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Sunday, March 2, 2014


Our youth and young adults in the SF Bayview and more the Southeast Sector - have suffered more than can other area in San Francisco. I said suffered more than any one area - in the entire jurisdiction of San Francisco.

We have more children, youth, and young adults - in the Bayview more District 10 - and what we get from the City and County of San Francisco? More and even more of sordid, diatribe.

These politicians when they talk in generalities think they can fool us - some of us who have the real experience - and can ferret out the crooks.

More infants, children, youth, and young adults suffer from all sorts of respiratory diseases.

More infants are born still in District 10 that comes under Supervisor Malia Cohen and this despicable Black woman does nothing but pander.

The San Francisco Health Department knows about the many disparities and adverse impacts in the Bayview but does nothing - why will the SF Health Department - when we have a panderer like Malia Cohen.

 The SF Health Department and other related agencies that must address adverse impacts - are looking the other way - because the fully understand they can deal with a moron - that is Malia Cohen.

The SF Health Department that does not have a Toxicologist on its payroll - does have documentation about the many adverse impacts - cancer and what not will not do something - when the leadership is non existant.

We have Black leaders - who are now in the year 2014 trying to protest and do this and that - while, these same Black crooks made hay while the sun was shinning when Willie L. Brown Jr was the Mayor - and raked in millions from 1996-2004.

More, when another corrupt Mayor - Mayor Gavin Newsom was Mayor - from 2004 for two terms of four years.

We know this - but none of us - have the guts to take these two despicable Mayors to task. Their policies were despicable and I have fought them and fight them today.

When anyone targets the infants, children, youth, and young adults directly or indirectly - BLOOD is on the hands - on the culprits.

The likes of Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, London Breed, David Chiu, David Campos - who have no clue about the real plight of our children.

They pretend to say something about our children - in general terms - but, if you delve into the details - they are raking in the money - to fill their campaign - coffers.

Today, the gentrification going on all over the City but more in the Mission and Bayview - is something that calls for something to be done on a - "war footing".

Years ago some of us predicted - a revolution - where people will be so angry, so disgusted - that they will do what they have to do.

The politicians saw these signs coming some years ago - and started with "gang injunctions" - that plan fell flat on its face.

The more anyone divides families - the more you spread hatred - and the more you spread hatred - the more you spread - divisiveness and pandemonium.

Millions of tax payers money - more Stimulus Money from the Federal Government - have been spent on Summer Jobs - but very few career jobs - have come out of this program.

The City and County of San Francisco and the Mayor, Mayor Edwin Lee takes credit for this - by making drab statements that over 6000 youth have been given Summer Jobs.

Well, I provided over 700 jobs during the many Summers - when I worked at the Presidio of San Francisco that employed over 10,000 employees.

Out of the 700 Summer Jobs - each and every year - over the year when we tracked the "youth employment" or intern employment - we hired 10%. Those hired had good career jobs - bring hope to their families and giving hope of thousands.

We want to know the statistics when it comes to our City and County of San Francisco? How many Career Jobs are given to those that go to City Build that has been an abject failure.

Looming in the back ground crooks that since 2004 have been paid millions - and have failed to provide Career Jobs. We can name them but is would not help.

They make their own careers - working for the Mayor Office of Economic Development and Workforce - the likes of Rhonda Simmons. Good for nothing - and the Mayor still tolerates the on going - nonsense.

We have over 40 cranes in the air - and over 35,000 jobs created at these many sites - and over 95% of the those working on these sites - come from outside San Francisco - what is wrong with this picture?

We truly have hot spots in the SF Bayview - with 40% to 60% of our young adults - without jobs - sitting down and whiling away their time. Young Community Developers, Girls 2000, other so called Community Based Organizations involved with Workforce Training - doing nothing much.

An audit will reveal the truth - and has in the past.

Our City and County of San Francisco has not stood tall and done the right thing. The same comes with Violence Prevention and Intervention.

For years with intent - previous Mayors have neglected large areas - paying some to divide the people - this is happening right now at Huntersview - with YMCA - and its Director receiving millions - to carry on programs - that the YMCA - knows next to nothing - but is used as a tool - with Law Enforcement knowing what is going on - and looking the other way.

Caught in the mix - the Polynesian community. Its leaders asleep at the wheel - not educated on issues - and always waiting for a handout - and that is not what America stands for.

We must work hard, earn our own hard earned money - and strive for excellence.

When you aim all your life for a handout - you will be used like a rag - yes like a dirty rag - they use you and throw you in the dust pin - when they find NO use for you.

The NAACP is a JOKE and leading that organization Amos Brown.

It is the same with other Black organizations who took advantage of the climate corruption - and now want to protest - and think that we do not know - what they are up to.

These Black leaders - who have made money - want someone to pay them on the side - and when that is done - the protest and their 15 point agenda - that has NOT been vetted by the Public - will go away - as fast as a blink of an eye.

Some Black leaders talk in generalities about jobs, about housing, about education, about health, about transportation - but they have NOT participated at City Hall - and in a meaningful manner.

They think - if they meet with Willie L. Brown Jr, listen to Amos Brown, have meetings - where women are not given an opportunity to speak.

They think if they talk down to people - we the people will respect them. Hell No.

London Breed and Malia Cohen have been propped up by vested interests to do the bidding of the superior crooks.


They know who they are - and the coming elections will reveal the truth.

Malia Cohen again and again - has turned her back to help the poor, more indigent Blacks - and recently without understanding the situation - opposed an expansion program linked to the programs of Mother Brown in the Bayview - who caters to the indigent and those that need help most.

Because Malia Cohen could make some money - from the $4 million given by California Pacific Medical Center and the 49ers who gave $300,000 - Malia Cohen partnered with one Nadine Burke - to build a Wellness Center - in a very contaminated area - 3450 Third Street - one of the most toxic and hot spots - in the entire City and County of San Francisco.

What is important to note over 15 large blocks that were designated as Industrial - were rezoned and unduly designated as areas where a clinic and other such uses could be operated.

This act itself is illegal - having an operation that is linked to education, a clinic, a hospital, any operation that deals with the public at large - and more with infants, children, youth, and young adults. Shame on Malia Cohen and those that support her.

Malia Cohen is full it it - at a recent Black History event in the Chambers in room 250 - to celebrate Black History - this woman sitting as the Chair - introduced herself as pretty and smart - and declared that she was the Supervisor of District 10 at that.

It is such arrogance - that reveals how stupid this woman is - she requires a ton of make up to look half way decent. That day she wore so much make up that she looked like a - whore.

No one really appreciates politicians today. Not even our President whose ratings are in the low 40%.

The politicians more the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - the likes of Malia Cohen, London Breed, Jane Kim, David Chiu, and David Campos - are some of the worst SF Board of Supervisors - we have had in a long, long, time. 

Time for our City of San Francisco to pay due attention and act and do something for our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults in the Bayview and Southeast Sector of San Francisco. Aho

Contamination documented in the Bayview and beyond: