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Sunday, March 11, 2018


It is a crying shame - when we have those that must represent  and serve the public at large - use all sorts of ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - to hoodwink the public at large.

It is simply amazing - how many outsiders we have in the Bayview Hunters Point area - District 10 - most of those running for office - are running NOT to represent the people - most of whom - meaning the public - have NO clue that they have been taken for a wild ride.

At the Bayview Opera House -they will be holding drab, sordid - EQUITY FORUMS - at this late hour - to teach the people - who have been divided - about their " equity " - reduced to the bare minimum.

Equity dwindling every day - many homes sold - after the children of those that fully paid for their homes - took out sub-prime loans. Again and again we hear this - and those that have money - just come and swoop the homes - pennies on a dollar.

The Bayview Opera House must be about culture. Instead as someone said succinctly - the Executive Director who is in charge - " is a vulture address Black culture " - she happens to be a relative of Ruth Williams - after whom the Bayview Opera House has been named. One belonging to the current generation - who keep it real.

The Bayview Opera House should not be about economic development - more when the money generate - is kept by a few. We know who they are - and they will be exposed.

Economic Development - has never been part of the Articles of Incorporation and the By Laws. I sat down once - way before Barbara Cockel - came on board - with Calvin Hayes - and reviewed the Articles of Incorporation and By Laws.

This matter has been brought before the State Attorney General - and let the State Attorney General adjudicate the issues at hand.

This gates keep citizens of the Bayview Hunters Point  out -
well the determination will be made by the people -
the person -pushing for this divisiveness is -
Barbara Cockel - who acts like a Neo- Nazi.

 Neo-Nazi individuals - who live in subsidized housing - owing property - buying others to create - " divisiveness " - a phenomenon that has never been seen before in our community.

Where else in San Francisco can you find a White woman -  has does not believe in Accountability and Transparency - rule people of color - more Black people.

This woman Barbara Cockel calls Blacks who go to her to rent the Bayview Opera  " goons and animals ".

Has the audacity to say to their face -when they want to rent the Bayview Opera House - that it will cost them anywhere from $4000 to $6000 to rent the Bayview Opera House.

The Bayview Opera House is rented to the Board of the Bayview Opera House by the SF Arts Commission for $1. Yes one measly dollar.

The Bayview Opera House has not been audited by the San Francisco Controller's Office in years. The last audited done in 2012 reveal to many discrepancies.

This - even though the Controller's Office has been in the know - of the many complaints brought against the Bayview Opera House - and those minions in control of all the nefarious activities going on at the Bayview Opera House.

Of the $5.6 million even the SF Bayview Opera House - only $2.2 can be accounted for. Where is the rest of the money.

We have the Form 990 and other documents - and all the evidence points in one direction - some one has their hand in the cookie jar - and fleecing the community at large - our tax payers money.

Recently, on Wednesday, March 7, 2017 in room 416 at SF City Hall.

We won a case against the SF Arts Commission who dared to defend the Bayview Opera House - instead of the Bayview Opera House - going before the SF Sunshine Task Force - and revealing the bare truth - winning an unanimous ruling.

This matter goes before the SF Ethics Commission - but before that an audit will revel the truth - an audit done by the San Francisco Controller's Office.

Light will be shone on the cockroaches - who have been wheeling and dealing - treating the citizens of the Bayview Opera House with disdain. Shame on those Blacks who are sellouts.

We will bring all the sellout Black sellouts - who have disgraced their heritage - turned their backs on Civil Rights leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Others from the community like Dr. Espanola Jackson with whom I worked (who has passed away ) - others, still alive - with their heart in the right place - who are ready - to address what has NOT be addressed in a long, long time.

A can of worms will be opened -  powerful so called politicians - others that divide the people - San Franciscans - they and more will be caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

Chief of Police - William Scott -
has NO clue what is happening in the Bayview 
Hunters Point area - an increase in crime -
the Bayview Opera House must be opened to our youth -
who cannot afford $4000 to $6000 to hold events -
the Executive Director calling Blacks -
" animals and goons " what do you say about that ?

The SF Chief of Police should ask the Captain of the Bayview Police Station - how his latest newspaper - declared Barbara Cockel who has adversely impacted so many Blacks constituents from the Bayview Hunters Point - " citizen of the month ". 

Created so much divisiveness. 

At the SF Bayview Opera House - brand new gates  - have been built - costing millions - reminiscent of San Quintin and other jails.

Barring people to enter and walk on a path that we have been used for a very long time - some have walked that path for over 80 years.

We entered the space between the SF Bayview Opera House and Joe Lee Gym - to the right we could go to the Gym - and to the left visit the SF Bayview Opera House.

Who is behind all these ploys to bar people ?

 Keep decent people out ?

Who does this White woman think she is - and she is bribing people to do her bidding - and all this and more will come to an end - soon.

The Directors of the Bayview Opera House are given notice to address more questions and be direct - the same complaint sent to the State Attorney General's office.

This complaint will be sent to the Captain of the Bayview Station - so that he fully understands - that those that took on the SF Arts Commission and directly and indirectly Barbara Cockel before the SF Sunshine Task Force - filed a complaint before the State Attorney General - we have the concrete facts - much like an incident report that has all the facts - empirical data.

The duty of the SF Police Department is to serve the people - protect the people - STOP showering praises that will come to bite you SFPD in the butt. 

Declaring without full information that matters - " citizen of the month " - when Barbara Cockel continues to discriminate and abuse " people of color ".

This is an insult to humanity and more to the decent constituents of the Bayview Hunters Point Area.

The many crooks embedded in our community - are well known to the SF Police Department - who are hand in glove with those politicians - who are corrupt.

The business of the SF Police Department is to protect and serve the people - the tax payers who pay your very high salaries.

Disproportionately Blacks in the Bayview Hunters Point are treated with disdain - I call upon the Black Police Association to take this matter - seriously.

At some point come of us will address the SF Police Commission - corrupt developers are using the SF Police Department - to foster " gentrification ".

The time has come for those that are paid to serve the public at large, the tax payers who pay the very high salaries of the SF Police Department.

The SF Police Department was fast asleep when the SF Bayview Opera House was closed - adversely impacting - our Black youth and young adults - many died - those that chose to gather and hang out at the street corners - not a whimper from the SF Bayview Police Station.

The time has come to view the issues I have mentioned - with some of us that know better - no one can fool all the people - all the time. Aho.