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Monday, October 21, 2013


Our youth in the Southeast Sector have been left out - left out in the dark - and there is not one leader - one single representative - to shed light - and help our youth - as must be done - on a War Footing. I will explain.

Tons of talk by those that want to rake in the millions - the YMCA, folks like Malia Cohen who has no clue about the hardships the youth endure - smiling - opening her mouth - and speaking from both sides of her mouth.

Our San Francisco Board of Supervisors - caught up in a net of nonsense issues - failing to represent the children, the youth, and the young adults.

We have 10,000 truants and those that can do something - think nothing about this fact - starring them in the face.

It worse when you visit the sites that incarcerate the youth and young adults. Care little about children in foster care. This last fact - is a big crime - crying to heaven for justice.

Our educational system in San Francisco has failed our youth. 

Even at San Francisco City College - had it NOT been for Shannel Williams and her supporters - we all would have been taken for a ride.

The enemies are busy inventing ways to shut down City College our gem - that has provide education to thousands over the years.

We must be united to keep San Francisco City College - open, running, and make it the best in the world. We can in San Francisco - as we do - so many things.

I have been close to Shannel Williams the student Trustee - elected and standing tall.

For a long, long time Shannel Williams has been close to me and I deeply care about her - she is a fighter for good - she learned it from the very best.

I have been protecting her from those that are evil and want to harm good - people. Like the episode when some nefarious people - called upon to impeach her. That move was shut down - sooner than those who wanted to harm her - could possibly - think.

Our  youth must not despair - in times like this. Against all odds - the youth must think about unique, methods and avenues that shed light -  spread light - where there is abject - darkness.

Our present economy does not favor the youth and young adults - receiving a sound education.

The class are crowded, the tuition keeps increasing, and the teachers and professors - confounded with regulations that defy - common sense - and create too many - hurdles.

Our youth and young adults must rise up to the occasion and do the right thing.

You have the energy, the gumption, the fortitude - and can prove to the world - that you can shine. You are well poised to deliver - on your own - terms. You must be in the cockpit and formulate your valid terms - to take us all - to a better, place.

All you need is to listen to your conscience.

 I have done it all my life - if you do right - God will bless you.

You must believe in a higher power - that can bring about the changes.

The so called gangs do not exist in our area - more like small "sets" - you want to witness what gangs do?

Visit and go to Compton in Southern California and areas in Chicago - you will learn quickly - what gangs are all about.

Our Representatives are cowards - they do not have the guts to speak to the youth and listen to them.

They try do it "remote control" - using lackeys, conduits, to pacific the youth - and make promises - that are never, ever fulfilled. This nonsense must stop.

The world over - the youth are center stage - be it the Arab Spring, in Greece, all over Europe more in Spain and Portugal, part of Latin America, Southeast Asian and on the Continent of Africa.

The disparities have been created by the ONE PERCENT - those filthy rich - who worship GREED.

The One Percent do not care about those who are oppressed. The time is now - and one way is to express yourself - and do something about it.

If you cannot write - paint.

If you cannot paint - sing.

If you cannot sing - be part of some play or drama.

If that is not possible pray and volunteer and smile and share - whatever you have. 

Youth and young adults are our assets that I and other that work with youth and young adult care.

The adults are sometimes afraid of the youth - there is nothing to be afraid of the youth and young adults.

The false perception some of the adults  have of the youth and young adults - must be addressed and overcome.

That fear is just a screen - and those that care must make the move and enjoy the company of the children, the youth, and young adults.

The children, the youth, the young adults bring vigor to any scenario, any holistic situation, any equation that matters. We all must enjoy them - relish them, love them and most all protect them and better their lives.

Our San Francisco - Mayor Edwin Lee is a good friend of mine and loves the youth. He has gone beyond his duty; to create 6000 youth jobs. He knows what he is doing - because that is the way - to shine the light.

Our San Francisco Chief of Police is a good man - he sincerely cares about our youth and young adults. We are lucky to have him - and he stands by all children, youth, and young adults. We must express to him in writing and in person - how to make our City - the City named after Saint Francis Assisi the best in the entire world.

Our Director of Public Works - Muhammed Nuru is compassionate - and without much fun fare - will share - what most do not - and make good things - happen. He sincerely wants to help children, youth and young adults.

Our Controller Ben Rosenfield - works behind he scene to help our children, our youth, and young adults. Most people may not him well - but I do he is on our side.

Our City Administrator works hard to provide this City with assets and provisions to facilitate and keep things running - her name is Naomi Kelly.

Harlan Kelly is her husband and manages the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - he works with us all - and loves children, youth and young adults. You must reach out to the above to learn more, associate with them - and put your best foot forward.

Life is short and there are so many things in life that we must seek and appreciate - working hard to seek better opportunities. Helping people and putting a smile on their face. Our City leaders have huge problems to face - they cannot do it alone - we must step up and help them do it.

I am writing this so that all children, all youth, all young adults - may feel comfortable with our City officials - and seek their guidance and support them. God bless you all.

Finally our children, youth and young adults in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - need the most help - and those of you who can help - must stand up and help them on a War Footing. Aho.