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Sunday, August 27, 2017


This stupid Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
has set our great SF City on fire.

San Francisco has never been known to be a place that is tolerant - some people think they can rewrite history - and those that are writing history - are mostly arrogant and very, very ignorant.

Those who have lived in this City and County of San Francisco - can go to the Main Library on Grove Street - and find all the information they need - and review the many protests - held all over San Francisco. The many injunctions put on SF City Hall - and more the SF Police Department - that has been in again and again in - " receivership ".

Fire hoses - mowed down the protestors -
down these majestic stair - more women
protestors - who won their protest -
cable cars still ply their trade because of their protests.

Many of these protests held - some infiltrated into City Hall - one particular protest to note  - where fire hoses had to be used to disperse the protestors - inside City Hall - the protesters sent tumbling down - the majestic stairs.

More women in this case - who gathered to protest against getting rid of our City's Cable Cars - that still ply their trade.

The women won in the end - and many have forgotten - that rebels - have infiltrated City Hall - many a time.

Individuals too - one  murdered  a Mayor and a Supervisor - right within City Hall.

The recent protests announced to be held at Crissy Field took place - on Federal Property -  the end result was much about nothing at all.

The protest held on Friday and Saturday - on the steps of City Hall - initiated by Mayor Edwin M. Lee - was a joke.

In our Democracy - we do not shout and bark up the wrong tree - without having the facts.

Stop calling people Supremacist when they are not - stop calling them "alt - right " - when they are not - stop talking about something - when you do not have your facts - checked out.

Please do not put the name on this City in the wrong light - those politicians who called for the protests - on the steps of City Hall - must be ashamed of themselves. 

Do not follow these political pimps and whores - they are all about themselves - are earning some brownie points - pathetic!

Here is a clip about the Patriot Prayer - and what the leader has to say - who is a person of color - so where does the Supremacist come from ? :

Mayor Edwin Lee is a racists and I have the fact to prove that fact.

London Breed is a air-head - once told former Mayor Willie L. Brown - " to go fuck off ". Such idiots who have NO etiquette - have NO place in San Francisco - more the land of the Ohlone that I represent.

Law Enforcement came out in force - all over the City and County of San Francisco - how much did this cost us the tax payers -we want to know?

Those who took a permit to hold the permit - did not want to create trouble -  they did not back off - but visited Crissy Field be it for a short time.

 Again  they did not back off - and they did  not run away from those protesting - against those that took the permit - because they had nothing - what so ever to hide - and they stood their ground.

The Saturday event on the steps of City Hall - was a JOKE. 

You just have to see the clowns who attended and how they lied through their teeth. Drab speeches none to the point - generalities - empty words - beating a horse dead - and reviving it ...

Foremost - Amos Brown - who is raising money - the key note speaker Bill Clinton attending his fund raiser - begging for $20, 000 and $50, 000 and with that type of money - to fill his coffers - you would not think that he really meant all that is meant to say - at the event. 

As the President of the NAACP  - Amos Brown loves to talk the talk - but has failed to walk the walk - all these many years.

You had  one Supervisor present - who wanted to build a house on City Property - that he acquired - using his clout  as Supervisor- conflict of interest.

Yet, he had the audacity to paint a picture that he was holier than thou. Shame on him.

Here is another angle from the Washington Post :

It is the same with Mayor Edwin M. Lee - he just keeps blurting out -  talking about the protest - where those who wanted to have the protest - had a permit  - on Federal Property - not his jurisdiction. None of his business.

Represent the people - and do the people biddings - he makes over $400, 000 with perks - and has been an utter failure and more a coward.

It is the same with London Breed - corrupt to the core - screaming and shouting - as any " thug " would.

The heifer  - having no etiquette  -  thinking she would  win San Franciscans over - has failed miserably - as did the Mayor of San Francisco.

Most of those who gathered at the steps of City Hall to speak - were losers - one woman praising her life style - apparently she felt she was the best - because she had a wife - such talk is empty - you may have a wife as a woman - but keep that shit to yourself.

She works for Hamilton House - and wanted to quote Michelle Obama - instead of quoting her right - she quoted her wrong - Michelle said when: " they go low you go high ". 

