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Monday, March 17, 2014


Is there a forum in San Francisco where our youth and young adults without any pressure from "inept" and "uncaring adults" - can dialogue - can discuss - and adjudicate their own - affairs?

More and more inept adults - more City officials - are moving forward - trying to hoodwink the constituents - the most affected - the youth and young adults - adversely impacting - education.

In San Francisco for years we have been in the fore front of establishing - through "grass roots" movements - creating models for our youth and young adults - to have meaningful discussion - and established models - that benefit our youth and young adults.

Angela Alioto as President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - created the Youth Commission - and since then - in some years we have had - youth and young adults - stand tall and represent.

In recent years - the youth and young adults - have got no support  from those that pretend to represent - corrupt politicians and adults with a hidden agenda. 

Tons of talk, more vain talk, diatribe - and NO support for our youth and young adults. This must change - and if the adults do not take and stand for good - the youth and young adults must move forward - on a War Footing.

Anything is possible if you set your sights on what is wholesome - and education is a must - when it comes to standards, ethics, morals, and being good citizens.

As often happens - there comes a "saturation point" - and when that moment comes - there will be a revolution.

Much like the "Boston Tea Party" - and the cronies - that we have here in our City - folks who sit on the fence - and see which side of the is green - before jumping with "glee" - and contributing with - "lip service".

That type of nonsense must stop - we must look forward - to putting our best foot forward - and we must represent - our City and County has had a track record of representing well - and that " representation " has tarnished - we must restore - faith.

We have seen this with City College - and have NOT paid attention to the machinations of Richard Blum and his wife Diane Feinstein.

Who are these people - and how have they amassed so much wealth? Why are they interested in ruining the good that has been happening at City College? 

Why does Richard Blum want City College - prime real estate - and why does he and his minions - CBRE and others - want to destroy - all that is good - and more education for the COMMONS?

What has Nancy Pelosi done for the youth?

She was born in 1940 on March 26 - and in all the years she has been representing San Francisco - she has been a first class - panderer. Time to boot her out of office.

It is the same at San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

We must thank our youth leaders - and young adults more - that have taken a lead - to keep City College open for those that want a good education.

Thank God for Shannel Williams - Student Trustee - who I mentored and who can now take a stand - speak on any pertinent topic - and prove to one and all that she can - represent.

Shannel Williams is that shining light - and we need more of her.

Can you imagine that some wanted at one time - not long ago to impeach Shannel Williams? That is when I took a stand - and put an end to that nonsense.

I am watching the current machinations - and invite all those that have the guts to be present today at City College at 4 pm.

Take a stand for what is right - take a stand for our youth and young adults.

As to Law Enforcement this is San Francisco - so let us not instigate more violence through methods - linked to the para- military tactics.

As I said this is San Francisco and I know - our Chief Gregory Suhr can put in place - some meaningful and peaceful protocols to bring about - more peace and less divisiveness.

In fact I invite the Chief to speak to the students and assure them that he has their back - and the students must move forward in peace - to learn - and those that created some animosity can be forgiven - but, no one should be subjected to brutality.

Law Enforcement is there to aid the constituents - not to create pandemonium. 

We do not have a Board of Trustees at City College - they have been disbanded - we have some Czar who is there to do the bidding of those that do not have the best interests of the City College students and San Francisco.

Millions of youth, young adults, and adults have taken advantage of City College - there is not a family that has not made good - that has not had some connection with City College.

We know that - but many of us - do not want to take a stand for what is good - sound education and better progress.

Again we must have forums for the youth and young adults - without any interference and pressure from adults who have a hidden agenda.

We must learn to trust our youth, young adults and like minded people who nurture our youth and young adults.

Others who pretend to care for the youth, young adults, and those that want to contribute their best to our City and beyond - putting hurdles in their way - and thinking they can do this without any consequences. 

We are watching like a HAWK.