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Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Power to the people -
the people united - will never, ever be defeated

This is Ohlone Land - Mayor Edwin M. Lee has NO clue - the thousands of innocent people - he has adversely impacted - by his fake polices - congestion, very high rents, the increase in crime.

Our failing education linked to our youth and young adults, acute care compromised - acute care patients - bused out of City and County of San Francisco - the meagre 29 beds - being operated at Saint Luke's Hospital. Our Quality of Life issues are being adversely impacted on all front. Why?

The BS going on in Room 250 - the once August Chamber - where meaningful deliberations took place - are now reduced to patting the behinds of the SF Supervisors - most of them lacking common sense - and all of them " spiritually bankrupt ".

Leading the charge for their stupidity Malia Cohen, Kathy Tang, Mark Farrell, London Breed, and Ahsha Safai.

The above have failed to represent - one trying to acquire private property using his powers as the Supervisor of District 11 and more. Failing to seat on is chair and listen to the public are Public Comment - we the people pay your salary - and we the people can remove you from office and will.

London Breed from District 5 as failed as the President of the Board - ruling in like some fiefdom - hailing from the hood. Her rude behavior and the manner she conduct herself - demands some trying in " etiquette " - she is ignorant and more very arrogant.

Malia Cohen in her early days - 
now corrupt - a " political whore " .

Malia Cohen from District 10 - is so full of herself - that each time she opens her dirty mouth she shoves her dirty foot in. She is now is preparing to run for a State position - on the California Equalization Board - having being unequal in representing the constituents of San Francisco - and more District 10.

Katy Tang represents District 4 - where in her District - whoring has increased and in much demand  - $40 a pop - for full service. She shredded sensitive information - in her office - and declared that she had failed to archive such important information - yeah!
What else in new?

Mark Farrell has paid a fine - cheating to win his seat - charge by the SF Ethics Commission - but also the State of California - Fair Political Action Committee. From the start - this man has been - dishonest - and with all his Jesuit training - he is a farce - and should be ashamed of himself.

Our infants, children, youth, young adults, our seniors, those with compromised health, our physically challenged and our mentally challenged - have been adversely impacted. Many of them cannot receive quality health care.

The increase in reparatory diseases, in heart diseases, tumors on the increase - one of a kind - mostly near the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point.

Our hospitals - do not know - what to make of the increase - even as " hospitals " - do not want to provide " actute care " in San Francisco.

Rents are on the increase with 60% of the those that rent - pay 80% of their income - $3300 for a one bed room - $4800 for a two bed room.

Those holding Certificates of Preference - have been waiting for over 30 years - and much is made of the few who are taken in - and given rental units - Certificates of Preference - by the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure  (OCII) - who is fooling whom.

Amidst all these - the Chinese from Mainland China - are walking the streets - putting up advertisements - ready to buy homes - with hard cash.

More, with NO enforcement by the City and County of San Francisco.

Real Estate ploys, machinations, and shenanigans are gone amuck  - and there is NO singular City Department - ready to step in and do something. Entire blocks sold - what is happening?

MUNI buses now stink - with so many entering the MUNI buses - having not take a bath for months  - this is health hazard. Ed Reiskin - better step up and do something.

The crime on the street level has reached so high in San Francisco - that no SF Police Station - can keep track of the increase assaults, shootings, and killings - some of these case - are put into the category - of " under investigation ".

Hog faced - Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
wheeling and dealing - failing to represent San Franciscans.

In the interim - our Mayor Edwin M. Lee has been wheeling and dealing - he has with " INTENT " - set our City and County of San Francisco - on FIRE .