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Wednesday, March 14, 2018


An egotistical maniac -
DT is a disgrace to the human race.

We have a President - who has NO clue - about what is truly happening all over the Nation - linked to " gun violence ".

Be it by some " mentally challenged " - thousands have died at learning institutions and elsewhere - for no reason but they were present - and a mentally deranged person - took it upon oneself to kill those present - when armed with military style - arms and ammunition.

The present White House - thinks by arming teachers - some solution can be found - in our schools. Here is California teachers do not agree - in some parts of  our Nation some teacher are armed - they are trained to use the concealed weapons they carry on them - teaching and hoping to save the day when some one will accost them with weapons - and be met with force and win. Time will tell.

The National Rifle Association - is looking at this issue of gun violence - though a tainted looking glass.

Our right to bear arms - makes no sense in today's world - accept when it comes to deal with dictators and those that want to violate our constitutional and human rights - in the safety of our homes - some safe haven that no one should be armed - kept at bay.

The United States Army slowly is being eroded - the chain of command - many of us revered - is now up for grabs. 

The Chief of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been promoted by " tweeting ".

Such actions bordering on nonsense would not be carried on before - be it - we have an egotistical maniac - who does as he pleases - and many call him their President. Go figure.

The Assistant Director of the CIA - a woman well known her for her sordid actions  - for encouraging " water boarding" - is now head of the CIA.  

The former head of the CIA has been promoted - a former General - promoted as the Secretary of State.

The Secretary of State - disgraced by an egoistical maniac - for no reason - but having the guts to call the President - some one who cannot think straight - which is a fact - sent packing home.

The President is using high ranking officials -  much like a chess board - he loves to checkmate those that he does not like - more, those that have the guts to call the President - out.

The intellectuals all over our Nation - are baffled mostly because they are NOT educated on issues.  The ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - now running amuck in our Nation - is confusing, more confounded.

In any organization where there are many levels of vetting - no one can ascend and become the head without due process - unless she or he proves his worth.

We have a President - who did not declare his taxes - to the public - but wants us to pay our taxes on ti me.

While he the President - rakes in millions wheeling and dealing - added his family members - one worse than the other.

We have a President whose mother sneaked into this Nation as an illegal person - something he knows but has not once mentioned. Yet he has disdain for immigrants - many fleeing their homeland - because their lives are in danger.

This Nation belongs to the Native Americans - and the President anyway you look at it - does not have relatives and less sound relations with Turtle Island - going back 150 years - less 100 years. 

We have a President who screws women - and thinks nothing of it.

 The President has taken on many women - who he has used as dirty rags.

The President thinks that it is his prerogative - to act a fool - well, all this and more will come to haunt him - sooner not later.

We have a President who is working on many levels with the Russians.

Putin a thug and murderer is adored by the President - if this is NOT one good reason to get rid of him - I do not what else is.

Putin recently sent his agents to poison an operative in London - such actions will increase - as Putin makes vain attempt to surround us with fear - only those with tenacity and fortitude - armed with sound spirituality - can take this evil person and those who are committed to his evil - will.

The Constitution of the United States is well written - with many checks and balances and could easily be used to remove the President from the White House and the Presidential office.

Rather than wasting - millions of tax payers money - to coral the thugs, crooks, evil jackasses who worked and work for President we call Donald Trump (DT) - more, who is laughed the world over - as a clown - be it - he is obese and acts like a - " fat pig " - the shortest cut must be taken to remove him from office - legally.

Recently - as if we did not know - a porno star - revealed how low DT can stoop - using his personal lawyer to pay the porno star some $130,000 - to keep silent.

The porno star - says she can return the money - if she is permitted  to reveal more including texts and photographs of the President and she  together - more in compromising positions -  all the while the President's wife Melania -knew nothing much - but now knows more about the sordid action of DT.

Our children, youth and young adults here in the United States and all over the world.

More here in the Bay Area - are confused about DT - the old dog that cannot be trained (DT).

Our youth and young adults must now defy the adults - who think they ( the adults ) can do as they please.

More, when they have failed us all - to implement - the more pertinent and salient aspects of our democracy - true democracy.

For sure our Senior Senator, Diane Feinstein has assured us more than once - recently she was found  giggling at the White House sitting next to DT - the deliberations - gun violence.

 The aged Senator Diane Feinstein - who wears a pace maker - and has a permit to carry a concealed weapon -  still thinks she can change DT's mind - and make good things happen.

It is for this reason more here stupid mentality - many feel Senator Diane Feinstein must step down - and has NOT received endorsement from her Democratic Party. The next term one of many - in the last two terms she has failed on many levels.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - as corrupt as she is - with ties to the Mafia - he family going back to the late 1940s.

Nancy Pelosi - still thinks she is adored in San Francisco and California.

Time she steps down now - makes her abode in Napa Valley - where she has her vineyard - while pretending to represent San Francisco - which she does not. 

Stay away from San Francisco - the land of the Muwekma Ohlone.

Gun violence is inherent in many person who are more ignorant and arrogant  - more those that feel and think that  they are superior human beings.

The same jackasses that favored " slavery " and putting a segment of the population down and in place.

Those that favor owing machine guns - weapons owned by the military - insists these weapons protect their freedom. 

They have no clue about FREEDOM.

There is freedom and there is LICENSE - abuse of freedom is license. 

Of course those that are NOT educated on issues would not know that - more if they are ignorant and arrogant - are parasites - and  a burden to society - more when they are prone to extreme violence - and seek NO help.

Those - many ordinary but astute citizens - many trained to use weapons - who are mentally competent - that can handle guns and are trained to use weapons to defend themselves.

These astute and stellar individuals -  have full knowledge - know that " para-military " tactics, and weapons are made to kill human beings - in large numbers - as in any war.

These arms and ammunitions - should not be readily available to be owned by civilians - ordinary citizens who should be protected by those that we pay to preserve and protect our FREEDOM.

This are difficult times - and daily the TWEETS by DT reveal clearly to all - that we have an insane person in the White House.

Be it  - that he is WHITE - had that person been a " person of color " all hell would break loose. Different strokes for different folks.

It is time we gather in unison - at the highest level - use our Constitution - to rid of this " egotistical maniac ". Aho.