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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Over the years the United States Navy has NOT been sincere, and even today the U.S. is nonchalant to admit dumping over 48,000 barrels of Atomic Waste off the Farallones Island.

Now a protective Fish Sanctuary - off San Francisco - waters that wash on the many beaches - including Stinson Beach by the Marina - where many suffer from all sorts of cancer.

At Hunters Point the entire Shipyard some 700 acres plus in contaminated.

The U.S. Navy continues to deny that the area is a Superfund Site - where only the worst contamination - more high levels of radioactive elements - continue to be registered.

Our San Francisco Police Officers who were stationed close to Parcel E2 - many of them came down with Cancer - many suffer today - and may died all these years - costing this City - millions of dollars. 

It cost the tax payers millions to train a San Francisco Police Officer.

it is sad to watch many die because former Mayors - like Willie L. Brown Jr and Gavin Newsom - with intent - knowing well the Hunters Point Shipyard was contaminated - to save some money on rent - put our SF Police Officers in harms way.

I went before the SF Police Commission and have testified before the SF Board of Supervisors - and stated the above facts - to no avail.

Now, Willie L. Brown Jr the former "thug" mayor of San Francisco and this City and County of San Francisco - is bragging to build 10,000 units on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - go ahead and get radiated and more suffer the consequences.


No one in their right mind should live near that area - but people do near by Cleo Rand and Mariners' Village and Kiska Road and Hunterview more Middle Point - and many suffer from Cancer of the worst kind.

The San Francisco Health Department first with Mitch Katz and now with Barbara Gracia - continue to listen to the politicians.

Putting people in harms way - more our Elders and children - and some one has BLOOD on their hands.

The City and County of San Francisco with a $9.7 Billion budget - does not have a Toxicologist on its payroll - opening the door - to more harm.

The City and County of San Francisco has the Precautionary Principle on its books - but will not use it.

Simply states - if there is cause for any harm to be brought to any life - bird, animal, human - the on going activities must be brought to a - halt.

Last Wednesday the U.S. Navy admitted that toxic dirt from Parcel C has been sent to landfills.

We have empirical data - that notes the characterization of the toxic soil - at Parcel C it is  contaminated - all of it.

So for the U.S. Navy to admit that soil was indeed shipped to the landfills - but was NOT toxic - is a contradiction in terms. Keith Forman who represents the U.S. Navy - and who made that statement must be out of his mind.

People who worked on the U.S. Shipyard mostly young men from Young Community Developers - and other Community Based Organization after taking a 40 to 60 hours Hazmat Course - are now suffering from cancer.

There are cases filed - but many of them will die a slow death - no one can fight such cases without spending a lot of money and time.

Mesothelioma from exposure to high levels of Asbestos is going on right now at Parcel A - and those same friables are floating all over the place - where the wind carries it - at speeds of 40 and 50 miles.

No one is paying attention - it is as if this City and County of San Francisco - is looking the other way - while innocent people with intent are exposed to the high levels of - Asbestos.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District knows about it. They receive the reports - it does nothing - more, because those impacted are minorities. This is a crime - crying to heaven for justice.

Depleted Uranium was first tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. We have photographs of all sorts of experiments - when the U.S. Navy conducted all sorts of tests - that today - would not be permitted. 

Knowing what we know today - the many experiments put thousands in harm way and continue today - because of the foolishness of the United States Navy.

The United States - Environmental Protection Agency - Region IX is asleep - and it is just a matter of time before they are taken to task. We continue to inform this sordid Federal Agency - and they continue to look the other way.

Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein have BLOOD on their hands.

They are NOT representing the people, the tax payers - and they should be ashamed of themselves.

More they should get out the way - they have been too long in one place - and are stale, drab, and sordid.

Those reading these statement at City Hall more Malia Cohen, David Chiu, London Breed, Jane Kim, Scott Wiener - should be ashamed of themselves.

You talk the talk but have failed to walk the walk.

"No good will ever come from Hunters Point Naval Shipyard" not ever. Aho.

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