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Thursday, October 10, 2013


It is a shame when folks like Rhonda Simmons a transplant from a State north - who has no clue about our local culture - less about the the role our working UNIONS the role they UNION have played in San Francisco - to bring good jobs and uplift so many families - all these many years.

Rhonda and a number of folks who are into the policy making linked to some sordid Workforce models - themselves are not family oriented.

They lack the sense about how a bread winner who has a career job, a well paid UNION job - with rights - caring for his or her family - putting bread and butter on the table. The difference this makes in the life of anyone - and those that have traditional been treated with dignity - in this great and fair City and County of San Francisco.

Workforce training and more CAREER jobs is well understood by those that have skills, have worked a good job, and have themselves been in the trenches - fighting for CAREER jobs.

Most of all San Franciscans who have lived here and understand the greatness of our City - and most of all the culture of this great and fair City - second to none - in the world.

This is not the case with City Build, Young Community Developers, some others who purport to carry some fake Workforce Development.

An audit of their finances - will show much of the money spent - on administrative fees.

According to a recent audit over $80 million is spent on Workforce Development - if we zero in and analyze the amount of time spent on any carricula that favor CAREER jobs - it is simply non existant.

Of course some one like Rhonda Simmons would not care about that - since she was hired when Michael Cohen was the Director of the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce - Rhonda has been behind the scenes - spreading her evil ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - failing to deliver - and not representing.

Why should this woman who cannot articulate, less deliver, be making over $200,000 while all the time - pussyfooting around?

It is the same with City Build - it is time the UNIONS - all of them - come together to shoulder the responsibility of training - good CAREER jobs - for our WOMEN and MEN.

The private sector working with the UNIONS to develop an understanding - more in keeping with Project Labor Agreement - to give opportunities in new and emerging technical fields - that need a deeper understanding of needs and more the best practices in using technology - in all the many fields that can been about meaningful - development.

In our hospitals, in our industries, in our construction, in our testing and collection of empirical data linked to the soil, the water in the Bay, the air we breathe, the general state of affairs linked to liquefaction and flooding.

Chemicals in places where people congregate, the proximity of Wellness Centers to contamination - all the many development that is not paying attention to Quality of Life issues, congestion on our streets, loud noises at all times, contamination and pollution from all the millions on vehicles, the erosion of the Carbon Footprint - neutralized by chemicals, and particulates, and other contaminants - too many to mention.

Our City and County of San Francisco, our SF Health Department, our Department of Environment - other local, State and Federal Agencies - have been fast asleep in the cockpit.

Over 300,000 housing units are planned for the Southeast Sector of our City and County of San Francisco.

Over 200,000 tons of Methane Gas spews in this area from 4th and King to Mid-Way Village by Geneva Street bodering Daly City.

The idiots have no clue that one ton of Methane Gas equals 22 tons of Carbon Dioxide - and yet you will hear City Officials - brag about some Carbon Footpring and the strides they are making - when the opposite is true.

The architects, our planners, our City Building Inspectors, our Compliance Officers. those at the Land Use, our SF Board of Supervisors - are all at the mercy of corrupt Developers and folks like the "Thug Mayor" - Willie L. Brown Jr.

Not to mention the inept, shallow, and spineless Supervisors like Malia Cohen - talking the talk but failing - each and every time to walk the walk - on matters of importance.

Our youth and young adults are LIED to and all this will come to a halt soon.

The young adults are now being informed - who is on their side and who has been exploiting them.

Folks like Dwayne Jones who have brought in these - corrupt folks dressed up in suits - with evil in the eyes and more armed with plans to exploit the community.

It is the same with Tiffany Bohee - promoted and making a good salary - but failing to serve the community - she heads the left over - dead - the SF Redevelopment Agency. It now goes by the name of Successor Agency of the SF Redevelopment Agency - whatever crap that - means.

It is the same with the SF Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) failing to take the lead and providing CAREER jobs.

The SFPUC loves doling millions to consultants - I can name them - but it will serve no purpose.

These consultants have made a career - working for Platinum Consultants, getting themselves certified as consultants, much like Willie L. Brown Jr - raking in the millions - without providing the neccessary certification and paper work - to the Ethics Commission.


What is happening to Juliet Ellis from the SFPUC - she and her cohorts should be fired? 

Why is this CANCER lingering over our heads - for how long must be wait to tolerate and endure the stench of the on going corruption?

We now have the ability to serve small contractors and help them participate with the on going projects in the pipe-line linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP).

Some progress has been made in this area.

However, we need training with the the Primes in the cockpit - forking out the required money and serving the community.

After all the Primes make millions in profits - while deliver a poor product.

URS got into Calavares because of Willie L. Brown Jr. make no bones about it.

Today, URS has slapped the City and County of San Francisco - by putting up a dam that does disservice to engineering - challenging any sensibilities - and building the dam stark naked - in the middle of three faults.

As and when the details are released - our City and County of San Francisco, our City officials, our Mayor - even our Govenor Jerry Brown will wonder what is happening? It will be too late.

The answer is the corruption wielded by Diane Feinstein and her busband Richard Blum - and the shenanigans, ploys, and machinations - that has been tolerated - all these many years.

If the Calavares dam is adversely impacted the entire area - known as Fremont will be flooded - hundreds of homes will be swept away, and lives will be lost. Who is responsible for this nonsense?

The burden is on our leadership - most are interested in fluff - screwing around - not paying attention when they are warned - now, they all will become fools - their legacy noted - as making money while on the job - and screwing the people - by failed to do their duty - and NOT - representing.

Much as they have destroyed families - failing to provide good jobs and decent housing. Thousands of decent families have left San Francisco. 

We have many perverts doing the devil work - pretending to say the right things - but doing the opposite - adversely impacting the constituents who pay the taxes, work hard - and have to watch the on going circus - each and every day.

The mentally challenged on the streets keep harassing the tourists and those that are decent - with no succor to be found - from any quarter. How long will this nonsense be tolerated?

When will decent citizens from San Francisco be given good housing - good jobs - and a chance to be loved by this City?

Those managing our Housing, our Workforce, our Health - are far removed from families and children - they are famous for another type of extra-curricula actitivity - one that does not even behove - mentioning.

These are the folks in charge - how can these folks - who cannot act straight, less think straight - deliver anything meaninful and more holistic model that are progressive and benefit all?

Think about it. Sodom and Gomorrah - and San Francisco is sinking in the cesspoll of its own creation. Aho.