This woman who kept blurting nonsense - blew it - and proved to all - that she meant nothing at all - could NOT even quote Michelle Obama right - one simple clear sentence.

Many just pretend to know something about -  our First Amendment Right - may be so - but do not  dare say that - without at least reading  -  our First Amendment Rights are:

  1. Freedom of Religion.

  2. Freedom of Speech.

  3. Freedom of the Press.

  4. Freedom to Assemble peacefully.

  5. Freedom to petition the government for a redress of

I have met the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee in this office -  and proved his wrong.

I would love to debate him - I know he is spineless, more inept, cannot discern - is not educated on issues - and very, very stubborn.

As a leader he must know the way, show the way and go the way.
Mayor Edwin M. Lee is not a leader - he is a panderer.

There is Freedom and there is License.

Abuse of Freedom is License.

Again and again Mayor Edwin M. Lee has been involved in wheeling and dealing - many cases pending in court.

He should be ashamed of himself - riling up the sentiments - when all he had to do is allow the federal authorities to handle the situation at hand - at Crissy Field.

Much as the two gathering on Friday - August 25, 2017 and Saturday - August 26, 2017 - organized by the Mayor and his lackeys - had speaker after speaker - speaking in generalities.

Here is another clip - here the man out - and see for yourself if he is a Supremacists - an Alta - Right person - where is this nonsense coming from? :

If something is red - and you keep calling it yellow - this is completely  -wrong. The Mayor is completely off track - far left out field - in his sordid remark about the Patriot Prayer - issue.

Diane Aroche and others - his lackeys - moving in and around the podium - pandemonium reigned - in and around  the stage and the dais.

If some think -  when they utter nonsense and want us to believe it - we - who are educated will not go with the flow.

Those chosen to speak -  got annoyed, angry and started talking utter nonsense - this  in Not what we do in San Francisco - this is Not how we conduct ourselves . A circus gone hay wire.  This is wrong.

Stop bringing our youth and especially our children - make them sing - trying to divert the minds of the people.

More  - when the issue is about having your heart in the right place - speaking to the Truth - speaker after speaker was missing the point - Our First Amendment Rights.

The leader of the Patriot Prayer group - is NOT a Supremacist - he is a person of color - and has a philosophy - that allows free speech - he does not hate the Jews, the haters, all those that have their own opinions.

He is ready to listen to all.

How the Mayor got mixed up - is anyone guess - mostly probably the low IQ that Mayor Edwin M. Lee  is known to have - more since - he is losing his eye sight and mind - recently.

The Muwekma Ohlone have lived in one place -
here in San Francisco for over 13, 000 years -
the strangers - just came here in comparison -
the clueless speakers - have no clue what it is truly
means to be an - American and less a citizen of  America -
as envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

This land we call San Francisco - belongs to the Ohlone - to be precise the Muwekma Ohlone. 

Most of those present - have no clue about the Native Americans - whose land this is - the blatant discrimination - meted out to the Native Americans - right here - in San Francisco.

Up until 1927 - there were racists who could kill a Native American - remove their scalp - and fetch a meagre - $5.

Native American Children were snatched from their villages - and put in boarding schools - and brain washed - and more - up until the early 1960s.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is a racist - and I have written about his doings and can spell them out in detail.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - with intent has discriminated against people of color - more he has condoned such discrimination - from some of his lackeys - and looked the other way.

No one should bark at the people and say that they are American - when they hardly know the history of San Francisco.

The many vigilantes that roamed our City in the early 1900s until the late 1940s.

The Chinese were treated with disdain - their homes burned - in the 1940s and 1950s - and disparaging remarks made and nonsense written about them in the newspapers - all available at the San Francisco Main Library.

Chinese were incarcerated on Angel Island and many of us know this history - and I have written about this history.

The Chinese built the railway and given no credit.

The all Black - Buffalo Soldiers - accompanied the Pioneers to California - some 500 lie buried at the Presidio Veterans' Cemetery - Mayor Edwin M. Lee would NOT know about this and more. He is busy - trying to win brownie points at this late juncture - before he leaves - San Francisco - without leaving a legacy.

London Breed harmed our children in the Bayview Hunters Point area - with intent - backing Lennar Urban a " rogue developer " - who bombarded a large area - with Asbestos Friables and put thousands of infants, children, youth, young adults, adults, seniors, those with compromises health - in harms way.

