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Saturday, March 10, 2018


The  SF Bayview Opera House -
built in 1888 - that has done so much - 
once revered - now operated by a den of thieves -
and there is more ........

Suffice - to say that the SF Bayview community has for decades fought all sorts of discrimination - worked hard to help the community at large.

Advocates, their heart in the right place -  worked hard to create the Human Right Committee that now is the Human Rights Commission. Its origins were in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Only for the Executive Director of the SF Bayview Opera House - to continue abusing the Bayview Hunters Point community for the last 4 years.

The Executive Director of the SF Bayview Opera - calling Blacks " animals and goons ".

Bolding charging anyone who want to rent the SF Bayview Opera House in excess of $4000 - $6000 for one single event.

In years pass no one demanded so much - it was a sliding scale - and often time for free. 

I contributed to the SF Bayview Opera House donating over 250 good chairs - excess property that I got from the Officers' Club the Presidio of San Francisco. I was authorized to distribute excess property to worthy causes.

Tables, couches meant for drama and plays on the stage, a custom made notice board - that could rotate - and umpteen other things of value that I cannot recall. I do however a letter from the then Director the SF Opera House - acknowledging the donation.

In the year 2002 we held a Summit on Violence - and had a great turn out - we organized the event - using our own money - and felt proud that all went well.

Advocates from the Bayview Hunters Point fought to reduce the height limits - as part of the application - to bring about change in the SF Police Department - this action made Chief Fred Lau - Police Chief of San Francisco.

The newer SF General Hospital - the gray building - was built by the residents of Bayview Hunters Point - under the Model Cities program.

Advocates went to Washington DC and got millions of dollars - with the support of Congressman Philip Burton - built thousands of housing units - led by great leaders - who applied themselves - and made good stuff happen for the community at large.

Streets were named after these leaders - when they were alive.

Many of us remember going to the Bayview Opera House - never once did we think - that we would be intimidated - that we would be charged $4000 to $6000 to organize an event.

None of us ever imagined the SF Bayview Opera House would  be closed - for over 5 years - purportedly for rehabilitation for years.

More - leading to the death of many our youth - who would go there - but instead where hanging around street corners - this action - leading to their dead.

More, money was spent to build a lousy, ugly rock garden -  a stage at the rear of the SF Bayview Opera House - very little money on the building itself - until we started enquiring about the building itself.

For years the SF Opera House was opened to the Public at Large and NO lead abatement done. Thousands were exposed to lead and other hazardous material.

Those in charge know this and recorded of work done and when it was done - can chronologically record - that what I am saying is right.

I worked for the Department of Interior - I am cognizant of the Department of Interior law and regulation - linked to any monument, building, artifacts - Landmarked - declared historic and so on.

Donations given for one purpose to help the Landmark Building that was the SF Bayview Opera House - were spent for other things - and NOT accounted for.

A grant was given in the amount of $5.6 million to the Bayviw Opera House and its Board of Directors - the Executive Director of the Bayview Opera House - was responsible for this money. Today she cannot account for the money - but, not for long - she can run but she will never, ever be able to hide.

Barbara Ockel - who is the Executive Director -
calls Blacks " goons and animals " -
has used the SF Bayview Opera - for nefarious activities.
The Sunshine Task Force adjudicated facts -
and wants to know how the $5.6 million grant - from 
the SF Arts Commission was spent - only $2.2 million
can be accounted for - and the thieves are busy covering
their tracks - they can run but they cannot hide.

Barbara Ockel who is the Executive Director - can account for $2.2 million but not for the rest - of the $3.4 million.

The Sunshine Task Force took 7 months plus - asking us for all sorts of documents - all available on line - more, where can access the State and Federal tax returns - document after documents - reveals discrepancies.

Try Guide Star - for a fee you can access more and will open a can of works - the SF Bayview Opera House and those that operate it are - corrupt.

The SF Bayview Opera House has failed to adhere to its Articles of Incorporation and By Laws.

Its mission to foster cultural values - much like it followed by the well known Director Ruth Williams - once fulfilled that mission.

Ruth Williams exceeded the criterion laid by the Articles of Incorporation and By Laws - by performing 38 stellar plays.

Going beyond that and recruiting children, youth, and adults  - many of us saw the plays - and marveled at the work of Ruth Williams.

Danny Glover is one of those actors - of national fame - that was mentored by Ruth Williams - and so were numerous others - who are now ready to testify - Truth to Power.

