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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


We all have a "conscience" and we all know - what is right and what is wrong. Juliet Ellis has always been arrogant, pushy, and a trouble maker.

She likes to be in charge - will fabricate when caught in the corner - her hand in the cookie jar - and become confrontational - because - for too many years - people permitted her to act - in a manner that defies - decency.

Juliet Ellis tried to take me on - without even knowing me - and I found that surprising.

It does not faze me to throw out names of say President Barack Hussein Obama, Willie L. Brown Jr. - a thug Mayor, others too many to mention - and worse when Amos Brown, Dwayne Jones, Fred Blackwell and others like the ones - I have mentioned - come to bat for Juliet Ellis.

Many of them favoring the same  arrogance, disdain, speaking without having their facts correct - as does Juliet Ellis - I now know for sure - the company Juliet Ellis keeps - and I for one will never, ever trust her and the ones surrounding - her.

One has just to read the "Stipulation" where Juliet Ellis admits to having used her power to force some actions that are illegal and totally unwarranted to benefit those Juliet Ellis wanted to benefit - without due process.

Juliet Ellis admitted to some serious charges - yet, those that back her up - think that there is nothing wrong with this picture. There is.

When Van Jones that same Van Jones that the Obama Administration had to "let go" - took the podium - he exhibited an arrogance and did not respect the process.

Challenging the Chair of the San Francisco Ethics Commission - going over his time - and threatening to take all those who were "lawyers" on the SF Ethics Commission before the BAR - to have their licences - revoked. 

This was the height of absurdity. Van Jones should know that our chambers where we adjudicate - are not some - television show - where Van Jones and others like him - speak from both sides of their mouth.

When Amos Brown spoke as the President of the NAACP - he did not represent anything - decent.

Much like when our children and others were exposed to Abestos Friables by LENNAR - he did not utter a word - did nothing to support the Bayview community.

Amos Brown has no business using the title and purporting to represent the NAACP - again and again to prop up his own image.

Amos Brown was fired from the SF Housing Authority Commission - he as Chair and his minions. Most decent people have NO respect for Amos Brown - who thinks he can do and talk as he pleases. You give him some money - and the man will dance a "jig" - even though is health is poor - and his mind weak.

Joined by Dwayne Jones, Angelo King, Townsend, Fred Blackwell who is now the City Administrator in Oakland, John Avalos the District 11 Supervisor, Harlan Kelly the General Manager of the San Francisco Public Utilities and Francesca Vector one of the sitting SF Public Utilities Commissioners.

Many loud mouthed Blacks from the East Bay - fans of Green For All.

We in San Francisco do not appreciate - shouting, talking loud when any proceedings are going on, behaving like hooligans - and all those who were present - at City Hall in Room 400 at 5 pm on March 24, 2014 - know what I am talking about.

There was a Resolution that the SF Ethics Commission had to vote on. 

The Resolution read: It is resolved that:

     "The San Francisco Ethics Commission recommends that the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission terminate Juliet Ellis as Assistant General Manager of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission."

The ruckus created in Room 400 betrays order, decency, and respect for the law, rules, and regulations.

If in the year 2014 we are going to behave in this manner - more Blacks who want justice - break the law - abuse their power - steal money - favor lackeys, gang up on fellow employees, do not respect our Elders like Dr Espanola Jackson - defy all norms - something needs to change - if not pandemonium will rule - supreme. 

Juliet Ellis has done all in her power to hire folks that she likes and who will listen to her.

Much her a dictator. I have read the texts she sends - talked to her fellow employees that she threatened.

Juliet Ellis even took me on - for no reason - not knowing that someone like Juliet Ellis - is not someone that I will be afraid of and less threatened by.

Juliet Ellis wants to take over the 1800 Oakdale building - the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building.

She has single handed created divisiveness - ordered her staff to do things without any meaningful - discussions - at 1800 Oakdale - a community building that the SFPUC has failed to maintain - mandated by a mitigation order when the 1800 was built and the initial charge given to the Department of Public Works - transferred to the newly formed SF Public Utilities Commission in 1996 - by the "thug Mayor" - Willie L Brown Jr.

Juliet Ellis truthfully speaking should go work for some one else.

She should NOT continue to work for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission as the Assistant General Manager for External Affairs.

It was brought to our attention that yesterday Juliet Ellis was some where in Oregon - talking on a topic - about diversity and equity factors - the same factors - lacking at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Within the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission in recent years - more in the last 5 years - there have been over 30 cases of  blatant discrimination. 

We have all the empirical data. Some sordid cases of sexual exploitation - in one case a woman had no recourse but to seek help outside the SF Public Utilities Commission - won her case - reported in the Main Press.

The SF Public Utilities Commission has failed big time - and Juliet Ellis' case can still be taken to the Civil and Criminal Courts to be adjudicated.

This is not some island in Jamaica from where Juliet Ellis a transplant hails - who has created untold  - "divisiveness" in our community. She has managed to hold her ground - telling lies, using deception, threatening those that are vulnerable, but she will NOT - succeed.

Today there are many victims still suffering - because of the actions of Juliet Ellis.

I know several of them - and have brought this issue to the attention of the Mayor of San Francisco Edwin Lee a long time ago.

To the attention of the General Manager - of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - who seems to side with Juliet Ellis - just for the sake of siding with a person who has tarnished the good name of the SF Public Utilities Commission - and all things "decent" in San Francisco.

Here is the Stipulation Decision and Order:

Ethics alarms and among them Juliet Ellis: