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Sunday, September 29, 2013


Everyone knows about the San Francisco Arts Commission - those annointed and appointed and how millions of dollars are funneled to dubious entities - while - artists that really need the support - are left to wither on the starving - wine.

In the Bayview dubious folks mostly Black have formed a consortium - much like a Mafia Operation - where these "thugs" meet, discuss, and share the loot among themselves. Feeding on grants - that have been funneled to them - in a convuluted manner.

There is nothing holistic about the San Francisco Arts Commission - accept they are a disgrace to anything - decent. Having inferior and sordid standards - a bunch of crooks of the higest order.

Some months ago the Director of the SF Arts Commission - took junkets to Brazil at tax payers expense - in the end he just got a slap on the wrist.

Where is the accountability and transparency - and why are the City authorities - the Mayor, the City Adminstrator, others - condoning such actions.

Where is the San Francisco Ethics Commission on this one?

Artists are supposed to uphold values, standards, look favorably on ethics and follow rules and regulations.

Throughout civilization artists are revered but not the corrupt artists in San Francisco - who will beg, lie down like a little puppy dog - begging for the lean bone - selling their values and bringing disgrace to San Francisco.


The artists that get any grants in San Francisco  - are the ones who have the political clout backing them - and in San Francisco - "life style" - and who screws whom - counts on that infamous - resume and public stage of adjudication.

Take the San Francisco Sewer System Improvement Project  (SSIP) - 2% of the $ 8 Billion is set aside for art - and the money handled by the SF Art Commission.

Some formula that mandates that 2% of the project above ground - must be set aside for art - managed by the SF Arts Commission - in this case with the SSIP - a total $8 Billion. Think about it.

However, to get the money - a point of contact has been established by the SF Public Utilities Commission - and again the person who is high lighted and comes out as the "facilitor of crooked things done" - is JULIET ELLIS.

2% of $8 Billion is $120 million and again Juliet Ellis and the "thugs" she has surrounded herself are wheeling and dealing - and when the Freedom of Information Act and other California Privacy Act - are put in place - a can of worms will be revealed.

We the community have already experienced the shenanigans with the 5% set aside of the $8 billion - some $300 million - for community benefits - $150 for workforce and training  and the other $150 for community benefits - art and so on.

The buffonery going on with the  above is despicable to say the rest - people submit their grants - and only those that have connections - are favored.

I have openly spoken to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and told them - to get rid of the CANCER not only Juliet Ellis but worse than her Radaka Fox.

The ploys and machinations emiting from these two cancer rods - is disgusting to say the least.

This is San Francisco and not the East Bay - and while most of us educated - have patience - give opportunities to all - embrace all - we have zero tolerance for crooks and those that waste - tax payers money.

For over 70 years the Southeast Sector in San Francisco has been contaminated. Bombarded with particulates, depleted uranium tested at the Hunters Point Shipyard yard, fuel tanks leading and polluting the watershed, over 3000 toxic hot spots out the Shipyard - under the jurisdiction of the City and County of San Francisco - that have not been mitgated, abated, cleaned - to standards where all life is safe.

We have the Precautionary Principle on our books - but, no one follow the law. Most of all the SF Public Utilities Commission does not follow the law.

Recently contaminated soil was transported all the way from the Highway at Ocean Beach - and the contaminated soil brought and stored on SF Public Utilities Commission on Thomas Street - we brought this immediately to the attention of those that could do something. What was done - is astounding - nothing.

 Daily as most of us work hard others use the community like a dirty rug.

That is how you witness - contaminated and abject poverty - one side of the railroad - you see wealth and prosperity and on the other side - lack of opportunities and abject poverty.

In the Bayview Hunters Point area - advocates for many years - have fought for the community - especiallly the poor and the indigent.

We do what we can - but again and again we meet - folks like Juliet Ellis, Radaka Fox, Kay Fernandes, and three others - who form a team - like Ali Baba and the forty thieves.

The Bayview has been on the forefront and created the Human Rights Committee - now the Human Right Commission - that has had its wings clipped and replaced by the Contract Monitoring Committee - that has no Commission - and something stinks in Denmark.

Who makes the policy and with what authority - that the Contract Monitoring Committtee - and be a legal and function committee or sorts?

Ardent artists from the Bayview applied for grants - after all they suffered for over 70 years - and since the early 1950s have tried to put their best foot forward.

The Bayview Opera House a former Masonic Lodge built in the mid 1880s - when that part of town was called South San Francisco - was handed over to the community of Bayview.

It was cared for by community - stellar and ardent individuals like Ruth Williams after which it was named - Ruth Williams was all things to all human beings - she did all she could for the Bayview Hunters Point community - highlighting drama and other cultural forums - at the Bayview Opera House.

