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Thursday, October 3, 2013


The United States in the year 2013 should really not be acting as thet have in recent years - in the House, in the Senate, in the places of higher power - where wheeling and dealing has been going on for decades - with ever increasing - blatant corruption.

Right now looming on the immediate horizon is the Nation's debt ceiling. 

We do not have the money to pay the trillions we owe - "fondly called China debt" - with one bold move, at once - we can pay the interests - in so called installments - dubious in nature.

We spend more than we have - and the United States Government - is keeping itself aflot - lying to the American People - printing money.

Making other pacts with large financial institutions - like Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase, others too many to mention - but all crooks of the first order.

All those and more the Banks that were bailed out in the trillions - by our United States government - without the tacit permission of the ordinary tax payer, the innocent hard working citizen, the 99% who are now daily - getting poorer and poorer.

Then we have the 1% - filthy rich - who can spend $20,000 a day - and can keep on doing that for 100 years. Why the divide - how did all this all happen? Whey do these filthy rich need so much money? Why do they have to influence - most everything we need in place?

Our economic and its banking system, our education, our health, our infrastructure, our postal service, our safety operations, our transportation system, our social operations, our trade operations at home and international, loaning money to other countries, doing business abroad and not pay one single cent at home - who permitted this nonsense and more.

Where is the Main Media on all of the above that I have mentioned and more.Where is the investigative reporting?
Who is fooling whom? No one can fool - all the people - all the time.

The above financial institutions have access to vast sum of money - at interest rates that would shock the ordinary American - at  1/4 percent and these evil folks after borrowing the money - loan it for 10% -15% - 20% and as high as 30%.

Anyone can do that and make money - but only a select few have access to that type of money - readily and without any encumbrances - mostly Zionists the scum of the Earth.

The above has been going on for years - it is as if we have one level of operation that pertains to  the United States government - the Federal Reserve Bank - a private bank - that influences the United States Treasury - other vital agencies like the CIA and other Secretive Operations - all in the name of the Nation but controlled by the worst crooks - run and controlled by those influenced and trained by the immoral and sordid - Zionists.

Then we have the House, the Senate, the White House - run by some other rules - that are far removed from the Constitution of the United States.

It is minding boggling that in all the time our President Barack Hussein Obama has been in office - NOT ONE budget has been passed, signed and approved - that has been a BALANCED budget.

No one talks about a balanced budget - one a single one passed - because it would - OPEN UP - a can of worms.  What a dispicable state of affairs - they guys talk the talk - but have failed to walk the walk.

Imagine any family - year after year - spending more and making less - and using the credit cards - maxing the credit cards.

Repeating this type of crazy spending - and borrowing more - without any control - whatsoever.

Going out to do anything and everything to - get more credit cards - and living in this manner for years - sooner not later - something will happen. Something very bad.

Those that rate the credit worthyness of our DOLLAR and our fiscal state of affairs - once already - lowered our credit rating - we are still under that cloud.

It is tied to our debts - and not putting a cap on our spending.

Failing to create a debt ceiling that can help us all - and force us to live - within our means.

The government - under Bill Clinton as President did well - then - the other Presidents came in and spent, spent, spent, and spent more.

All the war spending - made billions for some - but created the big divide - the 1% filthy rich - and the rest the 99% - living pay check to pay check.

The "Stimulus Funds" were just that - spend more without any transparency and accountability.

Today, daily we pay China - only the interests we owe them in the billions - on the trillions that we must pay them - just to maintain our Nation's - fiscal stability.

20 years ago - if you had said this to anyone - that we would be paying interests to China - on our knees - and be beholden to China - the American people would have laughed. 

The very sad reality is we do.

For decacades we imported junk from China.

Contaminated pet food products, inferior products - clothing, electrical goods, furniture, contaminated sheet rock, other very inferior and contaminated goods - produced cheaply and with blood and sweat labor.

The Communist Government in China - controlling most everything - and the people having no FREEDOM.

The United States Government - the REPRESENTATIVES - took money from the lobbists - the conduits of evil.

Money for their campaigns - they do that today - even as the Government is Shut.

O the side the lobbists - still are alive and kicking - giving them millions - to favor them on many projects, and developments - here in the United Stares and abroad.

Most of those in our U.S. Government linked to the Senate and the House - are all about greed and more greed.

The Representatives have a moral obligation to do right - and all they have done is messed our Nation. Each and every one of them must be booted.

Today - there are more INDEPENDENTS - than Democrats and Republicans in the United States. Take a hand vote anywhere and you will find out the truth.

The Independents must organize and time is running out. The Tea Party is a joke - shallow and spineless - their recent ploys will bring their demise - and their sordid logic - will bring shame of them - and adversely impact - many innocent people.

We must boot these two main parties that do not allow freedom - real freedom for the constitutents - the tax payers - the decent citizens of the United States to vote.

We need a full proof plan - we need meaningful debates - National Debates - with Independents, leaders of the other parties - debating - funded and and on a equal footing.


Ours is NOT a democracy - not with a fake and antiquated Electoral System.

With blantant corruption where political party lines are drawn that favor the crooks based on their party.

Where methods are put in place to allow some to get money - politican campaigns - Political Action Committees (PACs) - that have no standards and have destroyed our FREEDOM.

There is FREEDOM and there is LICENSE.

Abuse of FREEDOM is LICENSE - and that is what most of the REPRESENTATIVES are about.

Idiots who will permit to tarnish the fair name of our Great Nation that belongs to the First People.

The land all of it - TURTLE ISLAND - it was stolen from the FIRST PEOPLE by the PALEFACES - the women raped, children killed, the land contaminated, abused, the Buffalo killed in the thousands for their skin not for the meat - our rivers polluted - our land resources ransacked -  and now we have a government that is in the doldrums. Go figure.

We do not have one single man or woman who can lead our country and stabilize it as it should.

The evil is everywhere.

There is NO spirituality, no morals, no ethics, no decency.

Only a through cleanup - erridication of the many corrupt who have hunkered down and are stuck in one palce forever.

Useless, shallow, spineless - using their power for all the wrong - reasons - they all must be booted out.

Closer to San Francisco Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein one worse than the other. Aho.