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Sunday, October 13, 2013


It does not bother the shameless politician that this debacle - shutting down the government - while each faction - plays chess - like kids in a sandbox.

At the peril of putting millions of those that care about their Nation - the United States of America - in harms way. Pathetic to say the least - so called Representatives.

The world is laughing at us - and this does not bother those that want to hold this Nation hostage and more a Black President - Barack Hussein Obama. The Affordable Care Act is law - and there are other ways to amend parts of this Act which is law.

It is simply disgusting to see these brats act the way they do. If they cannot agree to disagree they should not be in government - any type of governance. In fact they have broken the law and many of them - must go to jail for a long, long time.

The time has come for those in the Senate to pass a bi-partisan resolution - vote on it - and allow those in the House to swallow their own medication. For the President to use his extraordinary powers - and open the government and raise the "debt ceiling". There are laws and means to do this right now - and it must be done.

In fact this could have been done a long time ago - but we have no leadership in the Senate - worth the salt.

None whatsoever in the House - which is sinking ship.

Most everything would be done quickly - if there was some little talk - about curtailing the salaries, the pension, the perks - including the on going perks - that this despicable so call Representatives - receive for free but our tax payers money - pay for these perks.

These fat cats at the fancy gyms - can get a nice bath, clean towels, shave and and the other perks and amenities - the hard working woman and man - Americans - hardly get to enjoy. All this while they keep bragging they can do this and that - and keep the government shut. They have all failed the Nation. People everywhere at fed up of these spoiled - so called sordid - Representatives.

Also, what is most pathetic - when these so called Representatives - target Women and Children with the Women's Infant and Children (WIC) program, other Food Stamps, other Safety Programs - that the indigent and poor - need to sustain themselves.

Targeting our Veterans - who have served our Nation - laid their lives for the entire Nation.  While all the time paying lip service - these Representatives have lost their mind and act like little spoiled - brats.

The solution is simple - one term limit - for the sordid Representatives both in the House and Senate.

If they want another term - they can serve but without pay. Let us see how much they love their Nation.

Where there is love - there must be sacrifice.

These Representatives do not care - how much they harm our beloved Nation in the  long term.

The Debt Limit is something unique to our Nation - and we must not default - and we must not be silly - to raise it at the last moment - but we do and this - again and again and this is crying shame.

Our United States dollar is tied to the currencies worldwide - for the simple reason - past United States Presidents, Secretaries of State, astute fiscal advisers - deemed fit to bring about and put in place - standards that would stabilize the world economic.

The system is not perfect - but it works. So much so that even the heads of many world fiscal institution, Presidents and Prime Ministers - have said so.

Brazil, Russia, India, and China (BRIC) countries have been trying to put together a package to gain control of some currency and they soon realized they were facing a tough battle.

The English will stick to their Pound and have refused to tie the English Pound to the Euro but are in bed with the Dollar - as the 2008 economic spiraling of the world economies - showed. Corrupt deals in London that affected the United States. Who is fooling whom?

Germany and France have ties to Washington and to the Dollar and have shared fiscal agreements too deep to fathom.

Recently, we found out Germany demanded to have their - gold reserves held in the United States - that one demand - sent shivers to Wall Street and there was pandemonium in the higher Washington DC circles. Has the United agreed to this demand - or have some other deals been made to shove the issue under some dirty rug.

China has patience and will WIN in the long run.

It does not matter China is having serious problems with its local population - the emerging Middle Class - being let down.

China is using its trillions of dollars - to prop up its economy - while all the time pacifying the many investors - who are worried what tomorrow will bring.

China has been busy buying resources minerals resources, food, petroleum products, anything that it can store - to buffer a crises at home. While all the time carrying a stick and keeping its population - well controlled - with fear.

Ireland, Spain, Portugal, England, France, Greece, and the many other countries are experiencing a deep recession - this time around the youth and the young adults that are educated and many have not worked for years - are desperate.

Many have left for the former colonies that they countries once ruled and feel that decision is better. Others who have no where to go - have taken to the streets. Others have moved in droves - illegal to countries - just to survive.

This world situation does NOT strike a nerve with our United States - so called Representatives sordid to the core.

We witnessed the Arab Spring for other reason - mostly depriving the Arabs of freedom - whatever the means.

Today the situation is in the doldrums - and no one knows - about yet another silent but impeding - revolution - in the pipe-line. We saw this in Egypt - thousands jailed and many more maimed and killed. This cannot happen without severe repercussions. 

It is the same in the United States that I predicted a long time ago. What keeps us from getting too excited to take to the streets - are the low interest rates - and the bread crumbs thrown with fleeting incentives - to those that have been hungry for years - who will take anything - but not for long.

Enough is enough.

Our United States Republic is not working.

Not the Electoral System.

The "One Percent" who control 85% of the economy - will face the wrath of the people.

That time is coming and will come - with a short thunder and tons of energy - a force too much to envision but building up - as we go through our present ploys, machinations, and shenanigans.

Few have the guts to take the pulse - at ground zero - where the populace has stopped vetting and now wants to take matters - in their own hands.

The Empirical Data is there for all to see - more those educated on issues - those who are paid to analyze this data - themselves have been shafted by the United States government officials - and by the present sordid, inept, and spineless - politicians.

No government should be oblivious to the pain and suffering of those that most need our help.

The politicians forget that they must represent - today they act like dictators - while all the time behaving like - fake jokers.

Closing down our National Parks - forcing decent American citizens to keep them open - using their own hard earned, money.

Chiding the constituents by allowing half the Federal Workforce to go to work - more those that work for the Defense companies - where the 1% - have their investments. The Main Media has NOT written nor said a "word" - about this - fact.

Bragging aloud our clowns in the House and Senate - that the Federal workers will be paid - while they are at home for over two weeks.

The Federal workers will be paid - but who will deal with the present stress and the stress to come - with all the back log.

In the year 2013 on most levels when it comes to technology and the Federal Government - crooks control the system - be it Medicare, the Affordable Care Act and Programs - better known as Obama Care - you name it.

The hardware and software the Federal Government uses to keep in touch with the constituent is Primitive. Ask Ross Perot - he made millions - talk loud and giving the Federal Government - some software and hardware - while raking in millions in profit.

Other clowns followed suit - ask the husband of Senator Diane Feinstein and the husband of Congress person Nancy Pelosi - Diane's husband Richard Blum and Nancy's hubby - Paul Pelosi.

The layperson is kept in the dark and knows something - but I know more - having seen the nonsense for myself.

I served my Nation on more than one front - and I am pleased to say my peace - we need to remove from office - inept, spineless, very corrupt so called Politicians and Representatives.

These buffoons think they can fool all the people all the time - their time is coming. Aho.