Again and again she has been caught - wheeling and dealing - once even meeting a FBI informer - with her side kick Malia Cohen - another good for nothing politician.

Again and again at City Hall - as the President of Board of Supervisors - others and I have told President of the Board - London Breed - that she is not fit to be a leader - and less the President of the SF Board of Supervisors.

We decent  San Franciscans do not tolerate political pimps and whores - as I have mentioned - above. 

America once better known as Turtle Island belongs to Native Americans -  so when the clown from the Hass Foundation - claims that we mostly immigrants - must do this and that - those are just sweet - nothings.

He attended an event - and did not even know the facts - people came with checking on the facts - this time around they are opening a can of worms. Wait until the facts come out.

I would like to see all the speakers - who attended the event - spend just 4 hours - help to evaluate the plight of the homeless - and spend the thousands of dollars spent on Law Enforcement - the stage and sound system, other things - amount to over $300, 000.

We can ask for the accounting under the Freedom of Information Act -  the SF City and County - will procrastinate -  believe you me - a can of worms will be opened.

Much as we have opened a can of worms - at the Bayview Opera House - where the Mayor Edwin M. Lee and other - are involved in illegal activities.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has no morals, less standards - and absolutely NO - ethics.

This Mayor when asked to contribute to the Safety of San Francisco - contribute some little money to the Blue Panel created to address the wrong doings by the SF Police Department and related issues with killings and shooting - refused to spend a single - dollar.

Three judges on the Blue Panel chastised the Mayor Edwin M. Lee and those in his office. A disgrace to the human race - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - the sooner he steps down the better.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has contributed to congestion of the worst order in San Francisco - the deaths of our poor and indigent - and has NOT blinked an eye.

Very high rents - leading thousands to leave San Francisco.

The pork faced - Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
a crook of the first order -
Enough is enough -
the Main Media is fast asleep at the cockpit.

In short Mayor Edwin M. Lee and the SF Board of Supervisors have compromised - Quality of Life issues - all over San Francisco. More the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee is a coward - when we came to City Hall and shut it down - we exercised our First Amendment Rights - we knew the issues - the Mayor did not.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee  ran away - his fucking tail between his legs.

I challenge him to debate me on any topic - even at very short notice.

This Mayor has NOT read the Constitution of the United States - he does not even know the rules and regulations as required by Chapter 67. 25 of the San Francisco Administrative Code Section 6256. 

Believe me a can of worms will be opened.

We have empirical data - and we can bring this rat down - in court - and shame him and his family. He has been committing all sort of atrocities and adversely impacting - thousands.

Scott Wiener - started his speech -
by stating he is a Jew - we know that by his nose -
talking about injustice done to the Jews in Europe -
what has that to do with America and San Francisco -
Jews in San Francisco - have been raking in billions -
failing to be good citizens and always talking about Hitler -
Gypsies died in the thousands, so did Catholics and others -
we do not bring such issues up -
more when it is NOT - pertinent.

Those attending these event - are mostly sell out that have been receiving bread crumbs - except the Jews who get the bigger grants - and talk from both sides of their mouth. 

One of them Scott Wiener - a Senator from the California Assembly - talking about Hitler and what Hitler did to the Jews - calling himself a proud Jew.

 Be an American first - and STOP talking about Europe - you and others like you - have messed up America - that is a well known - fact.

And in Israel we still have to resolve the Palestinian issues - they keep stealing land - cutting down Olive trees thousands of years - use cluster bombs to kill innocent civilians. 

Use superior jets and ammunition and bombs - supplied by the United States of America. We the United States give Israel billions of dollars - and have been given them too much money - for decades. This nonsense must STOP.

In all our Mayor Edwin M. Lee has spent over $400, 000 our tax payers money - more because the man cannot discern - and has lackeys - who agree with him - just to massage his sordid - ego.

He has less than 18 months to go - good riddance of very bad rubbish.

Who is in charge of spreading rumors - wasting thousands of dollars riling up hatred - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has failed on this issue - on all fronts - and there is more to come. Check out his video from the leader of Patriot Prayer - who is a man of color :

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