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Thursday, October 17, 2013


It is not easy to watch fools adversely impact the land on which we live - Ohlone land. More when the fools lack spirituality - daily in their lives - they wheel and deal and worship - greed.
Have no real clue why they are on the sordid Commission - doing the devil's work.

Land known today as San Francisco by the Bay, the Bay Area expanded -  the strangers - keep contaminating - building homes on contaminated ground - with no expertise whatsoever.

The Strangers have filled the Bay - it has been reduced in size -  what, once was the Bay - is now quarter its size.

Daily, impacting the ebb and flow and saturating the Bay with pesticides and all sorts of dangerous chemicals and contamination.

The land that is known as Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - taken by eminent domain by the United States government - given to the United States Navy - to aid the War Effort in the early 1950s.

During World War II hundreds of acres of land - contaminated.  Technically for those that are educated on issues - a Superfund Site is what Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is.

Ships brought from the Bikini Island atomic experiment.  The ships sand blasted the toxic residue buried all over the Shipyard - some 700 acres plus. Other large animals buried - all contaminated in the Atomic experiments - who is fooling whom.

Thousands over the years who worked a the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard died - and even to day keep dying - slowly from various chronic respiratory diseases, cancer - the older men dead - those living still suffering, the wives and children adversely impacted - and some FOOLS - think this is a JOKE.

Depleted Uranium was tested on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Those that know what I am speaking about - know how contaminated the land is - others think they know - but they know little.

The National Defense Radiological Laboratory was built at Hunters Point - few are aware of this fact - the same experiments conducted now - on a large scale at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories - people are not fully aware of the very toxic issues - that are involved with Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. 

Much like the corrupt, sordid, inept, and shallow - SF Commission on Investment and  Infrastructure. 

A fancy title given to those anointed - one worse than the other - all panderers - all paying homage to the devil.

The other sordid cohorts - behind the scenes - the likes of Veronica Hunnicutt, Aurelious Walker, Doris Vincent, Lolla Whittle, Sophie Maxwell, Calvin Jones, Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones - and more - all sell outs who are the scum of the Earth.

All those anointed to the Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure - have no expertise on large Developments, less about Infrastructure issues - and even less on subjects that involve Engineering Expertise and our changing and rapid demographics.

No expertise on Land use - and even less linked to City Planning - but most of all lack common sense - and are know paper pushers.

Economic issues are far removed from these scumbags - expect when given bribes and blood money.

Readily accepted by the sordid and corrupt folks - they garner NO respect from the people. They look you in the eye and lie.

Christine Johnson a newbie who has no clue about our history and less about the crooks that will use her like a rag. Maria Rosales who have never, ever attended any meeting in the Bayview Hunters Point and her experience with the San Francisco Airport and with small business has nothing to do with City Planning, Land Use, and understanding Chronic diseases, lack of opportunity - she is far removed from the issues facing the Bayview Hunters Point area.

Theodore Ellington who works closely with Dwayne Jones - and up and coming Black who has yet to understand the changing demographics, the Bothers on the street to not know him and hence less understand him. A novice playing with fire. Time will tell.

Marily Mondejar we have not seen her in the community - marching and attending meetings. Our situation is not about the shenanigans related to Domestic Violence - a one sided issue - that has risen from no where under the leadership of sordid Shorter and others - playing with fire.

For Marily Mondejar to present she understand our issues - sitting there and mouthing some drab sentences - is an insult to the advocates  - stick to your Domestic Violence issues that are going no where - and are ripe with corruption.

Darshan Singh misses his old friend and partner in crime - Leroy King - corruption and lying have been their forte. Darshan Singh served on the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency Commission - the most corrupt quasi-State agency - that is now DEAD.

Darshan Singh continues what he did before - only now in a subdued manner - a snake is a snake is a snake.

I fought the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) tooth and nail - the SFRA harmed thousands and the present SF Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure is a JOKE.

These so called Commissioners all who have links with the "Thug Mayor" - Willie L. Brown Jr., others who hang with Willie L. Brown Jr. are there to aid - Lennar Urban and other crooked entities.

Lennar Urban is a Rogue Developer who will not succeed - they may try to do something - but; as I have said many times - " no good will ever come at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard".

The evil strangers took the dirt from two hills that were demolished for infill - together, with the remains of the Ohlone - and the strangers - spread it all over the land.

This is desecration. And when anyone commits this type of blatant crime - it cries to heaven for justice.

These fools who sit on the Commission - are pushing the paper - pandering to the evil and corrupt politicians. Thinking they represent the people - when the people do not even know them - less respect them - sordid to the core - a disgrace to the human race - pathetic.

I tell you - the time will come - when those with blood on their hands will die - and suffer - because they knew what they were doing - and they looked the other side.

These political appointments given to perverts who have no moral standards, no ethical standards, no expertise what so ever - and many of them - have not participated in the "Movement" - never ever stood with the grassroots people - to represent.

It is simply disgusting to hear them speak, ask shallow and empty questions - pretend to know something - when they know - nothing.

The future when it comes to sustainable housing does not favor high density housing. The SF Commission on Investment and Infrastructure - continue to approve projects reminiscent of the "Geneva Towers" - all this in the year 2013.

The AMCAL project back by Young Community Developers is NOT what the community wants. YCD does not represent the community - not with all the wheeling and dealing with Dwayne Jones - making it even worse - all this will come to an end.

A recent report shows that City Build and Young Community Developers waste millions - and do not have the ability to address Workforce issues - so since when has  YCD learned about Community Outreach and who are outreach to? YCD is not even respected by the community - and worked against the community - and reached out to Lennar - putting young women and men in harm way. 

Where human beings are crowded like cattle, like sheep, like hogs - by projects favored by AMCAL and YCD  - no good can come from such ploys and machinations.

When the SF Commission on Investment and Infrastructure endorses such project - more to serve the Community - the opposite is true.

This sordid SF Commission on Investment and Infrastructure is a JOKE and will fall on its dirty face in disgrace - very soon.

This SF Commission on Investment and Infrastructure - keeps on rubber stamping nefarious projects and plans - policies dubious in nature stemming from corruption of the worst order - knowing little and understanding less. Pathetic.

The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard has not been fully transferred or conveyed to any developer in toto. 

The U.S. Navy has refused to do a through clean up, abatement and mitigation - the Restoration Advisory Board  (RAB) did not endorse the Record of Decision (ROD) on Parcel A - and because they did that - the RAB was deactivated.

Since 2004 there is no decent, true, community representation on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. The Citizens Advisory Committee simply rubber stamps - and this sordid entity DOES NOT and will not ever - represent the community at large.

The U.S. has refused to clean up the entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard to Residential Standards - mandated by Proposition 8 by 87% of the voters.

The United States Navy was to CAP the areas that are contaminated - we the people do not agree - and we the people will fight the U.S. Navy, any Developer, and any entities such as the SF Commission of Investment and Infrastructure - a proxy entity created to rubber stamp - the nefarious projects without due process. Breaking every law - going against the will of the people.

The City and County of San Francisco  took control of one parcel - Parcel A - which the City and County of San Francisco - at that time in early 2002 - transferred to the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA).

The SFRA now dead - which is turn transferred the land for free - to Lennar Urban - a Rogue Developer.

Lennar Urban brought about the downfall of Vallejo - the City of Vallejo had to declare - bankruptcy.

Promised Vallejo to build 10,000 units and did not keep that promise. Shameless to the core - evil, immoral, and unethical.

Lennar has adversely impacted thousands all over this Nation.
In Florida - one large complex - over 4000 units - were constructed with contaminated Sheet Rock - imported from China.

It cost more to tear down that complex - and the world knows more about Lennar and its nefarious activities.

Lennar Urban the entity that we are dealing with - are crooks of the first order.

First registering themselves in Sacramento in 1998.

I have been following these crooks since 1998 - now in the year 2013 they have changed their name six times. Typical of crooks - who are always hiding in the bushes.

The present registration of the Limited Liability Corporation - in a dubious City on the East Coast - Delaware - where all the Credit Card mongers rub shoulders - making millions while the sun shines - adversely impacting innocent people - with interests rate at high as 28%.

San Francisco better wake up - all sorts of gimmicks are going on at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Even the United States navy is confused but not for long - never trust a snake especially a snake that has a poisonous venom - deadly - like the Mamba.  

Our people those that lived in and around Hunters View, Kiska Road, Oakdale, Sunnydale - better known as Public Housing - are all being taken for a ride.

Vague promises made to the constituents who live in Public Housing - no mention made initially about good Credit Rate Score.

Then - just like that - the Credit Report and other machinations sprung upon the poor, the indigent, the seniors who are already stressed out, single mothers with children - told they cannot move into housing - and evicted.

Many land in the Single Residency Occupancy Hotels better known as SRO - there to fall prey to bed bugs, stench of the worst order. Drugs, prostitution, other deadly diseases - those in the City know it - but do not want to discuss about this very serious - matter.

All sorts of people - many dangerous to the core - worsen, the plight of the poor and indigent  in the SROs and surround areas - made worse daily - all the more horrendous - by criminals who exploit, shoot and kill - and no one knows when death will snatch you - such are the burdens of those that have fallen in bad times.

All this in the City of San Francisco - named after Saint Francis Assisi - the Saint of Compassion. So where do these devils come from - the devils that sit on the San Francisco Commission of Investment and Infrastructure?

Who is fooling whom? I want to know? The constituents of the Bayview Hunters Point area want to know.

Thanks to those that have no leadership. Less moral, even less ethics, and of course lack of compassion and love - so needed to understand, serve, and represent.

People talk the talk about Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

People talk about Public Housing - today, those who have been dreaming for better opportunities.

The poor, the indigent, the seniors, those that have fallen on bad times  - have had their hearts wounded.

The poor and those needing help have been - lied to - spat upon - evicted to die a slow death - in conditions that cannot be mentioned. Aho.

God is watching you all - you who with intent - harm poor people.

Wake up San Francisco - do not say you know - you do not.