives - who have amassed millions of dollars.

These vermin must be put on notice - and the RICO ACT enforced to remove these "evil entities" - who prey on poor people, the indigent, and those that cannot - defend themselves.

John Stewart way back when was fired from Fanny Mae.
As I said the John Stewart Company who controls housing at the Presidio of San Francisco, Treasure Island, the Tenderloin, Northridge at Hunters Point, in Santa Cruz, San Diego, and in other places - preys on poor people and has a very bad - track record.

In the article it says the majority of the residents are young, poorly educated and unemployed at Hunters Point.

Well, what is the City and County of San Francisco and Mayor Edwin Lee doing about this situation? 

What did Mayor Gavin Newsom do about this situation? 

What did Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr do about this situation?

And before that Mayor Art Agnos and Mayor Frank Jordon?

There is much that Middle Point, Kiska Road, and the entire Hill as we affectionately call it - has contributed to the world - not only to America but the world.

We are not about to educate ignorant and arrogant morons - the John Stewart Company is not worth the salt - Zionists - who have a hidden agenda and prey on the poor.

Those that pander to the John Stewart Company - the likes of Olson Lee from the Mayor's Office of Housing,  Tiffnaee Bohee from the Office of the Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment - Gina from the Bayview YMCA and others - are put on notice.

Shut your mouth - and stop talking from both sides of your mouth.

Here is the sordid article from the New York Times - read it for what it is worth: