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Sunday, October 6, 2013


There is a cloud hanging over the peope of this great Nation. 

We have a population of 330 million - and only about 5% - can live a full life. Make ends meet - and have a substantial saving.

Some filthy rich - spend as much as $10,000 a day - not that that they spend it daily but can if they wanted to; have millions left - to spare and play.

The rest of us live pay check to pay check. Have to think twice before making ends meet.

If there is an emergency - most are in despair. Rich out to relatives and friends - and it  is common for people in such a situation to lose their homes - and be homeless.

All this in this great land - the United States of America.

Many Americans - lost most of their hard earned savings in the year 2008 financial debacle.

The Government simply said - without saying a word - you invested and you lost. Deal with your losses.

To the big financial institution like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, other large banks like Well Fargo, the Bank of America, Citi Bank - the government through the Federal Reserve Bank - loaned these financial institutions and Banks - billions of dollars - at very low interest - less then half a percent.

Then these financial institutions and banks - turned around and loaned the money to others - mostly those that had money  or equity - for 5%, 10%, 20%, and more - and made large sums of money.

The Federal authorities did not monitor these financial institution and banking entities.

The same entities that destroyed our economic with sub-prime loans, derivatives, and other dubious ways of hoodwinking, cheating, stealing and robbing folks in the broad daylight.

We hear and know the shenanigans - ploys and machinations - but - since the matter is so convoluted - we simply retire to our private space - and fail to take those that harmed us - and speak out.

Today - most Americans are angry but resigned to the fate of their future with more and more - uncertainty.

Right now the Republicans have brought the goverment to a halt - and have just begun to introduce certain Bills in the House that then goes to the Senate - and are passed.

Like the Bill that permits to pay the civilians some 350 million of them who work for the Department of Defence.

There may be another Bill sent to the Senate - that pays the employees who work for our National Park Service.

Over 800,000 plus Federal Employees - stopped working - when the United States Government - closed its doors. The Federal Civilian employees are used as ploys.

This type of govermental operations at any level - does not bear well and smells like what most people see in poorer countries - Third World countries.

The people of the United States are fed up with such behavior.

Our Representatives like  "little kids"  playing in the sand box - and to be sincere - none of these Representative have grown up - they talk the talk - but they have failed to walk the walk.

There is talk come November, 2013 the "Womens Infants and Childrens " food program WIC that helps - millions of familes - more single mothers - will come to a halt.

Such talk - where the vulnerable are targeted is a blow to humanity - and the time has come for a reality check.

If any of you - so called Representatives - harm, the children - children who cannot defend themselves - you are cowards.

Why don't you Representatives for all the lousy and drab work you put out there in the House and Senate - take a 50% pay cut.

What is more - you all should be denied receiving a pension.

What is more you all must pay your Health Premiums from your own pocket.

You should get no perks - that many you get - junkets to this place and that place.

In the past - even flying to places to play golf - at tax payers' expense.

One in three children in the United States goes to bed hungry.

One in four seniors cannot afford sound health care and go to bed hungry.

We are a Super Power that spends far to much money - on arms and the arms' industry - that benefits the rich.

Most of us hear about this - but most of us cannot do the research which is availbale - and it is astounding - how much money the Defense Industry spends - and who makes the money.

These filthy rich do not bother about the poor and the indigent.

They do not care about the Middle Class - that has all but vanished - and if you speak to most people - they are shit scared about the future - and this is no joke.

In San Francisco we have so many homeless around Union Square, on Market Street between 11th Street to the Financial District - that is is simply scary to witness the sordidness of the situation.

The tourist are scared and we San Franciscans - those that care - have to act as guides and protect our fellow vistors - many of them from abraod - who cannot understand the hostility that those mentally impaired - exercise on anyone they wish - hostility that is unwarranted. 

We have thousands in our San Francisco Unified School District - that are truants - youth and youth adults who do not go to school - in course of time - this is the segment of the population - that comes to bite us in the butt. 

It is not easy dealing with the knuckle heads - as one of my friend says - or those dysfunctional youth and young adults - who have no skills and what is more lack sound habits.

We try to address Workforce Development - giving folks opportunities for career jobs.

 Other dubious entities spend money on admistrative personnel, high salaries, train the youth for a short time - and let them wither on wines. We see this all the time.

Violence Prevention is not easy - and we are trying to use Community Policing and Culturally Competent Elements to bring the community together.

As a Community - seek - solutions.

We have stopped the killing - we are working on the "bad habits" - which take a long, long time to erradicate.

You can take the horse to the water - but you cannot force the horse to drink.

Our local Food Banks in San Francisco need help and cannot accomodate the thousands that wait in line.

We have a popultion of 850,000 in San Francisco - that grows to a million and a half - in the day time - folks coming from all over to work in our great City of San Francisco.

We have dreamers who are using the money from China to build condomiums - 2 and 3 bedrooms - that go for over 2 million dollars.

In some places for as much as $5 million - the 8 Washington Project - that we must NOT vote for.

Nothing Gavin Newsom - the former Mayour of San Francisco touches has been good - he loves talking from both sides of his mouth.

He is the side- kick of our present California Governor Jerry Brown Jr. - and Gavin wants to be the Governor - but that will not happen. You heard it first - here.

Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein who purport to represent San Francisco - have not done anthing for San Francisco.

Except make themselves fithy rich.

Diane Feinstein's husband Richard Blum - has a new book on him - a thug of the first order. You must read the book - just google his name - despicable.

These were the same people on the stand - Diane Feinstein - the Mistress of Ceremonies - at the first Swearing in ceremonies of our President - Barrak Hussein Obama - in Washington D.C.

The Representatives who represent us must make sense of their actions and more their sordid operations.

Here at home in the United States and closer in our local Cities and town - million are hurting. More our children and seniors.

The Representarives have failed to serve us and that is a crying shame.

We must speak out - to speak out - one has to be educated on issues - are we or are we not for the people - the people have the power and the people must vote in or vote out the chaff.

If not we will face cruelties.

Can we better ourselves and pass the torch - and shed light where there is abject darkness.

God sees it all and God knows when to teach us frail human beings and teach us  a lesson.

On the West Coast fires - on the East Coast hurricanes, floods and more.

These are the signs of the times and the Great Spirit who sees all - in the land of the Native Americans - will deem what is right for all of us. Aho.