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Thursday, August 10, 2017


A joint meeting was held - at the Southeast Community
Commission Facility Building - 1800 Oakdale Street - 
those members of the Southeast Commission -
failing to have a quorum at the start of the meeting -
the Citizens Advisory Committee to the SFPUC - having a quorum -
a dog and pony show - lacking empirical data - 
facts that count and make a difference - missing  from the presentation.

No one can  " hoodwink " all the people all of the time.

Let us try this one - " there is no way - all the people - can be fooled all the time " - this nonsense that been tried before - and failed - miserably.

In life you must be " truthful " - the SF Public Utilities Commission is known to tell " lies " - and conduct itself in a dubious manner - with intent  providing " information " - that cannot be backed by empirical data - facts count.

To show a good example to the youth - adults must NOT tell lies.

If adults are educated - the must NOT with intent - provide half truths and false premises - to our youth - and think for a second all will be well.

In the year 2000 -  a Proposition was passed by the tax payers of San Francisco - mandating the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) - to upgrade the clean water system and the sewer system.

Over 1100 miles of clean drinking water pipes more than 80 years old then - and consequently 1000 miles of sewer pipes - also over 80 years - the urgent upgrading Mountain Tunnel - very near the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir - more the entire Hetch Hetchy system - need upgrades - to face the impending large earth quake - fondly called the " Big One ".

Just like that the SF Public Utilities Commission - chose to deal with the clean water system - that they now called a fancy name - the Water System Improvement Project - and the sewer system was left to die a slow and painful death - much like some withering vines.

Never mind since 1960s the residents close the Phelps Sewer Treatment plant - have been suffering from the Sulphur like stench,  chronic respiratory diseases - heart problems - and a host of other diseases - all well documented by the SF Health Department, the Environmental Protection Agency - and hundreds of Environmental Groups.

Those adversely impacted with intent - must be made whole. This is not understood clearly by SF Public Utilities Commission - and so a Law Suite - well document - will resolve all the issues - in the open - and is in the offing. Watch out - enough is enough.

Some clown from New Orleans - who 
has NO sense of history - and heads the 
Community Benefits for the SFPUC -
needs to have his head examined.

In the 1970s - the cross town tunnel was planned - but when it came to the execution - the neighborhoods - mostly Whites - did not agree for the tunnel to pass through their community.

It was fine for those in District  2, District 3, District 4, District 5, District 6, District 7, District 8 - to have their waste - their sewage travel all the way to the Bayview Hunters Point - for the residents of the Bayview Hunters Point - to suffer adverse impacts - all these many years.

Huge pumps would be placed - to facilitate the Cross Tunnel Project -  " that would move millions of secondary effluents - clear across the San Francisco - from the Southeast  Phelps Treatment Plant.

The hostility was intense - that those who are in the late 80s and 90s still remember those days - and recall the feuds and blatant racism. Of course those presenting some nonsense today - have NO clue - for the simple reason there were not around. Especially this clown - from New Orleans - hired by the SF Public Utilities Commission - who must be fired.

In the 1980s the Southeast Community Facility Commission was built - with Commissioners sitting - the one kind all over San Francisco.

The result of the " Community " fighting hard for a building - to foster education for our youth and young adults. A mitigation process that has failed the community because the SF Water Department was slow to implement the Manifesto - and in 1996 when the SF Public Utilities Commission took over - the situation became worse.

Those attending the August 9, 2017 meeting - were mostly -
not from Bayview Hunters Point -
the photographs are there to prove the point -
hundreds of them - many close ups.

At one time the 1800 Oakdale which is the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - had courses where nurses could be certified, there were culinary courses, young women could learn tailoring skills with certification.

Youth were tutored in the proper manner, young adults, and adults - learned many skills - and were employed and when on to building careers - as the Southeast Community Facility Commission - and the staff - took their responsibilities very seriously.

The Green House were suppose to provide Horticulture and other Green services - at that them these concepts were ahead of their time.

The main purpose to bring in income - and create a  sound " scholarship fund ". This concept never took roots - as corruption slowly made its way - and this fungi spread as wild fire - eroding all that once was good.

The " Green Houses " three of them - each paid thousands - no one can account for the money. Recently each of the owners on were given notice - and offered $100, 000 to move away to another location - that they had to locate to.

The 1800 Oakdale facility - became so corrupt in the 2000s - that one person resorted to leasing space and pocketing the money. 

She was fired and debarred from having anything to do with 1800 Oakdale - and was present at the meeting held August 9, 2017.

City College was invited - and is there today - and other entities that did good work - evicted - while those with hidden agendas - came in - and continue to create - " divisiveness ".

Dr. Espanola Jackson and I - on many instances - had to visit the warring parties - to bring peace - and explain to them why the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building existed.

