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Thursday, October 3, 2013


There is nothing like pain and suffering imposed on innocent hard working people - trying to survive and make a living - and constantly falling prey to - bigger countries - with no morals, less ethics, and always wanting to exploit.

The present crises we are facing in the United States impacts world markets.

The United States is poised to take a plunge - much like the 2008 spiraling of the economy - but, this time around - it will be worse.

Our so called Representatives will do whatever it takes to target a person - in this case - the President of the United States - Barack Hussein Obama.

Target - some of his polices - and do that - with the risk of shutting down the government.

Putting millions of innocent people into a situation - where they are left to suffer - while waiting for the United States government to open - and have all its operations - back on track.

Worldwide - people are bemused, laughing at our government - not fully understanding that we have jokers - like those from with links to the Tea Party - who cannot logically argue a point, have no understanding of our Constitution - and are there solely - to create the worst type of - divisiveness.

In many countries worldwide - the simple foolish action of our U.S. government - has stopped actions that in many countries worldwide - many people who need to carry on their activities - cannot do so.

Stop. No one can help you - come another day - many operations - diplomatic, business, safety, technological, charitable and others that our Nation - offers to many.

We do not spend so much money on these Charitable operations - as much as we spend on our War Operations - billions spent in Iraq and more Afghanistan - millions wasted - and with no accoutability and transparency.

At home our Seniors suffer, our children suffer, our indigent population - live day to day - and many die of starvation and lack of medical care.

Simple hard working constituents in the United States - assume their government is good  and favors ethics, morals, standard - Standard Operating Procedures that are in place - but this is not the case.

We have found out now - with documentation at hand - that our supposedly decent government - has been spying on its own citizens.

Of course - some of us have known it all along - but, if you have nothing to hide - you go about - your own business and do not give a rat's ass - as we use to say in the military.

What is despicable is when those spying are crooks - and have a hidden agenda.

Have failed our Nation - the United States - by failing to assess the information - they supposedly have to review - and again and again have made - fools of themselves.

Anyone - any break all laws - infringe on the sovereignty of Nations - use our bullying power - but, only for so long.

Recently, Germany had to warn those in our United States government - that infringed on certain agreements - instanding and adhered to for years - only for some evil folks - to take law and order into their hands.

We give willingly our information to the Zonionsts - and we do not think for a second - the consequences.

We fail to comprehend that the Zionists who harm so many - have used Australian passports - to kill and harm people in the Middle-East and elsewhere.

Zionists - are living in a world - that has changed - that cloak and dagger world of - yester years is gone - and if they do not adhere to the present norms - then it is on them.

Why should the Zionists be in a position to do as they please?

Have access to millions - and constantly compromise our Nation - in the areas  linkeed to banking, our National Security, International Transportation, Marketing, Business in general, stealing our technology and using it for covert purposes - with our blessing - we know what is right and what is wrong - and been close to the Zionists - is totally - wrong.

Many counteries in Latin America do not trust us - we created the Banana Republics - putting in palce dictators that would do our will - and help in killing, maiming, and causing more harm than good.

We could have helped the Africans - more in the case of Rwanda - but we chose to look the other way.

Karma is hitting us hard - and the pathetic fools - that are our so called - Representatives - want to say something - but cannot.

So they blame the entire world  but themselves - more the folks from the Tea Party - racists to the core.

At one time worldwide people had respect for Americans - they still do.

But not for the American Politician - she and he have sold out our erstwhile values - have revealed their true colors for all the world to see and ponder.

Today - we cannot even keep our Government OPEN for the people. It is NOT business as usual. Aho.