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Tuesday, August 29, 2017


The face of a crook -
corruption written all over his face -
Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
who has been raking millions - all transaction available on line.

San Francisco is well known for corruption - on August 28, 2017 - some progress was made - " to corral the crooks and the corrupt " - foremost Mayor Edwin M. Lee - and his lackeys.

These "behest donations and contributions " have plagued those profits - who go under the 501 (c) 4 category - all the details explained to us at workshops.

More when we attend the State of California - Board of Equalization workshops - only to find out that one of their Directors - and Malia Cohen aspires to fill one seat - has raked in millions. Go Figure.

At these workshops - light is shed on Non-Profits the 501 (c) 3  and the 501 (c) 4 - big difference.

The Bayview Opera House - Real Estate deals -
marketing housing - raking in thousands - all
shown by the financials - that are available on line -
for all the world to see - charging decent citizens -
in access of $4000 to rent the Bayview Opera House.

Behest donations have crept into Non-Profit the likes of the Bayview Opera House, Young Community Developers, Girls 2000 and hundreds of Non-Profit - wheeling and dealing - and making deals with the Soros Foundation, Political Action Committees (PACs) - who can bundle the donations - and aid the most corrupt wheeling and dealing - with their dark money - everywhere.

Many Non-Profits showed up with excuses - at the SF Ethics Commission meeting - August 28, 2017 - feeling strongly - their funding would be impacted - be it HeathRight360 - Glide Foundation, others who have thrived - on " behest donations " - and now find their head going to be placed - on the guillotine - their days of wheeling and dealing - coming to an end.

San Francisco City Hall - 
the stairs leading to the offices to the many -
crooked and corrupt SF Board of Supervisors -
London Breed, Malia Cohen, Mark Farrell, Katy Tang -
past Supervisors like Scott Wiener.

The above mentioned Supervisors - have never ever represent the people - the citizens.

They take this oath to represent  and do right.

Quickly they learn to wheel an deal.

The SF Sunshine Task Force - the SF Ethics Commission - has failed to " coral the crooks ".

  I am glad - after this one meeting held at the SF Ethics Commission - August 28, 2017 the next meeting in September, 2017  - will tweak the language - and hope we all will witness the crooked organizations - line up before the " guillotine " - that will weed those corrupt - lacking justice and fair play - among the so called Non-Profits 501 (c) 3 - who did not expect - this day to come and shed light - where there has been abject - darkness.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) - under the Obama Administration - has looked the other way.

The D A R K money - 
changing hands - millions fill coffers -
politicians who do not have their heart in the right place -
CBO who do injustice to the community at large.

Now, there small window of opportunity - to bring the heads of Department - who continue to pass millions of dollars - with change orders - and over head costs - to some Non-Profits.

While the decent, hardworking Non-Profit wither on the vine. 

There is a God -  justice and fair play that has been missing - now at last - has arrived at City Hall - and more in Room 400 at City Hall at the SF Ethics Commission - meetings.

The Community Youth Center (CYC) which first started in China Town and was known - has Chinese Youth Council - has changed its name - and has raked in millions of dollars.

They have a branch in the Bayview on Third Street - 4438 Third Street - their front door never open.

They have raked in millions from the City and County of San Francisco - and more from dubious foundations - such as the George Soros Foundation.

Blacks in the Bayview were used to gather statistics - and those that manage the CYC are all Chinese.

 Imagine some Black organization thriving in Chinatown - all under the administration of Mayor Edwin M. Lee - a racists and a man who is very corrupt.

Creating " divisiveness " in our community. We are watching you all like a hawk.

We all remember Dwayne Jones -
his ploys with Communities of Opportunity -
Change Starts here - that was back in 2002 -
in the year 2017 - disaster has been the case - in the Bayview.

It is the same with Girls 2000 - who tax returns - show 1800 Oakdale as their main address - the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - that is managed by the SF Public Utilities Commission. 

Aided and abetted by Juliet Ellis - the Assistant General Manager for External Affairs - and now with an added title Chief Strategy Point Person - at the SF Public Utilities Commission.

The Fair Political Action Committee (FPAC) and the SF Ethics Commission heard her case - of importance to note - she should NOT be working for SF Public Utilities Commission - still messing with people - and continuing her nefarious activities. She should be fired - yesterday.

Girls 2000 now are in the business of managing Pit Stops - better understood as " Shit Stops " - millions of dollars funded for such activities - which is far cry - from their long list - the Mission Objectives - working with the youth - more poor youth.

A far cry from how they should operate - they try to sell themselves - as working for the youth - prey on the poor, the indigent.

Those in charge - raking in thousands for themselves. Having breakfast at Tiffany's on San Bruno Avenue - wheeling and dealing.

One look at their financials - gives one a very clear picture - about our Non-Profits - which has led the SF Ethics Commission to take some action.

Coral those crooks that have bought ill fame to the better, decent Non-Profits - the many who service those that need help most - 501 (c) 3 organizations.

Here is a link that describes some of the discussion that stemmed from the Agenda Number 5 - some what convoluted - but necessary to nab the crooks and corrupt.

 The many sordid "behest contributions " - the Bayview Opera House, the Community Youth Center, Young Community Developers, Girls 2000 - gathering funds - more to better themselves - and less to represent and serve the community at large:

Time is of essence - the crooks - have been using Political Action Committees (PACs) - to bundle donations.

 Some crooked so called Non-Profits - more 501 (c) 4  - are looking forward to fight the new changes - and caught in the middle the 501 (c) 3 - some who use their Non-Profit - to fill their pockets.

We look forward to the September, 2017 meeting with the Public invited - under the title - of Interested Parties ( IP).

 I look forward to an Invitation - from the SF Ethic Commission - its new Director and Deputy Director - who have made a good beginning.

Most of the corruption of the worst order  -  begins in Room 200 - at San Francisco's City Hall - where the Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys - are wheeling and dealing.

The time has come to line the crooks and the very corrupt - and show the world - that we can deal with those that have infiltrated - the many Non-Profits - and for a fee - are teaching how to wheel and deal - leading the charge - Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys.

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