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Saturday, October 19, 2013


There are a lot of important projects and issues planned for the Bayview Hunters Point - with those purporting to Represent - NOT representing the constituents - these politicians are involved in making huge decisions - most of them - made, without any meaningful - dialog. This is more in District 10.

The same in District 6, 5, and 9 - too - with Jane Kim, London Breed, and David Campos - trying to figure out how best to represent - but, not understanding the under-lying issues.

Right now the City and County of San Francisco is bragging - that our unemployment rate is less than 6%.

However at closer scrutiny there are areas - hot spots - where the unemployment rate is over 40%.

The Supervisors from District 10 - Malia Cohen, District 6 - Jane Kim, District 9 - David Campos - District 5 - London Breed - have a lot of heavy lifting to do. So far they have failed their constituents.

They talk a lot - a lot of hot air - but they have no clue how much damage they have created in their Districts. They have blood on their hands - more when they harm innocent children, single mothers, the indigent, the mentally challenged and so on.

In all of the Districts I have named above - the indigent, the poor, seniors, those with challenges - those drowning with home fore-closures, lack of permanent employment, lack of child-care, lack of sound transportation - and a hundred other critical and pertinent Quality of Life issues - which have been ignored and which have not been addressed.

This nonsense has been going on for years - more than 10 years - but more in the last 4 years.

In District 6 where Jane Kim appears at ribbon cuttings she thinks that all is fine - while her District keeps disgracing our City and County of San Francisco - on many front - more when it comes to Quality of Life issues.

Large perks are being given to TWITTER and others in District 6.
All the while the poor, the indigent, the mentally challenged are left to fend for themselves.

This Korean American woman came from another District - spurred by the "political thugs" - to represent District 6 - and today District 6 is a mess - a cesspool.

Jane Kim has the ability to charm the "skunk" and that is the problem.

In District 10 - we have Malia Cohen who has NO history of the area - disrespecting the constituents of her District and impacting other Districts - the trash from her District spews to other District that aim to do well - constantly to address the trash coming from her District - 10.

Malia Cohen has been playing with fire - and her days are numbered.

Malia Cohen - was quick to share the light giving a Buffalo Soldier  Ulysses Moore a commendation - saying sweet nothings on that occasion. When the same Buffalo Solder expired and need help - nothing was forthcoming from her sordid -office. Not to this day - and let us see what her office has to offer - when an event honoring Buffalo Soldier Ulysses Moore is held soon at the Presidio of San Francisco.

All sorts of crime are on the increase in Malia Cohen's district - District 10 - and what is more it the only District that leads all the other Districts in a very high percent of unemployment - in many hot spots over - 40%.

Recently she was chiding the City and County of San Francisco for not setting aside money to build the Infrastructure - she has just awoken from her slumber.

Malia Cohen is quick to take bribes from sordid Developers - and the entire world knows about it - Malia Cohen is a disgrace to anything - decent.

For sure her mentors - Sophina Maxwell who represented District 10 was a sell out - and with Willie L. Brown Jr. a former "thug mayor" backing Malia Cohen - together with Sophina Maxwell - this air-head, inept, spineless, immoral, and very unethical - person of a kind - cannot see beyond her nose.

Constituents in District 10 are suffering - but this woman who lives in the Potrero Hill neighborhood - could not care less.

Malia Cohen takes care of herself, well - including using a City vehicle to do shopping at Costco. She can deny that fact - but it is the little things that cannot - and Malia Cohen who favors Big Developers and bribes - is very corrupt and must be removed from office.

There are some drastic changes with the various Districts having had their boundaries re-drawn - District 9 is one of those with David Campos representing - that District. 

David Campos has failed miserably to represent the the Portola District - 95% home owners who pay millions in taxes. The San Bruno Avenue neighborhood a busy commercial corridor paying millions to the City and County of San Francisco.

When is the last time the side-walks were washed with high pressure hoses? Does David Campos care - or is he just concerned with Bernal Heights? Areas that pander to to him and his kind?