In recent years - some one dubious in nature has brought in the SF Art Commission - a bunch of crooks of the worst order.

White folks pretending to understand the community; more the community of color - White folks far removed from reality - and lacking CULTURAL COMPETENCY.

In the Bayview Opera House yard - live chickens roam - and it is this mentality of those in charge. Live chickens at the Bayview Opera House with children touching them - and this could be a health hazard.  Where is the SF Health Department on this one?

Has the Bayview Opera House now become a "Touching Zoo" - and if so where is the permit?

Today; unlike the years long gone less of cultural forums and high quality cutural activites - drama, opera, music, dancing, poetry, debates, stellar key note speakers who should be minorities - who are deprived from sharing the stage.

Again and again we see sell outs - mostly Blacks pandering to the Zonists - other entitites who have a hidden agenda.

At one time in year 2001 the Bayview Opera had no chairs - so I got some good chairs from the Presidio Officers' Club - some 100 chairs. Twenty or so tables. A couch the type you find in some museums - where you can sit and admire art - of which we had some at the Bayview Opera House.

I did what I could and have a letter accepting these gifts - written by the Director at that time - one Ms Bell.

The Bayview Opera House under the authority of the SF Arts Commission - has done more harm than good - and no one wants to lay down the facts - but, I think that day is comming.

We need someone at the Bayview Opera House who represents the community - not a Zionist plant.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation must now look into the grants given to those chosen few in the Bayview and one of the grants given by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to one - Bridgette Le Blanc - stinks to high heaven.

Bridgette Le Blanc is a Commissioner on the Southeast Facility Commission that is linked to the SF Public Utilities Commission - she got a grant - from those that feed her - that is conflict of interest - and she must return the funds.

Some authority must look into this situation and if this is not done quickly with a public apology - we can take this to the highest Law Enforcement and reveal the TRUTH - to the world.

In a couple of weeks Juliert Ellis will be history - but, that is not all.

We plan legal action - because Juliet Ellis and her thugs - continue to interfere in areas that they have no business - having anything to do - with.

Simply put Juliet Ellis cannot manage her own affairs.

Juliet Ellis and her cohorts -  are good at funelling thousands to Green For All and Juliet Ellis admitted to this act - an illegal act.

Juliet Ellis continued receiving remuneration - a pay - for years - from her former Non-Profit - while working for the SF Public Utilities Commission and raking - tax payers money - some $200,000 plus benefits - yearly.

Such type of behavior - mandates the highest adjudication and penalty - Juliet Ellis must be sent to jail - for a long time.

The SF Public Utilities Commission has been trying to place Juliet Ellis and dump her on some Prime Company - the likes of AECOM, URS, JACOBS - no one wants her. She stinks to high heaven - and continues to be TOXIC.

I said before and I say now - she has to go.

And with her Radaka Fox who thinks we are NOT watching her. 

Our tax payers pay her salary - and her behaviors is unwanted and unwarranted.

Want to challenge me - when I have a long rap sheet - just send me the message - and I will ready the posse.

The SF City and County of San Francisco is going to the dogs - with corruption and those in high power - wheeling and dealing.

One of the most corrupt organizations is the San Francisco is the Public Utlities Commission - it does not mean there are no good people - there are some and the General Manager has been notified who they are - and that the must be protected.

However, what the General Manager has failed to comprehend is that the cancer has to be removed - if not the entire San Franisco Public Utilities will fall on its face.

The SF Public Utilities Commission is an Enterprise Department that generates millions.

It is time that the Chief Financil Officer - who is my friend - put measures in place that offer to the general public - Accountability and Transparency.

That thugs like Juliet Ellis are kept at bay - and that her cohorts are sent packing.

Packing - because all of them continue to adversely impact - hard working, decent workers - within the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Who annoints these good for nothing - incompetent - Assitant General Managers like Juliet Ellis.

My simple advice is leave and be gone.

Worse than the devil himself - harming innocent people - while all the time - failing to do your work.

You Juliet Ellis have be found to be corrupt, you were forced to pay back the illegal pay you took and used.

What else is left to say and do - in any other City - you would have been fired, terminated, sent packing - and no one would be able to hire you.

Even now no decent campany, no decent City - will hire you - because you fail to understand on single word  "respect".

I have had a lot of patience with you - you are the worse of the worst - be gone and do not adversely impact the decent, hard working  - people - that many of us who have volunteered - to make good things - happen.

Juliett Ellis you are despicable - and even when you are drowning you want to drown others with you - decent people who do not share your very corrupt - values, and sordid behaviour.

In the interim each and every grant given to those that Juliet Ellis has anything to do with - must be reviewed by a third party - and the Federal Bureau of Investigation must look into the sordid affairs of Juliet Ellis and her cohorts. Aho.