One of the worst Directors, Toye Moses - the Director of the Facility located at 1800 Oakdale  was - who was present at yesterday's meeting - held at the 1800 Oakdale site - August 9, 2017.

At times the elevators would not work. The community room was given a new floor - the tiles popping out - that work had to be done again.

Much like the upgrade of  the Facility - bid for $ 1 million - that cost the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - $1.6 million - the many amendments done - under the leadership Juliet Ellis - who know nothing much about construction - and less about being a sound Project Manager.

Great care was taken to invite -
the interns and their families -
to showcase some training of sorts -  time will tell -
that has nothing in writing and it not mandated
to provide " career jobs " for these youth.

The Bayview Hunters Point has had some great leaders who truly cared for the people - Dr. Espanola Jackson, Alex Pitcher, Shirley Jones, Ruth Williams.

All of the above and others - to many to name - these leaders gave their life - to do right by the community.

 When one does right - one does not lie,  fabricate,  cheat - create convoluted concepts that reveal one thing - but lead to another - mostly adversely impacting the community.

This has been the history of the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - note the word - " COMMUNITY ".

We saw some with ulterior motives -
the ones creating divisiveness - 
they attend to see what is there on the platter -
to be offered to them for free.

As much as the advocates who have the best interests of the community - we have others - who work against the community at large. Selling out the community - taking stale bread crumbs - and failing to see - the larger - picture. More the good that must come to our community - historically treated with disdain - by the City and  County of San Francisco.

These sordid folks - in the minority doing major damage - want money to be given them on a platter for free. This nonsense must STOP.

Others who are known - to be corrupt - attending the meetings - failing to contribute - but quick to attack those that are working for the community.

God watches all - and the work must go on - we must connect the dots - make the necessary reports - documented by photographs - and bring succor to those that most need - help.

The Sell outs - the House Negros are well known.

They will be called out - the decent constituents of the Bayview Hunters Point are fed up - we cannot take this on going nonsense any more.

Time to post their mugs - of the Sell Outs - on the street poles of the Bayview Hunters Point.

That message will be clear and precise - and the cancer can be eradicated - quickly and promptly - as it must.

Those that organize - 
make sure some food is provide -
" croissants " at dinner time ?
There were pork ribs - and greens - and more -
Some people eat - and quickly - forget to represent the community.

The Southeast Community Facility Commission - has played an important role - in the BAYVIEW HUNTERS POINT COMMUNITY - and I have attend hundreds of meetings - all these many years - all documented.

Today most of those attending - have no clue about history.

 Less about those that the fought hard for the community - Dr. Espanola Jackson is turning in her grave.

 We two sacrificed a lot - time and money - and our representation - that many speak off - but few dare to represent - more, because they are NOT educated on issues.

Karen Kubick is the Project Manager -
and is surround by people who are NOT truthful -
this is a clarion call to her -
do not follow those - that do not have the best interests -
of the community - we are watching you all - like a hawk.

The digital world does not favor most in the Bayview Hunters Point. What favors those that have lived here for over 50 years - are focused discussion in  small groups -  talking to the people - in simple terms.

As much as many would like to believe that the Bayview Hunters Points cannot represent - that the people residing in the Bayview Hunters Point - know nothing at all - on closer scrutiny -  you all will be in for a great surprise. 

The first Human Rights Committee was formed in the Bayview - later it became the Human Right Commission.

The mitigation for the 1800 Oakdale was totally formed by the Community - hence the inclusion of Community in the name - Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - at 1800 Oakdale Street.

Through the ModelCities concept - the Bayview Hunters Point - played a role - on building the newer SF General Hospital and many clinics. People fail to recognize such major feats .

Ruth Williams saved the Bayview Opera House - only for some idiots to bring hurdles - and fail to encourage remembering her good work - when a " plague " was suggested to be placed on the wall and honor her. If  Ruth Williams did not save the Bayview Opera House - the Opera House would not stand.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee a racist - must make note of that. Stop fostering racism - Mr Mayor you are not a leader - inept and spineless. 

Do you want to debate me - bring it on.

Please to do use ploys, machinations, and shenanigans to - fool the community - there is a movement - and  the people are fed up - so pay heed. This is a clarion call going to you - take this warning very seriously.

 " Hell fire " will break out - reminiscent of the 1960s Riots - and you all that think you know so much - will fall flat on your face.

The youth did what they were told to do -
facilitated by mentors - who have no clue about the rich history -
of the Bayview Hunters Point -
I know the leaders of the Institution that is mentoring the youth -
"no good will happen on a foundation laid - that is not truthful "
our youth must be trained to " discern " - 
these are college bound youth - young adults that must be educated - education mean sound information - empirical data .

I was forced to speak to the youth - at the August 9, 2017 meeting - and give them some sound advice - I encouraged them to have their facts right - and consequently  their " heart in the right place " - to go to a better place.

