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Monday, March 12, 2018


Decent people are restless and cannot sleep at night - more and more "  people of color " - are prone to becoming homeless - and there is no where to go.

Even if you have Section 8 - you have to go through hoops - all sorts of " credit checks ".

You must submit and reveal so much of your assets - that you feel naked,  weak in the knees - as these vultures want you to probe you so deep - they really want you to go away - while catering to others who are mostly outsiders - who have invaded our community and taken control of most everything thing.

The past Mayors and the current buffoons who pretend to represent the people and make their abode at SF City Hall - have lost their mind. The few advocates are forced to take a stand - more when those who must protect us - fail us - most every time.

I have followed 30 cases all involving evict and home closures - each case - has allowed me to delve into the existing corruption - that has reached saturation point - mostly steaming from the Mayor's Office of Housing and Economic Development (MOHED).

As you all know - the Bayview Hunters Point is the last frontier - we have so many homes for sale - that once belonged to the people - mostly people from the South - our beloved seniors - most of them of color - who worked hard and paid for the homes in toto.

Only for the sons and daughters - to sell the homes - often after taking huge loans - mostly sub-primes loans.

Leaving our communities - block after block - taken over by unsavory characters. These people come with suitcases laden with cash and buy the homes - often for very little.

MOHED and Mayor's Office - the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure (OCII) - an offset of the former SF Redevelopment Agency - that has been pussyfooting and has created this mess.

The OCII was led by Tiffany Bohee who jumped ship and went to work of LandLease - one of largest Property Managers in the Nation.

Nadia Sesay who used to work for the SF Controller Office has taken charge of OCII - she is dealing with a can of worms. Time will tell.

Those advocates who fought the former SF Redevelopment Agency will tell you - that sordid agency - adversely impacted  our community - the Bayview Hunters Point area and the Fillmore District - for a wild ride.

Those who most suffered were people of color -  including the Japanese - one segment of the population that suffered and lost the most.

Today the suffering of the people in the Bayview Hunters Point  has reached saturation point. 

Now we have the Bayview Police Station that has failed to maintain law and order - too many shootings and killing, an increase in all types of assault cases, home break-ins, care break-in.

A saturation in drug sales - more Opioid sales, prostitution, and a gamut of other infringements - that have adversely impacted Quality of Life issues.

Barbara Cockel - 
she purports to know about Black culture -
lacks cultural competency and more -
has adversely impacted the citizens of the 
Bayview Hunters Point are and District 10.

The SF Bayview Police Station - that has been inundated with many protests in the past - has chosen a Neo-Nazi who is the Executive Director of the SF Bayview Opera House - having no clue what is happening at ground zero. Her name is Barbara Cockel.

Failing to address the facts that counts -  NO focused  investigation.

Choosing a despicable White person - a slap on the face of the advocates and the citizens at large - a person who has attached the community -  honoring Barbara Cockel " as the " Citizen of the Month ".

This report appearing in the SF Bayview Police Station - on line blog that is not worth the salt.

The reporting - is drab, shallow news - with no in depth incident reports - and shabby news - failing to address Quality of Life issues - the many adverse impacts - failing the Bayview Hunters Point area in particular and District 10 in general.

We the people want to know what criterion was used - and who made this decision - to honor Barbara Cockel as the Citizen of the Month. 

This woman has called Blacks all sorts of names - when one Black woman went to request her to rent the Bayview Opera House - Barbara Ockel said to the woman who lives in our community: " we do not rent the Bayview Opera House to animals and goons ". You make her the citizen of the month - and do great dishonor to the community - no wonder the community does not trust you few - who have no leadership and cannot be trusted.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

I have reported this incident in many articles - that I send to the SF Command Group and for sure the SF Police Chief William Scott and others.

Of course as we all know the SF Bayview Police Station is out of sync with the community.

We all remember Mario Woods, others too many to name - they shoot first and then ask questions.

I have know the last 12 Captains who took charge of the SF Bayview Police Station - Captains Jackson, Puccinelli, Paul Chignell, Rick Bruce, Loftus, Robert Sullivan, Gregory Suhr, Raj Vaswani - just to give the reader some flavor. 

Our streets are no safe at day time - and I know many of the SF Bayview Police Officers - what I notice - the leaders have no clue about their own jurisdiction.

 More when it comes to  changing demographics, what is really going on at the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building at 1800 Oakdale, what is really happening at the SF Bayview Opera House - the rampant corruption that has reached saturation point.

The SF Bayview Police Station is Smithsonian in many ways - in the past I used to make it a point to sit down with the Captains  and talk to them about Quality of Life issues - I stop that when Captain Raj Vaswani came abroad - more because I am very busy myself. 

I had to move from 4909 Third Street to 5021  Third Street and I have not yet settled down. The voluminous documents and cases had to be moved - other office furniture bought - the space is small - and I have done what I could - mostly with the help of my wife of 38 years - who has been by my side. Blessings.

Recently we won our case against the SF Bayviw Opera House and the SF Art Commission that has been funding crooks some crooks at the SF Bayview Opera House who are NOT serving the community.

Money is doled out from the SF Bayview Opera House to conduct nefarious activities - and all this and more has been reported to the State of California Attorney General.

We first had to establish ourselves and prove our point - the case that we won at the SF Sunshine Task Force sets a sound precedence.

We established our case against the racist Barbara Cockel - who was given a grant of $5.6 and can only account for $2.2 million.

A White woman who has called Blacks to their face - goons and animals. Has chosen to keep out Blacks and favor outsides - using the SF Bayview Opera House as a den for Economic Development - wheeling and dealing.

Putting on the back burner the conditions set in the Articles of Incorporation and the By Laws - failing to promote cultural programs - more plays and drama - a model set by the famous Director Ruth Williams who put one 38 plays - the SF Bayview Opera House has been named after her - Ruth Williams Bayview Opera House.

Yes, this despicable woman - who has discriminated and hurt the feeling of the community at large - was honored as Citizen of the Month - linked to the Bayview Hunters Point. Go figure!

The SF Bayview Station - made this announcement  honoring Barbara Cockel " as the Citizen of the Month " - at a critical juncture - when the community is going through utter turmoil. 

Of course the SF Bayviw Police Station has NO clue - know well for pussyfooting around - using para-military tactics - have failed when it comes to " cultural competency " - progressive tactics that work " de-escalation " - " time and distance ".

The SF Bayview Police Station with its new Captain that I have NOT met has chosen to go contrary to decency, the values of our community, proven advocates, sound leadership, and what is most pathetic - lacking transparency and accountability.

The SF Command Group must step in and now learn more about what happens at the SF Bayview Police Station - enough is enough. The SF Police Chief can do only so much - the rest of you - must step up and serve and protect the people.

Stay way from the many crooks that are at the SF Bayview Opera House - wheeling and dealing. 

Why would any one have an Executive Director like Barbara Cockel that continues to discriminate - and purports she can contribute to Black history, culture, music, plays - when she has absolutely nothing to show.

Not even a simple certificate - linked to music, drams, Black history, no training in cultural competency, less implicit bias, has taken NO ethics training - she is a Neo-Nazi and has been honored as the Citizen of the Month - by the SF Bayview Station - paradoxically when she was vacating in Germany!