Do not mess with the power of the people - this in NOT Nazi-Germany. Enough is enough. 

Such shit is tolerated on the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - where all sorts of corruption and hoodwinking - is rampant.
Notorious agents - are invading the community - creating divisiveness and even working with Law Enforcement - failing to understand - some of us know more - and also have our own connections.

The people united cannot be defeated - never, ever.

We the people - read some reports - by some unsavory characters - naming a neo-Nazi Barbara Ockel -  "Citizen of the Year - paradoxically when Barbara Ockel was in Germany - on vacation.

This is a SLAP on the face of the community. 

Those that publish  newsletters must do their homework.

We constituents of the SF Bayview Hunters Point area - have stellar and astute - hard working tax payers - decent citizens.

Paradoxically we are inundated by crooks - coming from all sorts of sordid places - trying to hoodwink us in broad daylight.

Kate Patterson who represent the SF Arts Commission - who has made half-baked statements before the SF Sunshine Task umpteen times.

Kate Patterson - was stumped this time around - at the Sunshine Task Force.

Unanimously - the Sunshine Task Force voted in favor of our petition - and agreed that the missing money must be accounted for.

The SF Bayview Opera House has favored honoring PIMPS at the Bayview Opera House - never once thinking about those founders who would never, ever have approved such events.

We still have many good, decent citizens - that have not embraced the workings and doing of PIMPS - as something noble and more holistic. More, when it comes to the exploitation of women and young girls and boys.

The SF Bayview Opera House has steered away from sound, viable and sustainable cultural programs - worth the salt.

Chosen to hire shabby musicians - that are willing to accept money - but have failed miserably to perform to any standard -worth the salt.

The Halloween parties is not what SF Bayview Hunters Point  is known for - the Castro may be a place for those type of events.

Barbara Cockel keeps pushing the buttons of decent constituents who live and work in District 10 - aided by those politicians who think we are NOT watching them.

The District 10 election - have just begun  and Theo Ellington, Shaman Walton, the present District Supervisor Malia Cohen - her aunt who is on the Board of the SF Bayview Opera House, other nefarious entities like the SF Public Utilities Commission.

 Some Black sellout - who are willing to take some stale, bread crumbs - and think they can fool all the people all the time - all of them will be investigated.

Our documentation available from the SF Sunshine Task Force - will be used as " templates " - " boiler-plates " - to zero in and bring to justice - crooks that operate at the SF Bayview Opera House - faking documents - and failing to be transparent and accountable. Other like entities who operate and have been operating using the same model.

The State Attorney General will be pleased by the decision of the SF Sunshine Task Force - to expedite his decision.

The SF Controller - Ben Rosenfeld too will find it easier to tally the receipts against the $5.6  grant given by the SF Arts Commission that is corrupt as has been noted from the hundreds of complaints - many coming before the SF Sunshine Task Force and the SF Ethics Commission.

Millions more poured in and cannot be tallied - this on going corruption at the SF Bayview Opera House has reached saturation point.

We few - educated, experienced, our heart in the right place - will bring the crooks to task - and if they have to go to jail - for a long, long time - so be it.

The hand of justice much like Truth to Power - is long, time consuming, tedious - with tenacity and fortitude - those with their heart in the right place - win succeed - more with humility.

 God protects those who have their heart in the right place.

We must rid the Bayview Hunters Point - of all the evil entities and doings.

 We must be vigilant - and we must not let down Bayview Hunters Point advocates and others - who have left a legacy - and be nonchalant - as to those who think they can hoodwink us in broad daylight. 

We must fight for what is right?

Who will join us - we want decent youth, young adults, adults, seniors, those who feel they have be taken for a ride by the SF Bayview Opera House.

We must control the SF Bayview Opera House - lock, stock, and barrel. 

Neo-Nazis and Black sellouts - more who have NO sound interests in the many issues that adversely impact the constituent of Bayview Hunters - are put on notice. 

Move out of the way - you are not needed - more with your hearts in the WRONG - place.

Make no bones about it. 

We have you cornered - you that are corrupt.

We have the facts, more the empirical data. You are warned - step down and fade away.

We stand with advocates like Ruth Williams -  others decent and noble - who had tenacity, fortitude and compassion.

We stand with those that left a legacy - giving all they had for a viable and sustainable cause. 

We will NOT  stand with crooks, neo-nazi individuals - and the most disgusting - Black sellouts who should know better. Aho.