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Thursday, August 31, 2017


The Chief after my own heart -
Chief Sitting Bull

We travelled from San Francisco to North Dakota - to the land of Chief Sitting Bull and the Lakota. The Black Hills stood before us and sent shills  to those that had their heart in the right place.

The many treaties signed by those that speak with a " forked tongue " - have now been reckoned by deluge and other calamities - never seen in recent times - and there more to come.

For the first time - Donald Trump - has seen on land and people that he adores - who are used to cheating, lying, stealing, polluting - fracking, hurting Mother Earth with millions of gallons of fossil fuel.

Importing " tar sand " - and extracting oil - pumping this filthy, stinking, product miles away from Canada to the shores of Louisiana. 

The land and people smitten with atrocities and calamities - deserving of their sordid actions  - taking the innocent down with them.

The Great Spirit sees it all - and many eyes will be open and they will see light - for the first time in generations.

Water is Life 


Water is life - and the Native Americans - from the days when America was better know as " Turtle Island " - respected Mother Earth.

The Native Americans - took little and kept more - for future generation.

Not so the greed, unholy, despicable, scum of the Earth - those the speak with  " a forked tongue ". They want it all - and their days are numbered.

Water sustains us - and clean water in today world - is vital to survive and live a health life.

Judging from the rampant pollution and contamination - has bought about harm - adversely impacting - the " Ozone Level ".

Increasing the  " Carbon Footprint " - Climate Change and Sea Level Rise.

One frame caught earl on -
speaks for itself -
such pictures of Hurricane Harvey -
have been etched on the minds of millions.

The emissary Hurricane Harvey - which means " iron" and " blazing " - sent this message - as only Mother Earth can.

Chief Joseph - 
loved his people - those that were evil
must repent and pay restitution -
and signs like Hurricane Harvey - are calling for justice.

Notice not a whimper from President George Bush Sr - his son George W. Bush - the others in that family - who most probably have take refuge in Florida - or some haven - reflecting on their evil deeds - the invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, creating turmoil to sell arms and make money.

Iraq's infrastructure to this day - is not working - and so it is - right here at home in Texas and elsewhere - where those evil who invaded other countries  - all with ulterior motives - to rake in billions of dollars - stealing oil - trading arms - and creating havoc that has now visited Texas and there is more to come.

That snake that carries fossil fuel -
the North Dakota Pipe Line -
will meet its death - by calamities -
never seen before.

I have said it before - that such calamities will come - to those that most played a part - in harming Mother Earth.

Right now - large areas have NO clean drinking water - more where Hurricane Harvey touched ground.

We do not rejoice in such happenings - more, that harm done  to the innocent - is not warranted.

On the contrary - we humbly for them - even as this seems paradoxical to our mind and more our senses - we are influenced by deep spirituality - the Great Spirit see it all. Aho.

We ask to review the actions of those who made their abode in Texas - yet, went fishing in other areas - to steal, cheat, rob - speak with a fork tongue - thinking all would be well.

The harm done by Hurricane Harvey - is just one single clarion call.

Hurricane Harvey  - was NOT predicted - but when it announced itself - within 24 hours - it cause the damage - it has caused - and left its impact - for history to be recorded.

Hurricane Harvey that has sent a very strong message - now, imagine - if stronger hurricanes strike - one after another - and it will.

Houston, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin - the many cities and towns that are submerged - bodies are now found - and with that dead animals - furniture, cars, fridges, other heavy material - floating all over the place - a mess.

It took years to fix the harm done by Hurricane Sandy - it will take 30 years to fix the harm done by Hurricane Harvey.

A magnitude - a 500 year storm - inundated in access of 54 inches - in places in a couple of hours - over twice the average rainfall we receive in San Francisco - in one full year.

Quanah Parker - Comanche

This land all of it - every square inch - belong to the Native Americans - not the " greedy " those that speak with a forked tongue and NOT to be trusted.

Donald Trump is a vagabond - so was his Mother - and yet he has risen to be the President of the United States of America - he is the " laughing stock " - of the world.

America will weep - and the sins of those that have adversely impacted the  innocent - will target those that are " evil " - and their sins will be visited - on this Earth.

More - during their sojourn on this Earth.

"Make NO bones about this " - reflect on these words -  within 6 months - other more powerful calamities - " will hit those folks that have harmed the Native Americans ".

Signs of our times -
calamities that make us reflect -
why the Great Spirit has so deemed such horrors -
the answer is simple - R E F L E C T I O N .

To those that have lost all 
we feel your pain - more those that are innocent
infants, children, youth, young adult, mothers, seniors
in times like this - the innocent too partake in the suffering
brought about by the very - evil - the Great Spirit wills it all 
brought about by - those that speak with a forked tongue.

The Great Spirit has spoken 
now is the time for drastic change 
in proportion to the harm done to Mother Earth -
fracking, pumping fossil fuel - practicing greed
cheating, lying, stealing - this must STOP
this clarion call - is just one of many warnings.

Our heart must be in the right place 
we have but a short time - to do right
we cannot take anyone to a better place 
unless  - we have our heart in the right place
the Great Spirit sees it all  - all the day of one's life 
the Great Spirit mandates -  be good to Mother Earth.

Our Great warrior women and men -
more indigenous - have left their mark of good deeds
then came the strangers - the scum bags of this Earth
with intent they killed the Buffalo for their fur
wasted meat - rotten flesh fouling the Earth 
Mother Earth - is here to stay - the others will vanish. Aho.

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