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Friday, August 4, 2017


Banners declared - Communities of Opportunity -
in the Bayview - until the wind torn the banners -
after years of bantering.

We once had stellar leaders in our neighborhoods - who understood well - what was needed to be done.

These caring leaders - brought folks together -and created opportunities and more took care of each other.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - throughout his career - has been selfish - talking the talk - failing to walk the walk - in each of the positions he has held - be it at the SF Human Rights Commission, SF  Contractor's Office.

 The Director of the SF Public Works Department - as the SF City Administrator  - and now as Mayor of San Francisco - his short term and long term goals - have been short sighted - and created - divisiveness.

The clown that is Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
spineless, inept - busy - wheeling and dealing.

The man is not a leader - he does not have the ability to bring a team of sound leaders - together - have viable and sustainable blue plans - to address " real time " issues.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee  surrounds himself with lackeys - who must bow their heads - and take orders - and he loves when those that pander - praise his ass - the man is a Joke.

The likes of Paul Henderson and Diane Aroche.

The Bayview Opera House has a Rock Garden -
unaesthetic - and out of place - and for this 
rubbish, and gate that keeps people out - where,
once there was access - $5. 9 plus were spent.

While the Bayview Hunters Point was bombarded by Asbestos Friables that adversely impacted our children, our senior and others.

Crooks like Malia Cohen the present Supervisor of District 10 - who will be termed out - were put in place to create divisiveness - in the community.

Do nothing what so ever - for those that needed help most. 

Malia is going out - and the sooner we get rid of this rubbish the better.

The Opera House has been run by a woman who is very rude - "lacks cultural competency "  she works for the SF Arts Commission.

The SF Art Commission - sees big bucks - has come into the Bayview Hunters Point community - to control most of the resources - meant for the community - working to cheat,  lie, and hoodwink the community at large.

Malia Cohen has facilitated her aunty - operating some  Art Program - favoritism.

 Children are bused in - where they are fed some and given little opportunity to better themselves.

Our children, youth, and young adults - must be given opportunities - leading to " career jobs " - as far as Blacks are concerned - at ground zero in the Bayview Hunters Point Area - nothing much is done.

Over the years and in recent months - killings and shootings have increased - not a word from Malia Cohen.

At some forum sponsored by the Bar Association - she opened her mouth and spew diatribe. 

In all the years Malia Cohen has been in office - she has done nothing to move forward  - " true community policing ".  I challenge her to a debate - she avoid me like the plague - these dumb person who is a - " political whore of the first order ".

Malia Cohen has favored raking in thousands from Lennar Urban - aka 5 Points Holdings LLP, Forest City, and any entity that will fill her tainted - campaign coffers.

She is now running for a seat linked to the State of California - Board of Equalization - I hope she stays away from the community at large - good riddance of very bad - rubbish.

 Gates are built - to keep local folks out -
we once had easy access - now facilities -
are surrounded by gates and other barriers - 
to cater to the crooks like Malia Cohen, her aunt who has
been given access to facilitate some art program at the Bayview Opera House - nepotism . Malis has event at the Bayview Opera House - to raise funds - she gets the facilities for FREE - others have to pay - big bucks to use the community facility.

It has been happening all over San Francisco be it the Fillmore, South of Market Area, District 3, District 5, District 8, District 9 - those that pander to the Mayor and his lackeys - are funded - this must STOP - now.

It does not help that congestion is on the increase - with plans now to take extreme measures - to keep cars out of Market Street - and create more problems - who will do the enforcing and how much will that cost?

The Ohlone - this is their land -
San Francisco and the surrounding area.

The sinking Millennium Tower are signs of the time. More, other - near by skyscrapers are sinking.

 These skyscrapers do not have any place in the land of the Ohlone - these skyscrapers have tarnished the skyline.

San Francisco must put a stop to the development - using too much clean drinking water - forcing San Franciscans to pay more for clean drinking water and  a sewer system that has not been rehabilitated.

 Our watershed compromised - the Carbon Footprint has increased - by leaps and bound - the Mayor lying that the Carbons Footprint is not on the increase - but it is.

The pollution and contamination is unbearable - adversely impacting our infants, our children, our youth, our young adult, our seniors - those with compromised health.

The Mayor  Edwin M. Lee - lying, cheating and filling his pockets with illegal contributions - shame on this scum bag.

The time has come for all San Francisco - to shut down City Hall - and put a STOP to the corruption and on going nefarious - activities at SF City Hall.