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Thursday, August 3, 2017


The Bayview Opera House -
once a Masonic Lodge - built in 1888 -
the area was called South San Francisco.
The building was donated to the people - and for years -
the people took care of the building - I know this for a fact.

Some of are very grateful to Ruth Williams - who left her legacy by saving the Bayview Opera House - more after the 1966s riots.

The community has collected signature and wants an plaque placed on the wall of the Bayview Opera House - something that does not require much to be done.

I understand the Department of Interior rules - regarding Landmark Buildings - and this small request fits well - and meets the Department of Interior - criterion. 

I worked for the Department of Interior - and more at the Presidio of San Francisco - that has hundreds of Landmark Buildings.

Calvin Hayes, Dr. Espanola Jackon, Shirely Jones, Kevin Williams - others too many to name - who did all in their power - to serve the community at large.

There are others - who cannot stand the nonsense coming from the Bayview Opera House - Board of Directors - trying to impede progress and folks that lack Cultural Competency.

Hundreds are now ready - to come together - to deal with the ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - some House Negroes - selling out the community. We know who they are - and they all put on notice.

The Army Reserve was called out - during the 1966s riots - complete with tanks on Third Street.

A 17 year old Black boy - Matthew Johnson - was shot and killed by the POPOS - Jack Shelley was the Mayor of San Francisco - a Racist - much like the one we have at City Hall today.

This link if for Mayor Edwin M. Lee to check out - do not say I did not warn you - this is the clarion call - pay heed or forever told your peace - as narrated by Thomas Fleming :

The Army positioned themselves with guns - on one side of the Bayview Opera House Oakdale Avenue and on the other side Newcomb Avenue. The tanks on Third Street - the above link says it all - for those San Franciscans that must know the past - to understand the present and the future. Enough is Enough.

Guns were positioned by Third Street  and guns fired at the Bayview Opera House -  hundreds of rounds fired - while some took shelter inside the Bayview Opera House - laying on the floor - many of them protesting the shooting of a young Black boy - who was killed by the POPOS.

Millions of dollars have been spent to rehab the Bayview Opera House - no one knows how much - some estimated as much as $15 million - from 2002 to 2016.

Once assessable - there is a gate - that keeps 
anyone from entering on the side - a route most of took -
getting off the bus at Palou or on 3rd Street -
 crossing the Mendell Plaza - 
some of us would go visit the Joseph Lee Gym  -
the rest of us would enter the Bayview Opera House -
from the side door - we did this for many years.

This gate - a barrier - reminds the community of the wall that Donald Trump wants to build on the border of Mexico - but here in the Bayview - by the Bayview Opera House we already have - a wall. 

It must come down - and those that lack cultural competency the present Director who is on the take Barbara Ockel - better pay heed - you are not the Masta - nor are you going to conduct yourself - as a slave owner.

More the Board of Directors sitting on the Bayview Opera House Board -  including some House Negroes - who have learned nothing - nothing what so ever - from history. 

Selling out the community.

The community must audit the books and find out how many millions of dollars have been wasted - for this monsterous gate and a drab rock garden - that has NO place in front of this Landmark Building over $ 7 million were spent.

From 2004 to 2015 - the Bayview Opera House - was closed for renovation - over 60 youth were shot at - and many died.

Many of the youth who visit the Bayview Opera House and Joseph Lee Gym - their lives could be saved - but the were not  -
facilities much need during Summer Time - were shut - putting the lives of many youth in harms way - someone has BLOOD on their hands.

Malia Cohen the present SF Board of Supervisor from District 10 has been raising funds - holding events at the Bayview Opera House - as if it were her house.

I never saw her around from the year 2002 to 2015 - doing anything - worth the salt.

No one in the community respects her - she knows this - but the sell out that she is - she should go away and stay away. Taking large sums of money from Lennar Urban aka 5 Points Holdings, LLP - Forest City - other entities from far off place - acting as the Political Whore that she is.

In the year 2002 - I donated over 150 good chairs - from the Presidio of San Francisco - Officers Club - tables and other much needed furniture - so that we could use it at the Bayview Opera House - for some functions - conferences, and other meetings.

We held several conferences - one of them the BVHP Conference - On Crime Prevention - May 31, 2002 - Peace on the Streets, Mutual Responsibility and Mutual Respect.

