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Sunday, August 6, 2017


The Ohlone - the First People -
of San Francisco and the neighboring areas -
they have lived here in the Bay Area 
for over 13, 000 years - continuously.

San Francisco they say is a progressive city - our so called  environmentalists in San Francisco - more, the institutions and foundations - embrace environmentalists - world wide.

More, so called contributors to the betterment of our " environs " - worldwide - favoring them with prize money - and kudos that are very much appreciated - by those that acknowledge, accept - and thank those institutions and foundations from  San Francisco - for their kindness of sorts.

San Francisco and the neighboring areas is Ohlone land - and all over the Bay Area - are the Shellmounds - Sacred Burial Sites of the Ohlone - much like acupuncture points - that heal the Earth.
Few know about the Shellmounds - more those that are racists - but also happen to be very ignorant and more arrogant.

The anthropologists, archeologists, ethnohistorians - those that look at life and more the origins of human life - have admired the Ohlone.

 Admired their way of life. As I said they lived in this area we call San Francisco - and the neighboring area - better known as the Bay Area - of over 13, 000 years. Records of the Ohlone language - paintings by European artists - artifacts found - all lead to conclusion that the Ohlone lived a prosperous life - with abundance of a variety of nourishing food - and a pleasant climate.

A majestic Ohlone Warrior -
we have many paintings and recordings -
of the Ohlone - and have learned more recently -
after all the genocide - where one could murder -
Native American until 1927 - and fetch a measly $5 -
for a scalp - those that stole the land - have BLOOD -
one their hands - and the time for restitution is now.

300 years ago - here in the Bay Area - the Ohlone - did not have to deal with polluted air, contaminated ground, respiratory diseases, heart diseases - other diseases.

The diseases and pollution  and more - the abuse of our eco-systems - that evolved and allowed the Ohlone and other Native American Tribes the Pomos, the Miwoks, the Piutes, others - to live a healthy life - has now been destroyed.

The strangers who now live in San Francisco - have no clue about the Muwekma Ohlone.

Not long ago - I met a doctor - an eye surgeon and she was astounded to know - about the Muwekma Ohlone.

Dr. Debra Gill who works for the Kaiser Hospital - a Health Maintenance Organization. Dr Debra Gill does good work - blessed as a good surgeon - operating and restoring eye sight to many who are grateful.

I met a scientist who spends months - in Greenland - here in San Francisco - we spoke over lunch - he spoke about his work - taking care - of seeds - seeds gathered from all  over the world - preserved and protected in Greenland.

These seeds are gathered, preserved and protected - with great care - the Scientists acting as guardians of this Seed Bank - climate controlled -  just in case - there is need for these -  one of a kind seeds - that have survived - for thousands of years - to be introduced back to the site of location.

This has been done in some parts - in the Middle East.

As part of our conversation - I mentioned the Muwekma Ohlone - and the Ohlone in general - and he was amazed - that they lived here in the San Francisco - area - for over 13, 000 years. 

He was aware of the Dinosaurs living in this area - the Bay Area - extinct  large birds - the likes of a large flying bird - Pelogornis Sanders - like skeletons - have been found - in the Calaveras Area -  skeletons of the Dinosaurs right here in San Francisco - we make nothing of these finds - because we cannot connect the dots.

In the Bay Area - thousands of Shellmounds - hundred recorded -  - hundreds of Ohlone remains have been found too.

When an Ohlone died - the clan would spend months mourning - as as part of these ceremonies - the Abolone Shells accumulated - heaps and heaps of them - at the sites - were the rituals and mounting ceremonies took place. Some Shellmounds large - like the one destroyed by the Emeryville Shopping Center - today a large Shellmound sits intact - at the San Bruno Mountains - south of San Francisco - by Brisbane - for those that want to know. 

Pterosaurs - 33 feet wingspans

Closer to home skeletons have been found of one of the largest 
flying birds at Calaveras - here in the Bay Area - Pterosaurs - shown above with a wingspan of 33 feet. Now featuring at the Natural Museum of Sciences - Golden Gate Park.

Here is how the scientists believe a Pelogornis Sanders - might have flown:

More and more those that are greed - love to focus on the dinosaurs, the large extinct birds - making fantasy movies - but staying away from the indigenous people - because this fact - disturbs the bastards and the kin - the murdered fellow human beings - in their ignorance and arrogance - and do not want to admit the crimes - the BLOOD they have on their hands.

The Oakland Museum and some other places - have made some vague attempt - to bring to life - how the Ohlone lived - but surely more has to be done - so that - soon they are NOT forgotten - with all the skyscrapers, the pollution, the contamination, the congestion, the stress factor - the many chronic diseases - and more the kind of people immigrating to the Bay Area - selfish, greedy, and very, very self centered and more spiritually - bankrupt.

The chronic  implicit bias permits the mostly Whites - to rewrite history - to suit their own whims and fancy

The most demeaning - their mentality - where they presupposed they only earned the status or title  of  " human being ".

Of course -  most people of color - were not-human - looked upon with disdain -  making room for a more clear distinction -  for sure -  Blacks were not human.

The above nonsense still prevails - and as more and more attempts are made to address - " implicit bias " - it still reigns supreme - among those who think their - " shit don't stink ".

The Carbon Footprint in San Francisco - has increased by leaps and bounds.

The thousands of acres of poor landfill - with Methane spewing -  in the Southeast Sector - is mind blogging - some 1 million tons plus - of Methane gas - from 4th and King to Geneva Avenue - one ton of Methane Gas equals - twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide.

Recently studies have shown - that the way we figure out our Carbon Emissions - more in our large cities - is totally defective.

Cumulative impacts must be taken into account - in the cities - millions of gadgets are used - most of them made in far off countries - and this singular fact - in not included as part of the Carbon Footprint - and more dangerous contribution to  emissions worldwide and contributing to the increase in the Carbon Footprint.

Many cities think - that only industrial emissions - at the location - need to be counted - that is not so. 

Much like contamination and pollution - that can be carried by the wind to far off places.

We saw this with Chernobyl - within days - we detected the nuclear emissions - as far as here in North California and Oregon - astounding scientists and today making them all the more aware - of such happenings and conditions.

Once all over the Bay Area - the rivers and streams - were pristine  - 300 years ago - no more.

 The oak trees were found in the thousands - in the Bay Area - all gone.

So were large tracts of Redwood -  " old growth forests " - cut by the greedy bastards - we know who they are - but lack the guts to point them out.

These bastards must be called out - their faces posted in our Post Offices nationwide - they and their sordid families.

Again and again - the crooked human beings - use those convoluted " models " to state what they want to state.

Those amassing the many gadgets - bring a price to the fore - pollution and contamination - even though - in the short term - these luxury goods - give them pleasure - mostly at the expense of others - in far of countries.

Here in our back yard - the Ohlone kept our Bay Area pristine for 13, 000 years plus - only for those that are greedy and embrace pollution and contamination - to destroy the pristine environs.

We now want to cover up the crimes - of the polluters  - and create models - that far from giving us a true picture - on the increase of  the Carbon Footprint - cheat us into thinking - that all is well.

Never mind we have an increase -   all sorts of chronic diseases - respiratory diseases, heart diseases and more.

The stress factor up the roof,  our infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors - those with physical and mental challenges - others - suffering.

The environs - hurting the above - and bring them closer to the end of their life span - their  demise -  earlier not later.