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Saturday, August 5, 2017


It is simply amazing to see the Mainland Chinese - coming into our neighborhoods - and gobbling Real Estate.

Down town San Francisco  too - worldwide trillions of dollars - have been invested - by the Chinese from Mainland China - poised to take control of the destiny of cities and those that live there - who then have to deal with - gentrification.

Here is San Francisco - the SF Planning Department has just got up from their slumber - when it comes to " rental housing " that some " corrupt forces " gobble up - and then use for other purposes.

The Academy of Art University - has gobbled up thousands of  sound " rental units " - for years - and then converted these units - to dormitories.

To house " foreign students " - who are promised rooms - but on arrival are  given a bed - and have to share the space with ten to fifteen students.

Other amenities like a kitchen, a bathroom, storage space - are all shared - and while we and more the SF Planning Department could have done something - for over 14 years - we have done - nothing at all - adjudicating this issue - with the Academy of Art University.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
has set our City on Fire.

Once these rental units are removed - these units are gone forever.

Thousands of San Franciscans who could be accommodated - and who could have contributed to our great City - have left - with heavy hearts - never to come back  - again.

The SF Planning Department - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee, and the SF Board of Supervisors - have been slow - to do anything at all.

I brought this matter - linked to the Academy of Art University - 14 years ago - and today - after all these years - the SF Planning Department - is pussyfooting around - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - others are in the pocket of the movers and shakers - linked to the Academy of Art University.

The Certificates this sordid so called University use to issue - is no more recognized. Foreign students have lost - millions of dollars - and on this front and other humane fronts - the City is quiet.

It is so expensive to live in San Francisco - that the students - more female students - from the Academy of Art University - have forced the students into prostitution - and other nefarious activities.

This one singular issue - has tarnished the name of San Francisco - and Mayor Edwin M. Lee and those that advice him -  and know about these pathetic issues - are to be blamed. 

Those endorsing such crimes - those putting the student in harms way -  must be brought to book.

With thousands of rental units - gone from the market - we now have the Chinese from Mainland China - buying homes and depriving local citizens - from purchasing homes.

 Forcing many families - to leave San Francisco - never to come back - to San Francisco.

Such tall buildings have tarnished -
the SF skyline - and brought about congestion -
and high density living - we must evaluate -
what is happening with San Francisco - 
more when the " Big One " strikes anytime now.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has been pandering to the " developers " - and with large corporations - giving them tax breaks - allowing these large corporations to ply buses on our roads - contributing to the rise in the Carbon Footprint.

 Giving the large corporations - other breaks - when it comes to building permits - and the on going paradox is that - the so called " expeditors " - linked to the Department of Building Inspection - are the Mayor's point people who are selling out our values.

The Muwekma Ohlone -
the First People of San Francisco -
this land - each and every square inch -
was stolen - and the time for restitution in now.

This is Ohlone land - and no one has given the SF Planning Department nor the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - permission to use this land - for purposes that are not holistic - and more to defy - Quality of Life issues.

The San Francisco skyline is not what it looked like ten years ago.

The height limits - defy the state of affairs - and we see that with the Millennium Towers - and other buildings - defying liquefaction and severe flooding - and falling prey to these forces.

It is just a matter of time - when one of the skyscrapers - will NOT be operable - if the building tilts a lot - the elevators for sure will not work.

The windows will be jammed - and those who live in these condominium - having paid $ 2 million to $ 10  million - will lose everything.

Those who have been adversely impacted - could sue the owners - the project developers - these matters take years in court.

 Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is taking  things lightly - having no heart - a greedy bastard - acting  as a snob with that mustache - looking like a fat hog.

More - waiting for his term to expire and disappear. The man is all about money.

Putting the lives of thousands in harms way - our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, seniors, the physically and mentally challenged - those with compromised health - others - all of them in peril.

In the interim our SF Board of Supervisors - are encouraging those that are on Opioids and injecting heroin and other drugs - catering to areas - where they can do their " dirty deed ".

Encouraging those that are high - to put their needles in some can or box - many of them are so high that they continue to litter the streets with needles - and more those that are so high - that they get belligerent.

Now, on MUNI we have these folks - so high and filthy - sitting down on a seat - stinking to high heaven.

 Then  everyone who is on that row - on the MUNI-  get up and stand for a while - then most get out of the MUNI bus - and hopefully wait for the next MUNI bus.

Hoping against hope  - that the next MUNI bus - does not have these " junkies " - who have NOT had a bathe in months.

Decent San Francisco are leaving San Francisco.

Even if you have Certificates of Preference - to apply for some so called affordable housing - the forms you fill are long - and you cannot have more than $63, 000 on your account - for a family of two.

 Other factors - that point to the direction - of you being an indigent - is the only option  - in order to use your Certificate of Preference (COP).

When those Victorian homes and other homes were taken by the SF City and County - the former SF Redevelopment Agency - took them all under " eminent domain ".

 The racists and the former SF Redevelopment Agency - did not compensate those that were adversely impacted.

 Now, after 30, 40, 50 - years - they use bait and switch - and try to fake - those that need help most - those that need a roof over their head - trying to get help - given the run a about.

As a matter of fact - there are hundreds with Certificates of Preference  - who today are sleeping in tents - on the Streets of San Francisco.

The Chinese are here - they have NO conscience - we have allowed them to come to the United States  - more the Democrats - the Obama regime - giving them opportunites - for investing here in the Untied States - issuing them EB-5 Visas - other incentives.

All the while NO one is paying attention to Quality of Life issues.

No one is measuring the " Stress Factor " - that is making so many sick - the Hospitals now are looking at your insurance - and if you - do not have good insurance - they will play with you - you as a person - become - expandable. Many land on the street and die a slow - death.

We have just to look at Saint Luke's Hospital - reduced to 29 beds - and NOT a whimper from Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who continues to wheel and deal - and will suffer - he has BLOOD on his hands.

The Mayor continues to take junkets - once even forcing a airplane to turn back - because he lied that he had no health problems - and had a chronic eye problem.

 He would have had serious health problems - serious issues - the plane was turned around - and he was saved.

The Mayor fails to count his blessings - but the next time around - he will have to say - good bye - and forever hold his peace.

The dynamics of these gremlins - coming from Mainland China especially - and buying Real Estate in California - is unbearable.

 The economic adverse impacts - have forced thousands to leave San Francisco - for other areas.

 Some head for far away areas - other States - where you can buy a home for $ 200, 000 - that will cost you $ 1 million plus here - in San Francisco.

This is Ohlone land - and the Ohlone - gave no one permission - to polluted and contaminate the land - and for sure not Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who is a very corrupt person - who must STEP - down - now.

Muwekma Ohlone Warrior  -
the Ohlone have lived continuously in the San Francisco -
and surrounding area - for over 13, 000 years.

I represent the Ohlone here in San Francisco - and know what I am talking about.

 Those folks that have no compassion, less empathy - should not associate with San Francisco - and factors that adversely impact its growth - more Quality of  Life issues.

It is better you devils leave - and seek your sordid fortunes - else where. Aho.