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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


So what has San Francisco Redevelopment Agency done for San Franciscans - when it comes to low income and moderate income housing? Nothing.

Olson Lee, who now heads the Mayor's Office of Housing - participated in some despicable and nefarious actions - with the now defunct SF Redevelopment Agency - and still does - as he has a "bag of tricks in his hat" - and cannot be trusted - ever.

Olson Lee, knew too much about the "Certificates " that were given to those that lost their homes - when SF Redevelopment Agency took over their homes - using Eminent Domain.

Those who were adversely impacted - were even "Certificates of Preferences" - a mode used to pacify the innocent and hardworking - mostly people of color in the 1960s.

Recently, when we were before the Commission on Infrastructure and Economic Development - that has been given the control of assets - what was once  SF Redevelopment Agency, now defunct.

The SF Commission on Infrastructure and Economic Development - were shocked to learn about some - very horrifying details.

Thousands of units were lost in the 1960s - due to the action of the SF Redevelopment Agency and its policy to exercise without any compassion - Eminent Domain.

In those years in the early 1960s the then - on going discrimination meted out to people of color - was rampant, on going, and horrific. 

This City and County of San Francisco in the 1960 practiced willful - discrimination - in your face discrimination when it came to people of color.

It is more subtle now - smile on your face and stab you in the back. Time will tell - but, some of us are watching the crooks - who with intent are harming - too many innocent people.

When the present Commission on Infrastructure and Economic Development - were given the details on how those given " Certificates of Preference" had fared so far - it was a far cry from what they wanted to hear.

Basically, those having Certificates of Preference today - more, in the majority - will not get a chance to apply their certificates and less to enter a low income or moderate housing unit - in their life time.

Some years ago - then, Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi called for a hearing on the then - SF Redevelopment Agency Agency and the Certificates of Preference - linked to Eminent Domain and what happened in the Western Addition or Fillmore in District 5.

Well, as you can imagine - there was Olson Lee the LIAR - spewing diatribe - and failing to realize that in the audience there were people - who were victims.

Leola King was there in person and the SF Redevelopment Agency stole her property and did not compensate her at all.

Then there was the Buffalo Soldier Ulyess  Moore who owned his own building and was the First African American and a Buffalo Soldier - to own his own Taxi Cabs - his building and other assests - were stolen from him - by the SF Redevelopment Agency.

Now, these two were among hundreds who owned homes, buildings, clubs, other assests - all taken away - stolen by the SF Redevelopment Agency.

Now, imagine those that were given " Certificates of Perference" - they really thought they would be helped - and the majority of them - were not. Pathetic!

Now, in the year 2013 we have HOPESF and the Czar who heads HOPESF - keeps saying - he will do this and that.

In the interim the the poor, those indigent, those that really need help - cannot be helped. More talk and less action.

The solution these folks have is giving folks a ticket to sleep in shelters.

The shelters that are noisy, full of bugs, and where single mothers, the elderly, queer folks, a whole gumut of folks that have special needs - suffer and if they are given that option only - the shelters - they suffer - for the rest of their lives.

No one gives a damn - to help those that need help most - in this City named after Saint Francis Assisi.

The SF Board of Supervisors who make $120,000 a year - and continue to take bribes under the table - keep on spewing diatribe - about housing, housing for the poor, the increasing Ellis Evictions - nothing is done to help those that most need - help.

It is a disgrace to see so many people sleeping on the streets of San Francisco.

Families moving away from San Francisco in the thousands - with children - and taking with them the legacy that they left - as stellar San Franciscans - shunned and all sorts of hurdles put in their way.

No one seem to care - right now - the greedy, those that think they are doing RIGHT are in the center - where the action is.

What they are doing is blatantly, WRONG.

The City Officials - the City Administrater Naomi Kelly, the Controller Ben Rosenfield, the advisors Steve Kawa, Olson Lee, and the rest of the those that think they know - are doing their thing - they have no compassion.

In the interim people are suffering - and when will this all STOP - and how did all this come to be?

The LIAR - Olson Lee - all those appointed on the Commission on Infrastructure and Economic Development - are puppets of the DEVIL.

Our City and County of San Francisco with a $9 Billion Budget will suffer - and this is coming down the pipe-line and is will NOT be sudden. 

Today's tweaked budget will not last long - and those fleecing the tax payers are making hay - while the sun shines - but not for long.

PENSIONS and the impending problems will bring a serious of adverse actions - and those now in charge - will say they tried their best - but, they have not and will not - in the future.

The rich who now think they have their condominiums - will not get services in time - and there will be turmoil.

Allt these market rate - this and that - must be halted - a CAP must be put - on the present - MADNESS.

Some balance must be created - and if the plan in rapid gentrification - those in charge - will feel the heat. It is warming up now - but too it will be too HOT in the kitchen. Do not say I did not warn you - as I have done so many times.

You really want to feel that molten rod - well you will - simply, because you asked for it.

The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency has not done anything much for San Franciscans. In fact it has left a very SOUR taste in the mouths of many - more thousands of innocent - people.

The present methods used to evict innocent people.

Target those that are disabled.

Target the elderly.

Target the indigent - cannot be tolerated by many - and for sure NOT the astute advocates - who have stood up to this on going injustice - for too long.

Our Mayor Edwin Lee means well - but what does not really mean. There are folks who are NOT listening to him. Some take matters into their own hands - again and again.

Recently I found out that those who are incharge of HOPESF - do not want to follow the orders of the Mayor. This does not come to me as a surprise.

Thugs and sell outs operating from the YMCA in the Bayview - are destroying what little good has remained in the Bayview. This will stop - we are monitoring the situation at hand.

The politics governing our City and County of San Francisco - are in the hands of the crooked, the corrupt, those that want to favor greed and money - not compassion, standards, morals, ethics.

Gentrification is taking shape and those mostly impacted are the innocent. No one cares about the newly arrived immigrants.

No one cares about single mothers and their babies.

No one cares about our Seniors - even if they worked hard and could not save - because of  wages that were low - living pay check to pay check.

Time will tell - this City and County of San Francisco - that some of us really love and have lived here for long - is going down the drain.

Today, the 120,000 dogs in our City get more attention then the human beings.

Dog shit all over the place, on our streets, and into our Treatment System - in our Bay and every where.

No one is thinking about families - that is father, mother, children - those who are involved in the high machinations and ploys - are busy - racketeering.

Folks the likes of Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, London Breed, Scott Weiner - others too many to mention - despicable, pathetic, spineless, and lacking any morals and ethics.

The worst type of politics has been saturating San Francisco.

We the advocates are fed up - with the devils, the Zionists - who have positioned themselves - and think they can bluff us.

No one can fool all the people - all the time. Aho.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone the First People of this area - and I am monitoring the many crooks - and they are increasing by the SECOND. Who will STOP them?