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Thursday, October 17, 2013


The Nation came to a standstill and thousands of Federal Workers - were told to stay home - accept those that had to provide - "essential services" - whatever that means.

Today, the Government will be open - but, it will never, ever be business as usual.

The Representatives both from the House and the Senate - are looked upon with disdain by the American People - yes, the American people consider them - bums.

60% of the American constituents want the BUMS out.

The majority of the constitutents - more those that vote - want most of the bums out - because they have failed - failed, everyone - in this Great Nation.

Here in San Francisco  - we want Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, and most of all Diane Feinstein - all good for nothing - fungi - that need to be removed and shunned.

In the interim our Nation and its people were adversely affected in many ways.

Many lost their lives, and thousands that to go to bed hungry, many could not get what we term their "essentials". None of them will be compensated.

Over $24 BILLION were lost - in the markets and Fitch, Moodys, and a host of so called financial experts - say the loss is more.

In the world markets a doubt has been planted - a doubt that does not bode well - linked to anything we say as a Nation - more on fiscal matters.

All this and more steming from the very childish, nonsense - that our Representatives have resorted to. Childish actions -  that brought our Goverment to a standing - halt.

The President has borne a lot of insults from the extreme right.

More fanatics - who think and act - much like the "terroists" - we attack and kill - all over the world.
One track minded with a super narrow tunnel vision - that defies common sense and logic.

Yet, here at home we tolerate folks like the Representative Cruz who has lost his mind.

Surely, he wants to run for President - but those who support him - and those who care to have him for some Representive - surely, must have second - thoughts. That is if they are - sane.

The Affordable Care Act nicknamed Obama Care - has a number of salient features in it - that needs drastic changes - much like any large program or project - that bring their share of headaches.

The software created to enroll those wanting to use the system was defective and could cater to at the most 60,000 customers.

On the first day - over one million - more like a million and a half - used the system - the frail system - crashed. 

This has happened before with the Medicare and other models that the Federal and State governments often - try out - but no one has made a very big deal - because there was NO focused attention.

The President, Barack Hussein Obama would do well to bring all the Representatives on a par on the Affordable Care podium - where they get no favored status.

The Representatives should not be permitted to have a favored status where they can chose and have what they want - choosing their health providers. 

Charity must start at home - and the Representative live a life of hogs - they behave like HOGS - for sure.

Children, seniors, and those that truly need health care - more preventive care - should be taken care of and nurtured - as all Americans aspire to give our best to our children.

Some model has to be in place - not to penalize those that pay the health preminiums for workers - for example - some businesses who cannot afford it.

We tweaked the system in San Francisco - with Healthy San Francisco - also known as HealthySF. So, we know what we are talking about.

The Representatives did not represent the people well - the people of this Nation - during this debacle - the Closing of our Government.

The Representatives - are shameless - so it is useless to tell them NOT to be shamed of themsleves. They are clueless and what it more dumb.

The Representatives lack morals and ethics - that is for sure.

They know of no shame - swimming in the cesspool of their own creation - selfishness - and having NO compassion for those that need help - most.

Most of all they have no direction - are not educated on issues that pertain to the constituents of the United States - ordinary citizens leading ordinary lives - under very difficult - circumstances.

We all know - at close observation - when we see plainly - the Representatives lack morals and ethics.

This saga that has just ended will start again at the end of the time, given - some few months - for the increased debt ceiling to facilitate some critical operations and actions.

In a couple of months - the same rascals and bandits - idiots to the core - who have no qualms of conscience -  act like fools and the drama will begin - for all the world to see - how the FOOLS - behave themselves.

These Representives must serve but two terms - the first one they get paid.

The second term they volunteer - NO PAY.

The Representatives must get no pension, no benefits, and most of all no perks at all.

This Nation the United States - once called Turtle Island - belongs to the First People - better known as the Native Americans. Its resources are for all decent children, women and men.

The Great Spirit watches us all - and as we all see today - what has really transpired - what has really become of our once Great Nation - Turtle Island.

More,espeically the behavior of the Senators and the Congress persons -  which is a disgrace to the human race.

What Super Power behaves in like manner?

No Nation - more the United States of America -  no constituents - should be represented in such a sordid manner by immoral and unethical - good for nothing - spineless - shallow - congressperson and senators. Aho.