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Sunday, August 13, 2017


The City and County of San Francisco - has with " intent " - slowly but surely - polluted, contaminated, and with intent poisoned thousands of innocent tax payers citizens - living in the Bayview Hunters Point - in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

You all have BLOOD on your hands.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - in San Francisco - and this is a clarion call - do not say we did not warn you all.

You stole this land - each and every square inch. The time for restitution the time for making right is - NOW.

More,  the filthy rich and those politicians that are vying to climb up the ladder - when they have failed to represent the constituents that most need help. Two of them House Negros that will go nowhere - now busy doling money - to seek favors - London Breed and Malia Cohen.

Malia Cohen with Willie L. Brown Jr, -
surely this says it all - wheeling and dealing

The People united - will never, ever be defeated.

At this time over $7 Billion in projects - more the Sewer System Improvement Project - are in the pipeline.

 The timelines and goals were set - when it comes to the Digesters - some $2.9  will be expanded - there has been no movement . Tons of talk but no walk.

The matter comes before the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - promises made - but nothing is in the offing.

Tons of time to choreograph - bring in Interns - who are not educated and read out statements - not based on facts - and more lacking empirical data. 

Interns NOT educated on issues -
have NO right to speak on issues -
that will adversely impact the community -
their charge is to get a sound education - and graduate.

The primary purpose of these interns is to graduate - not point out to the community what the community understands best.

More - when most of the Interns - have NO real stake in the community. We have NOT seen these Interns - in the trenches and less where there has been - meaningful deliberations. 

Do not put the Intent is harms way - that is what some of those in charge are doing.  This is a warning to you all  -that use the Interns - like some dirty rag - and will toss them out - at any opportune moment - in the near future.

The Task Force established - demanded 5% of the amount - the general figure linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project - some $7 Billion dollars.

The $350 million dollars - is now being sought by vultures - positioning themselves - some from the Bayview Hunters Point - House Negros the likes of Linda Richardson, Veronica Hunnicutt, Malia Cohen, Sophie Maxwell, Walton Shaman,  Dr. Churchwell , Dwayne Jones,  Juliet Ellis, Sam Murray,  organizations like Young Community Developers, Baycat, Girls 2000 -  others -  none of them have the best interests of the community at large.

We never ever saw the above - when  we led a movement and won - Stop Lennar Action Movement (SLAM). The Bay Area Air Quality Management District fined Lennar Urban a rogue developer - $515, 000 and the crooks - paid the fine.

We have never seen these sell outs - who have and keep receiving millions from the City and County of San Francisco - and failed to spent them is the " right manner ".

An audit will prove right - what I am saying.  These organization as does the Tabernacle Group - and Poverty PIMPS mostly Black pastors - the likes of Calvin Jones, Aurelious Walker, Amos Brown - none of them have peace of mind - and two of them - on their last leg - plagued with strokes and moving around - like the - " living dead ".

The State Water Resources Control Board - the Environmental Protection Agency, other Regulatory Agencies - have already addressed the serious violations - and put in place " mitigation measures '.

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to read the mitigation spelled out in detail by the State Water Resources Control Board - revisited - again and again -  ordering that City and County of San Francisco to follow the mandates.

Sufficient notice has been given - and we do not want to waste time - we can rally thousands - and our demands will be made in Court.

The community demands " restitution ".

Please do not mess with the Muwekma Ohlone -
this is your first and lasting warning -
decent citizens sleeping on the streets of San Francisco -
the filthy rich flushing Hetch Hetchy water  into the Bay -
much of it - half treated - contaminating -
 the air, the land and water.

The First People of San Francisco - the  Muwekma Ohlone - understanding the land was stolen - each and every square inch - have spoken to the City and County of San Francisco - most of whom that live here - and are strangers .

The Sacred Remain desecrated  - the Shell Mounds - where lie the " Sacred Remains " tampered, destroyed and as I said  -desecrated.

I have had a lot of patience - but this time around - those that are culprits - will be dealt with by the community - the sell outs better watch out - and step down and get out of the way.

This nonsense - selling the community again and again - and thinking - this is the right thing to do - when is it the worst possible to imagine and less act in like manner  - has taken the community - to a state of emergency - all around those needing help most - are slowly dying - starving and dying.

The air is polluted in the Bayview Hunters Point - the stench - from the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - unbearable.

Even though a Proposition in the year 2002 - mandated that the Phelps Raw Sewage Plant -  be upgraded - and the stench that spews out - from the Digesters - addressed - the stench - curtailed.

Today in the year August 2017 - the situation - is the worst ever.

Half treated sewage - spewing into the Bay - under some rosy name - called " secondary effluents " - who is fooling whom. We have the test results - and that is all the Courts want - the empirical data.

The mandated Proposition A 2002 - stated clearly that the sewer as well as the clean drinking upgrades - had to be addressed - the SF Public Utilities Commission - after the Bond Measure was passed - stuck to the clean water upgrades only - and named it the Water System Improvement Project - blatant  discrimination with " intent " -  against the people of the Bayview Hunters Point Area. Time will tell.

Read this - it make interesting reading:

The State Water Resources Control Board  - adjudicated right - but today the order signed January 22, 1981 - is in stalemate.

The order states the amount in the millions - most of it wasted by those in charge - the community is now told that they will have to wait - until some fancy campus is built - by newbies like Juliet Ellis - who is corrupt - and who was fined and told to give back the $200, 000 she funneled to Green For All - some corrupt organization in Oakland - our money - meant for our community - more the Bayview Hunters Point community.

Anyone can under the Freedom of  Information Act ask for a copy of the mitigation - just quote Project No. C-06-1099-030, Southeast Treatment Plant Mitigation - and read the mandates for yourself.

The time for action is now - and we are going for the jugular - so the mostly Black sell outs -  get out of the way. We have the facts - more the original documents - the empirical data - and most importantly thousands have signed the petition.

Sellouts better do not ask to sign the petition - you cannot choose to have it all - you all already made your pact with the devil.

As for the SF  City and County of San Francisco - they had done harm with intent - and have deep pockets - and must now pay their dues - Dennis Herrera of City Attorney, Naomi Kelly the City Administrator, Ben Rosenfield the Controller, the very corrupt Mayor Edwin M. Lee - it is time he be charged by the RICO ACT - and a copy of this article will be sent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation - Environment Division. 

Also, the Department of  Justice - Racial Discrimination and Civil Right Division. Enough is enough. 

The many so called Environmentalists in San Francisco - have also  failed to address the " INJUSTICE  " - in the Bayview Hunters Point area - the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.