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Thursday, March 13, 2014


One would expect in the year 2014 to have less of "FLUFF" and more of high end technology; better trained and skilled City employees at all levels.

Now more then ever -  when, the fire exposed the vulnerabilities of our "Great City" - many City Officials - were caught - dumb struck - their hands in the cookie jar - trying to make vain excuses.

The 1906 water tanks the highest one on top of twin peaks in San Francisco, the other one closer to Nob Hill on Jones Street, and yet another one on Clayton Street came to the rescue of our stellar - fire fighters.

An old system put to shame all the talk - and lack of immediate planning - to address the concerns of our beloved City. At the helm of affairs - we have corrupt City officials - who talk the talk but have failed to walk the walk.

They are quick to make money pushing for high density housing without giving a second thought to vulnerable situations - like the incident that happened at the 360 project at China Basin.

Our City Officials are - "full of it" - tons of vain talk - and lack quality substance at all - pathetic. Year after year we have to deal with these buffoons - they seem to look the other way around - when it comes to addressing serious issues linked to safety, health, housing and education.

Now, all sorts of excuses are made by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - that is full of shenanigans - pleading for more money - a June Bond Measure - and more $400 million to waste. Why?

The SFPUC says it needs the money to revamp their Water System Improvement Project. Who is fooling whom - they were giving money to address both the Waste Water and the Clean Water - took upon themselves to shelf the Waster Water - and now that they have wasted millions - want more money to continue their ploys and machinations.

How about capping salaries to $125,000 with benefits - for all those inept working for the SFPUC the likes of Juliet Ellis and her minions - getting rid of the chaff? 

More the corrupt that the world knows - should not spend one single extra day on any pay roll - the likes of Juliet Ellis and her minions. The matter of conflict of interest - cheating, lying, and hoodwinking is well known - but no one has the guts to get rid of this growing - cancer.

So what happened with the $2.6 Billion Water System Improvement Project that is nearing the tail end?

Another over $2 Billion from the Regional partners - making a grand total of $4.6 Billion, plus. What is really happening - some investigation is called for - and those that had access to the Community Benefits especially - must be investigated.

The many crooks who act as consultants and rob the tax payers - of their hard earned taxes.

Now we find our entire clean water system - given a fancy name - the call it - the Water System Improvement Project - lacking the bear necessities and failing to provide water - to fight just one fire?

Who is kidding whom - when it comes to practical necessities, standards, transparency and full accountability? I want to know.

So what happens if we have two large fires in our beloved City? 

Just on this on large fire we had 150 fire fighters - with inadequate water pressure - and City Officials - hard pressed for answers - to address the emergency issues at hand.

The fire started at 5 pm and we had some one wake up from his slumber at 8:30 am - trying to fumble, stumble, talk from both sides of his mouth - and show every little - sound - leadership.

What happens if Mountain Tunnel fails - and it so happens we have many large fires - which we will when the Big One strikes?

Mountain Tunnel is the essential conduit that keeps the entire Hetch Hetchy system together - if it fails - everything fails.

Who is accessing the needs and more the emergency needs of University Mound in a emergency situation? Building a tank to address the needs at Mission Bay? Another tank to address the 30,000 units planned at Candlestick Point and the neighboring area? 

Where is Julie Labonte to answer this question and more the pit fall of the Water System Improvement Project that she created and jumped ship?

What really is happening at Calavares?

Why is our City giving too much lee way to a company that has much to do with Richard Blum and Dinae Feinstein? Any takers?
Why are we pandering to parasites?

Can you imagine how the buffoons were exposed to the hilt - in the recent 360 Project at Mission Bay?

Try figuring - depending on our 1906 City Engineers - who had more of a clear vision, practical to the core - putting our contemporary - so called San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to shame - asleep in the cockpit.

We wasted millions of the $2.6 Billion - and continue to waste money today.

We encourage corruption - the Juliet Ellis case is one that stares this City and County of San Francisco in the face - and we have - " no answers " - when it comes to emergency situations - that demand - truthful answers.

The Office of Emergency Services - a whole bunch of "idiots" who pat their asses - are no where to be found.

Just this one case - the 360 Project - has exposed those that purport to know - and are always talking from both sides of their mouth.

Do you really think we can trust these "idiots" when we have a real emergency? In real time on that fateful day at 5 pm - most of the idiots - had gone home - away from the City and County of San Francisco - and there was no one worth the salt - to make any meaningful - assessment. I know that to be a fact.

Mission Bay is landfill - more poor landfill - toxic to the core. 
Plagued with contamination from the Santa Fe operations - much of it Public Trust Land - stolen by private developers and leeched by very corrupt developers - using "Land Banking" the likes of Catellus Corporation and folks like the former "thug" mayor of San Francisco - Willie L Brown Jr.

The repercussions following the 360 Project at Mission Bay at China Basin - are many - and the health concerns must now be studied by University of California San Francisco -  which has NOT done a good job - addressing Quality of Life issues.

The many Research and Development laboratories are raking in millions.

The paradox is that they operate on land prone to liquefaction and flooding - very toxic - there is nothing - "holistic" about their surroundings, their environment - paradoxically, now they are pondering? But it is too late.

San Francisco prides itself that it has 50 cranes in the air - and has done nothing to address the congestion - on the street level.

Often times it takes 45 minutes to get across 10 blocks in our City - and at peak times - you could spend 2 hours - just to get to the Bay Bridge.

Who truly is doing the analysis - the tons of particulates - from the stalling on vehicles - spewing particulates - while moving at a snail's pace?

No one paying attention - to the increase in respiratory diseases and other chronic diseases. Who is in charge? I want to know - why do we permit - dumb jack asses to - represent this once great City - having no engineering expertise and less sound City Planning models that adhere to standards - more contemporary, practical and holistic?

Mission Bay is now railing in disgrace - and if we have the Big One - which is an Earthquake - going to make her appearance soon; I hope from lessons learned - the idiots will wake up from their sordid, slumber.

I hope the San Francisco Planning Department under John Rhaim and the Department of Building Inspection - now, that they have seen the light at the end of the tunnel - invest in contemporary fire equipment.

Make it mandatory for developers to invest in such equipment - we cannot allow such shenanigans to go on - like the one that we saw happen - before our very eyes - at China Basin in Mission Bay - at the 360 Development and the burning down of 127 housing units for the rich - and nearly missed burning all the units - so called affordable housing that comes under the jurisdiction of Mission Housing.

 We need mandated high pressure hydrants in place - on all large developments.

The City and County of San Francisco must stop issuing permits - to build super large projects - poorly built high density high rises - with so much open areas - laden with timber - and NO - water sprinklers to curtail fires and address - other emergencies.

Our San Francisco Board of Supervisors were frolicking that March 12, 2014 - and when they went come they had to witness the fire on their Television sets. 

Most of these "jokers" - had nothing to offer - substantial.

Drab, shallow, pathetic, and not educated on issues - these "vermin" - continue to insult the constituents of San Francisco - more Jane Kim, David Chiu, Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, London Breed and others - too many to mention.

We the constituents need answers - what really does the San Francisco Public Utilities do?

What is the exact role of the San Francisco Water Department and do they have a real say - in the many ploys and machinations? 

Why did we let go a stellar City employee like Joseph Ashur?

Do we listen to a man like Greg Braswell and others like him who know a lot but the "idiots" continue to badger those that know better?

Why are we always in bed with crooks - and why is the SF Public Utilities Commission so corrupt and nonchalant? 

We San Franciscans want to know? Any takers - or are these statements - some tirades that have now come to bite you many in the butt?

Some footage to give the reader some little sense of the situation at hand:

More information on the property owners - insurance, and other pertinent information: