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Friday, October 25, 2013


In the year 2008 some of us put Proposition F on the Ballot - trying to address affordable housing and low income housing - using models that could bring about progressive - yet measurable - results.

We said: " Guarantee Affordable Housing - because working families deserve better".

Address Quality of  Life issues. Our Proposition was named, Proposition F - and I was one of the proponents who put this measure on the Ballot - and we won to put this measure on the Ballot - Big Time.

Our opponent was Lennar, a Rogue Developer - with Proposition G - that continues to pander - buying folks, paying "thugs" to do their dirty work - working directly with the former Mayor of San Francisco - Willie L. Brown Jr - a thug mayor who has caused divisiveness and division in San Francisco.

Those backing Proposition G - Diane Feinstein, Gavin Nesom, Sophie Maxwell, Carmen Chu, Bevan Dufty, and Jose Cisneros.

Clean up the Shipyard they said - bring in Jobs, Housing, and Parks to the Shipyard - nothing has been done in the year 2013.

Some tried to hoodwink the Chinese to invest on the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - it is simply not working.

There is a lot of talk - mainly vain talk to build housing in San Francisco. Again and again when the analysis is done - Market Priced units are built and there is little done to build moderate Affordable Housing and Low Income housing.

With rents going upward of $2000 for a one bed room and $3000 for a two bed room - many San Franciscans who were renters are faced with evictions.

So, the good San Franciscans leave our City and when they leave - the many years of contributing to our Great City, the City and County of San Francisco - is gone with the wind.

This situation is made all the more deplorable when
families - father, mother, children leave our City - and we are caught in a bind - and suffer tremendous loss on many levels.

In fact Public School with less children of a caliber that can create higher standards in our classrooms - have come to haunt us.

It affects neighborhoods where so many decent, family orientated San Franciscans - left a legacy and the traditions once carried out - can no more be carried out - in like manner.

Such drastic changes bring what we see today in some neighborhood - crime, poor communication, rampant degradation of Quality of Life issues. Folks who are as blend as the worse type of cardboard.

Ellis Evictions are on the increase. Other types of eviction; where those so called "tech savvy types" throw money - and landlords want it bad.

The greedy landlords do not care about their loyal tenants - and this is going on more and more - and the hostility in the neighborhoods is increasing.

The drab politicians many who do not share stellar family values - have disgraced San Francisco - and pretend they can represent - when they cannot and are inept, spineless, and shallow - the SF Board meeting at all levels are - deplorable to say the least.

Then your have our sordid Supervisors - Malia Cohen, David Campos, London Breed, Scott Weiner, and Jane Kim - among others - they all talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

David Campos had the audacity to inform me when he looks himself in the mirror - he see himself doing justice to the constituents he serves.

I just do not know what type of mirror he is looking into. Perhaps the kind found in the men's rest rook on the 2nd Floor that makes a short man look tall. You may see something - but that is a far cry from reality.

San Bruno Avenue which bring the City and County of  San Francisco millions in taxes - is not cared for and is in District 9 - David Campos' District.

Some sewer pipe and road construction that has been going on for over four months - and has caused endless problems.

Many businesses fed up - with congestion - double parking - dust all over the place - and a tragedy  waiting to happen - as people cross from one side to the other - and cars and large vehicles - come close to hitting them - dead.

It is the same with London Breed talking about the SF Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) when she did nothing stellar then; as a SFRA Commissioner and continue to be inept now - as a Supervisor of District 5. Power has gone to her head - and the complaints against her are increasing - daily.

Crime is District 10 is increasing by leaps and bounds - and what is more - spilling, into other Districts - mostly Distric 9 where Malia Cohen's from District 10 parents live and where she lived after winning her elections in District 10.

Malia Cohen - the laughing jackass - now lives in Portrero  Hill - rubbing shoulders with mostly white folks - while looking down on poor Black folks and people of color in general.

Recently, I heard Malia Cohen comment on the Avatar Software System - she will open her mouth and shove her foot in. Software written for complex issues - take time to "tweak" sometimes - five to ten years. Do not open your dirty mouth - if you do not understand simple - issues.

What have you done really - for the poor, the indigent in District 10 - Malia Cohen? 

hat have you done really - in all the time you have been in office - Malia Cohen - except spew diatribe? 

What have you done to build low income housing on District 10?

Since I have known you - Malia Cohen - you have been a panderer - you keep forgetting that I have known you and monitored you for a long, long time.

Jane Kim thinks she can hoodwink everyone - she supposedly represents District 6.

Well, she knows little -   she failed with "Twitter" - the City have Twitter breaks - we got nothing in return - not the neighboring community. Some segments of the community - pander to Jane Kim - they are the poorer once - they will be satisfied - if bread crumbs are thrown their way. The ones that can spell Manila - right.

We all remember Scott Weiner - targeting the queer youth - the ones that hang out in the Park at Castro and in other areas.

Trying their hardest - staying away from those that prey on them - and cannot come to grips with queer youth and queer people - that San Francisco and decent San Franciscans; embrace as they have all other people - all these many years - on Ohlone land.

In the year 2013 - some of these Supervisors have come to some realization that a high percentage of queer folks - prefer to sleep in the parks, on the side of the side-walks, in places where most would not dare to be - just to be alive.

What a sad state of affairs - Harvey Milk would not accept the current situation. But, I guess the present queer representatives who talk - both sides of their mouth - have not pondered about this fact of life.

I have stopped over 100 fights - when some small group of people tried to attack some queer folks - over the last 20 years -.

Those "queer" that know me - know what I speak of. But not some of the Supervisors - like David Campos - who listens to folks and has no sense of reality.

He should talk to one of his trusted female aide to find out, more - she knows me pretty well.

When you represent - you must represent all - and do not distrust and disgust others - by pandering - and favoring those issues that near to you - fail, to do equal justice to the general - population.

Much like we saw you all San Francisco Supervisors - pander to Ross Mirkarimi when he was the Supervisor.

Then attack him behind his back.

When the time came for adjudication - we the people - those who agreed and did not agree with Ross's personal philosophy - had to stand up - take the heat - to fight for what was right.

The injustice done to his wife and son - and to Ross Mirkarimi - who as far as I know is a human being and would not harm his wife - the way it was portrayed in the Main Media. We must not judge anyone by the way the Main Media works - with no through investigative reporting - as their backing.

In the end when better sense - prevailed - Ross Mirkarimi was given his back pay and is now our Sheriff - even though he cannot carry his gun - he is loved - a better man - and remembers well - who truly stood by him. 

Today his compassion and innovative models to better the "jail system" - to further the cause of bring about rehabilitation - linked to those incarcerated and those freed to live in Society - these once prisoners deprived of freedom - and given a lease on life - and treated with dignity.

We have SF Supervisors who are not worth the salt.

David Chiu contesting with David Campos - dog eat dog - one worse than the other - pretending to serve but failing to understand what it really means to represent - did not do it here in San Francisco and will not to it anywhere - else. Go to the Sacramento - good riddance of bad rubbish.

We continue to permit a "Rogue" - Property Management Company like the John Stewart Company to adversely impact so many - innocent people - in the Southeast Sector.

The John Stewart Company controls Hunterview - already controls the Cooperative Housing near by - will take control of Kiska Road and all those units - and why should this one rogue company have so much control?

The John Stewart controls of the Presidio Housing on Federal property, units in the hundreds in the Tenderloin in San Francisco, Treasure Island another Federal property, and housing units all over San Francisco in many places in many Districts - and runs them - much like the Mafia.

Our Supervisors are lost - they have lost their mind; failed to represent - they are NOT in touch with the constituents - they know little about Housing and Urban Development.

Care little and do little about the indigent, the poor, the single mother with children - our seniors that truly need help.

These scum bags - the SF Board of Supervisors - must be sent to jail - for the bribers they take - the lip service - for lying and doing nothing - for not representing.

Once these SF Board of Supervisors were paid $38,000 now over $120,000 with all sorts of perks.
The do not deserve the salary paid by the tax payers.

If a Monday is a holiday - the take the entire week off and this is wrong.

The SF Supervisors call for hearings - just to win sympathy - of some constituents.

Always, tons of talk and no action - at these so called hearings. 

The poor have and will continue to sleep in the parks and under the bushes.

What is the alternative - go to the shelters - full of bed bugs - noise - and all sorts of creepy folks.

Some failing to take a bath in ages - others with criminal histories - who should not be living in free Society. More, harming our women and children in the shelters and in so called places  where you are given a chair to sit and sleep all night long.

All this in San Francisco - a very rich city - with a Budget of over $ 9 Billion - yes - $9 Billion. Go figure.