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Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Make no bones about it that the United States is a great Nation - a land that first belongs to the Native Americans.

The Great Spirit watches everything - and more the palefaces - that have ruined most everything, pristine - and brought shame on themselves and the made a laughing stock of themselves.

Whatever once was pristine - the greed of the Paleface - has been tranished with sordidness.

You cannot dress hogs with pearls and accept them to be clean and pristine - hogs and filth go together - such are the ways of hogs - and today our so called Representatives - are much the same.

It is always about money - where the Federal Reserve Bank run by the Mafia - a private bank - fulfills the will of those that are dubious in nature.

The Federal Reserve Bank does the bidding of some very, very evil people - and does not have the best interests of the constitutents at large.

Our Nation has must hold its head high and be ethically and morally sound - the Great Spirit watches us all. Time is running out - and all around us - we see the signs of the times.

We saw what happened in the year 2008 with the spiraling of our economy - millions of innocent, hard working, caring and loving Ameircans - lost their savings.

These innocent people are still still undergoing the pangs of those years - and here we have the Representatives mocking them - and making it ever difficult for these innocent victims - many seniors to survive.


We experienced a catastrophe with the housing industry in 2008 - and many seniors and those living on limited income - fell prey - and many succumed to death.

The housing industry was just making a start - things were looking good - not any more - many are back to the drawing board - when will this nonsense - stop?

Our Representatives are playing with FIRE - and the IRE of the PEOPLE has reached SATURATION point.

The Health Care Program is law - and if the Representatives do not like it - they can take that as a separate issue.

The National Health Program - blessed by the Supreme Court - the Representatives - however way they see it - can debate  the Health Law and handle their business - in a meaningful way.

It is simply WRONG to penalize the constituents and shut down the entire Federal Government. Time will tell.

We keep listening to the Main Media - and we should not.

There is nothing in the Main Media - that comes close to Investigative Reporting - it is all about gossip and fluff.

We must get rid of the chaff - all these very corrupt politicians - here at home in San Francisco - Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi - fat cats who sit on millions of dollars - of illegal wealth.

They favor and are in bed with Insurance Companies, Bankers, Real Estate mongers - most of them - ZIONISTS.

The last time around the Federal Government came to the rescue of the main Banking and Financial institutions - gave them a BIG break.

Gave no break to millions of hard working Americans - who lost millions of their hard earned savings.

The financial institutions mostly run by the Zionists - are safe now - those that run the sordid financial instituttion are like fat hogs - swimming in the hogwash of corruption. No one is going after them.

Wall Street is still making the dough - while those on Main Street - have to suffer.

Watch our United States government - shut down - and our Representatives - talk from both sides of their mouth.

These Representative must be sent to jail - they have broken the law - and what is more abused their power.

Our military has been silent and the time has come for the military to step up - and do the right thing - remove those very corrupt cancer causing agents - who are embedded in our United States government.

Why did we go to war with Iraq and waste trillions of dollars?

Why did we go to Afghanistan and waste trillions of dollars.

Why did we mess with Afghanistan when the Russians were there - help outside agents - with our politicians and the Central Intelligence Agency - making trouble - when we should have been using the millions - here at home - to benefit our constituents.

One in three children in the United States go to bed hungry.

One in four senior citizens are poor and go to bed hungry.

Our educational system is failing - only the rich can afford a sound education.

Our infrastructure is in bad shape - we see it crumble before our eyes - while those who pretend to represent us - are playing with our lives.

All the people cannot be fooled all the time.

So, now in the time to vote the chaff out - erase their names - and dump them in the largest commode - flush the garbage down - and forever - forget the nonsense that was meted out to the people - the American people.

The world is laughing at us - and we call ourselves a Super Power.

You have some racist Representatives that cannot debate the President - a Black President - Barack Hussein Obama.

These racist vermin - are attacking other policies and plans - just because they hate the President.

Just because they hate - people of color.

That is as simple as it is - we have Racist Hogs trying to represent the people - while wallowing in hog wash.

Those Representing must now have their salaries reduced by 50%. They all must be given two terms to serve - that is it - two terms than take your ass and serve the country elsewhere - if you love it - in another area - not in the Senate not in the House.

The shenanigans, ploys, and machinations - used  by some make a mockery of the  law - the long speeches that make no sense - must stop - and the on going nonsense - put to an end - fillybuster or whatever my foot.

The Representatives think they are worth something - when they are worth nothing - nothing at all. Most of them are the scum of the Earth.

Morons of the first order - who go back and forth - and have created untold misery.

Our National security is threatened and what is more because of these idiots - we all are the laughing stock of the world.

How can anyone trust these Representives who have all lost their mind?

The arguments are shallow, their policies vile, their heart misplaced, their soul sordid to the core.

They say they Represent when they are selfish and wallow daily in turmoil and misunderstanding stemining from divisiveness; lack spirituality, less moral and ethics - and steep in blatant discrimination - of the worst order.

They may open the U.S. Government soon - but they have forever tainted their name and the Constitution of the United States of America.

The Constitution the Founding Fathers studied and incorporated principles from the Six Nations, the Iroquios Tribe - that practiced Democracy for thousands of years. The wisdom of the First People - the Native Americans.

Our Republic with a fake Electorial System -  with boundaries drawn to favor the Representatives - stinks of corruption and illegalities - favoring very corrupt individuals who act as law makers - when most of them should be sent to jail.

The above pandering to the lobbyists who bring them the tainted money in the millions - favored bestowed on the lobbyists who have destroyed - standards, brought in immorality and lack of standards. See what you Representatives have done today?

The U.S. Government sad to say has compromised its power - and today all of us are pawns in the hands of those that we once trusted to do good - but are busy daily - doing the devil's work.

Who will rescue this Nation? 

Who will restore law and order?

Why is the world laughing at us - our Representatives - like brats in a sand box - dirtying themselves and stuck in the muck. Aho.