Our youth have not read the Draft Environmental Impact Report   - linked to the Swear System Improvement Project - that is a must.

The youth heading for college must know the facts - the many issues that impact the upgraded Sewer System Improvement Project.

The new plant - will generate chemicals - that will impact the Bay - and the SF Public Utilities Commission fails to comprehend - and many astute San Franciscans - will not tolerate chemicals - that can cause more harm - than already exists.

The Weirs are in disrepair and the damage done to the environment - is a crime - I repeat a crime.

Others came to witness who speaks the " truth " -
so it was not all  " bad " -
the JUST - will be there in court - when the plea is made -
for fairness, justice and fair play.  Aho.

Our combined sewer system - was NOT created for a population that we have today - in such  small area 49 square miles - which once had 56 hills - and has a population of 630, 000 today.

The 3 Treatment plants - the one at North Point, the one by the Zoo at Ocean Beach and of course the one in the Bayview in a residential area - the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment plant - situated at  750 Phelps Street in the Bayview - surrounded by residential buildings.

The more than 1100 miles of sewage pipes - many older than 80 years and leeching into the watershed - and contaminating the ground.

On any normal day - with any rain - our dual sewer system - treats over 80 million gallons of sewage - the end result called secondary effluents - that are pumped in the Bay.

On any rainy day - the Phelps Sewage Treatment Plant - treats over 600 million gallons of water.

 There have been several occasion that salt water - be it - NOT in large amounts - have entered the treatment plant - because of the impending sea-level rise.


   The people most impacted were NOT present -
the demography of the Bayview Hunters Point -
has completely changed - Latinos, Asians, Polynesians -
for sure - NOT present - at the August 9, 2017 meeting -
 they all pay their " sewer taxes " -
no meaningful outreach - done - to the community at large.

I have thousands of photographs taken over 30 years - the many meeting that I attended - and just in researching this article - I am astounded - how many articles I have written about the Phelps Sewage Treatment Plant.

The lack of facts - presented at yesterday's meeting - at 1800 Oakdale - the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - is a disgrace to the human race.

General Manager Harlan Kelly -
he has been appointed to lead -
more to leave a legacy - he has five years now -
and may be more. God willing.

Understanding the problems that would issue - 6 years ago - I envisioned a plan to create a facility to address " career jobs " - and to provide the community at large - facts - by having small meetings.

A facility such as envisioned above - at 5 Thomas Mellon Circle - where I have an office. That building is now slated to be demolished to build - condominiums - the signs of the times

It took us three years - to build the facility - equip it with fast Internet - good furniture - all sponsored by SF Public Utilities Commission and more Manager Harlan Kelly.

 Something I could do in a month at the Presidio of San Francisco - took 3 long years.  Back and forth - back and forth - it is like pulling teeth and with that your hair.

We got the space at 5 Thomas Mellon Circle - and after 3 years - lead by Scott Hanks and Jae Ryu my partners - the SFPUC Contracters' Center was inaugurated - not a word of acknowledgment to Scott Hanks, Jae Ryu, and I - that is how SF Public Utilities works.

After the inauguration of the Contracting Center that has since moved to 150 Executive Park - from 5 Thomas Mellon Center - very little is done in term of career jobs.

 Except this one program facilitated by Young Community Developers - which does not have a sound track record - having had past Directors like Dwayne Jones - who were corrupt. The many audits - that found millions of dollar missing.

The Home Depot was forced to hand over $75, 000 for Workforce - and no one knows how that money was spent.

Home Deport sold their permit and plans to LOWES on Bayshore - and they too had to fork out - more money - as much as another $75, 000 and no one knows - how that money was spent.

The Task Force was created and it was agreed that 5% of the $6 Billion - linked to the Sewer System Improvement project would be set aside as Community Benefit - $150 million for Workforce and another $150 million for outreach.

Juliet Ellis she must step down -
corrupt to the core - and devious.

Juliet Ellis the Assistant General Manager for External Affairs - funneled $200, 000 to the East Bay - to an organization called Green For All - where she served on their Board. 

A case was filed - and the Fair Action Political Committee - that  fined her - and she paid the fine. She should have been fired - but still works for the SF Public Utilities Commission.

The SF Ethics Commission endorsed the decision of the Fair Action Political Committee -  a renowned - California State Agency.

Here are the transcripts of the SF Ethics Commission - adjudication - in the matter of crimes committed by Juliet Ellis with intent - funnel our SF money to Oakland - with intent:

Juliet Ellis still hangs around - and the woman must be fired - for being unethical, lacking standards - and what is important to note - immoral.

Muwekma Ohlone Warrior

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco -  hundreds of Shellmounds - Sacred Sites - containing Sacred Remains - will be impacted as a result of the Sewer System Improvement Project. Time to call a spade a spade. Aho.