Then Supervisor Mark Leno was kind enough to donate a huge banner - that we displayed - to the community at large.

The many visitors that came from all over San Francisco admired our tenacity and fortitude.  Many supporters from the neighboring towns and cities - in the Bay Area.

We invited those leaders from Compton - who shared their stories - while - we broke bread and shared what we could all do to bring about peace on our streets.

For the nay sayers - we have videos - hundreds of photographs - on all the events we held.

Theo Ellington - an upcoming House Negro -
he is the President of the Bayview Opera House Board.

We never saw those House Negroes who are hovering in and around  the Bayview Opera House - more who are on the Board  -  some one like Theo Ellington - who I invited to meet me - but has NOT got to me. Time will tell.

Barbara Ockel - 
the Executive Director -
who is very demeaning and rude -
she can screw around Pacific Heights.

We all knew at one time Calvin Hayes and others worked with the community - through a Non-Profit - I have the documents - then some one took over the Bayview Opera House  - and we could find out more details - from a former Bayview Opera House Director - who was removed from her post.

Replaced by Barbara Ockel - who is not a good fit - for the Bayview Opera House and very rude to the people - this must change.

Recently Barbara was bold enough to hire an entire crew of White people to paint a nearby building - giving no one from the community - people of color an opportunity. 

This mentality must change - even if she needs a brain transplant.

I have got so many complaints - that my heart is heavy - I have never seen - these so called House Negros including Malia Cohen - helping the people that need help most. They for sure talk the talk - but cannot walk the walk.

The rock garden is ugly -
right at the side of this majestic landmark -
such an atrocity would never, ever be committed -
in any other neighborhood.

There is " rock garden "in front of the Bayview Opera House - that has been renovated. This " rock garden" - aesthetically - does injustice to the Landmark Building.

Dogs, cats, birds - have a great time - using this " rock garden " as a " pit stop " - and on occasion a drunk and others - who want to relief themselves.

The Bayview Opera House has been highjacked by the San Francisco Arts Commission. 

They have formed a Non-Profit - and demand 20% of the profits on bids - already raking in thousands in donations, contributions - going to them - supposedly to rehabilitate the Bayview Opera House - but money lands in their pockets.

 Aided and abetted by Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who is a seasoned crook.

Not one single community meeting was held - to inform the community at large -  about the change of hands - the taking over of the Bayview Opera House by Barbara Ockel and those nefarious entities that back her up.

We have documents about the first Non-Profit formed - nothing much about meetings to form such an entity - to control our community at large - outsiders - lacking sensitivity - and demeaning the hard work of so many - for so many years - with NO assistance form the City and County of San Francisco.

This City and County of San Francisco - has with " intent " - fostered - blatant - G E N T R I F I C A T I O N . 

She is there to do the bidding of others - who are more interested in enjoying the benefits - from the more than $7 billion that will be expanded - and 2% of this amount goes to the SF Arts Commission - raking with corruption.

Over and above this sum - the Non-Profit linked to the Bayview Opera House - is positioning itself - to receive 20% on some bids - and this is illegal.

The SF Controller Office must look into the details - and interview those from the City Departments who work with Barbara Ockel  - and those from the Mayor's Office - who are participating in the hoodwinking - of the Bayview Hunters Point community at large.

Even when an event is held - at the Bayview Opera House - and sponsored by the SF Public Utilities Commission - there is really no one from the community - present. 

I attended one event -  some months ago - where I saw Malia Cohen - and spent some time talking about " reality " - and what truly transpires in the community -  with some one who has integrity - Mr Lemons Abrahams - who is a consultant to the SF Public Utilities Commission. 

Again and again the same sell outs - I do not want to name them - I do not want to tarnish this article.

These gremlins want money for nothing - they want money to do  fake outreach - how can these people do any outreach - if their heart in the NOT in the right place?

Hundreds of signatures are collected to place a plague on the Bayview Opera House - that would not exist - if it was not saved by Ruth Williams.

The Landmark Commission must be aware of this fact - and the opposition coming from Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys - who are NOT respected in the Bayview Hunters Point area.

No one wants to see the repeat on the 1960s riots - work with those that have their heart in the right place - and do right.

This link gives a clear picture of the 1966 riots that will revise again - if better minds - and folks with their heart in the right place - do not do the right thing. Do not say you were NOT warned: