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Saturday, October 26, 2013


San Francisco has always attracted the best minds - innovations comes easy to San Francisco and the entire Bay Area.

Why then are we experiencing so many adverse impacts when it comes to moderate affordable housing, housing linked with low income and lack of childcare?

Why are so many decent families - in the thousands with their children - leaving San Francisco?

Why are our youth - mostly, youth of color - feeling that they are targeted and cannot enjoy their freedom?

Why are so many QUEER folks living on the streets of San Francisco? 

Harvey Milk would not accept this treatment - meted out to the queer. Others would not - but today Queer leaders - are followers not leaders. The worst among them Scott Weiner from District 8.

In District 10 - represented by Malia Cohen things are going from bad to worse. At the many meetings held at City Hall - Malia Cohen continue to laugh like a jackass - while have NO clue about everyday issues - that have NOT been addressed in her district.

The crime in District 10 is getting chronic - and what is more it is spilling into District 9, 6, 3, and 11.

In District 5 we have the same problems - the poor without any decent housing. London Breed talks from both sides of her mouth - she has done nothing - much as when she was with the now defunct SF Redevelopment Agency.

Human beings in her District - District 5 are dying, going to bed hungry - and here this woman is addressing mundane issues - what is happening to politics where there is genuine - representation.

London Breed is now into configuring MUNI seating - and adding more seats - when people, real people are suffering and dying. She is as fake as they come - heifer. 

In District 6 we have Jane Kim - she just returned from a junket to China and Korea.

These junkets should open her eyes - more to the thousands in the shelters, hundreds begging and sleeping on the streets on downtown San Francisco.

More poor and homeless living - under bridges and in places animals would shun.

Here is Jane Kim - trotting away in her high heels - pretending she is trolling on some fashion runway to oblivion.

In District 9 we have David Campos  - he has done nothing much on San Bruno Avenue - a business corridor that brings in millions in taxes.

Fills the City and County of San Francisco - coffers. I have done - what it takes to do - to address traffic management issues, infrastructure issues, crime and safety and other issues - on San Bruno Avenue and the Portola Distict in San Francisco.

All the while this man has been looking in the mirror to find answers - and feels, as he says that he feel he is well - respected. He will be in for a shock - soon.

Scott Weiner is a Queer but one who thinks no end of himself.

For starters - he is against the youth - more Queer Youth - spending time in a Park - close to the Castro - where they Queer Youth - can enjoy the company and find solace in the company of like minded - youth.

What is wrong with this - let the youth spend as much time in the park. We do not want dictators - more sordid politicians - like Scott Weiner representing anyone. The youth should be left alone - queer or otherwise.

San Francisco has a glut of Market Price housing and condominiums - two and three bed rooms - going from $3 million to $10 million. In some areas 3 bedroom condominiums for $10 million plus. Go figure.

San Francisco is where we have many millionaires - and many Billionaires too - but we also have the poor - and the Main Media has chosen not to address the plight of the poor.

The politicians that I have mentioned above - are there for the money, the power, but they have failed again and again to represent - the constituents the tax payers.

Daily steep in corruption - taking bribes under the table - filling their campaign coffers.

All this will come to an end - it happens so quickly - and just like that - they will be forgotten - treat like trash in the rotting and smelling - garbage can.

Those making around $80,000 find it difficult to own a home in San Francisco.

Others making less than $50,000 find it difficult to live in San Francisco - comfortably.

Here we have the politicians favoring high rise building with condominiums - two and three bed rooms - in the price range from $3 million to $10 million. If this is not greed to the extreme - despicable greed - I do not know - what is.

We find more and more politicians who talk the talk and less who walk the walk. Aho.