From Bacon to Felton it has taken the company who is working on the sidewalks and the sewer connections - over four months.

In the beginning of this project - I used my influence to speed the project - sending photographs to those in charge.

Not any more. Why should I?

The businesses on San Bruno like the San Bruno Subway - and Fat Deli and Celtic Glass and others impacted -  worked with me.

Some got some redress - but not the many today - who have to deal with the construction going at a snail's speed.

Not once has David Campos walked the San Bruno Avenue corridor, recently - to see for himself the on going - pandemonium. 

I once saw two aides from David Campos' office - walking and taking notes - but these peons - are exactly that - PEONS.

Jane Kim has them, Malia Cohen has more of them - and of course David Campos also uses them for feed back. Pathetic.

Things is District 5 are going to get worse. The recent shootings are but the tip of iceberg - and London Breed thinks she knows what is happening - but there is more to come.

A long time ago when the SF Redevelopment Agency removed thousands from their homes, many Victorian homes - using Eminent Domain - thousands had to live in sub-standard housing - in Single Residential Occupancy (SROs) hotels - slowly dying - withering away - in the Tenderloin - which is now in District 6.

A long time ago before 2000 there were no Districts - Supervisors represented the entire San Francisco area - and all San Franciscans.

To this day the consequences of those sordid actions - impact District 6, District 10, and of course District 5.

London Breed ran for office thinking she could handle it - but she cannot - she is putting on weight - looking like a heifer - not a good sign. 

She smiles a lot - and talks from both sides of her mouth.

She will be seeing the fire- works - do not say - you were not warned.

We, the constituents of San Francisco see who is for and against Proposition B - linked to construction on the Water-front.

We know who of the above named Supervisors are for or against - Proposition B. 

Now, that I have put in context - and am giving the reader - more, the informed reader - information - shedding light - the reader can take it from there.

We the people must not permit any high rise building on our water-front.

More condominiums for rich folks - costing $5 and $10 million a piece - this is a crying shame; that those without a conscience like former Mayor Gavin Newsom - endorses.

That sucker will do anything for a buck - even bend backwards.

Also backing Proposition B Carmen Chu much like she did Proposition G and Lennar - we the people - remember.

Others Supervisors Scott Weiner who has targeted the indigent, the poor, and now has shown his true colors - backing Proposition B - the Developers and the filthy - rich.

Supervisor Mark Farrell from District 2 who should know better - but this time around - he will lose hands down - and when he reads these line - hopefully he will remember - who said it first.

Years ago we fought hard to limit spot-zoning and limited the height on the water-front the Embarcadero to 136 feet.

Let us keep that area - our beloved Water-front - land of the Ohlone - free from high rise, building.

Free from where the filthy rich can reside - more using the condominiums as summer retreats - mocking affordable housing which is scarce. 

True the fat carts have the best views and adversely impact - millions - more our tourists.  The fat cats never care - they want it all - greed, greed, and more - GREED.

There is a large sewer line - a few feet from the proposed construction at 8 Washington - hence the parking lot.

The SF Public Utilities Commission - controlled by Willie L. Brown Jr is saying nothing, much.

This pipe will fail anyway - it has to be replaced - but if this construction goes ahead - wait for a large cesspool - full of raw sewage to create a stinking pool.

Those Supervisors who endorse Proposition B and others, then - can then jump into this cesspool - of their own making.

Politics as we recently saw with the shutting down of the United States government is a dirty game.

These charlatans have no conscience, inept, shallow, and spineless - more unethical and immoral. 

The above named Supervisors are part of the mess - on the local level - here in San Francisco. Most of them do not favor families - are single - have significant others as their side-kicks.

They with intent  adversely impact - thousands of San Franciscans.

They have NO respect for the First People - the Native Americans.

Most of them talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

They think, that we the people must be treated with disdain - now, you know who to vote for and who to send back the rubbish can.

Better still flush down the commode.