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Tuesday, December 23, 2014


There is an inherent disease among some Blacks the likes that I have mentioned above creating confusion in our communities.

Pretending to do good - when the above mentioned crooks - are exactly what they are - crooks and up to no good.

I have mentioned a  few and there are more Linda Richardson, Naomi Kelly, Doris Vincent, Bridget LeBlanc, Nandine Burke, Vernonica Hunnicutt, Kimberly Brandon, Malia Cohen, Sophie Maxwell, Lola Whittle and the list goes on and on.

All Blacks and all despicable to the core.

San Francisco demands good representation.

 Not pretending to represent - while pandering to the crooked, the Zionists, prime companies like URS, Webcore, Nibbi, Cahill, Tutor Saliba, the John Stewart Company and others that are know to fleece, steal, and get what they want on a platter.

Waste and steal on tax payers - money.

As long as Willie L. Brown Jr the former "thug" Black Mayor of San Francisco has a say in anything that smells - green - we are in deep trouble. San Francisco is worse off - because of this one crooks that has destroyed so much good in San Francisco.

Do not think that Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein and her husband Richard Blum, the Fishers, the John Stewart Company made their money the right way.

All of them belong to the Pacific Heights Mafia - the Federal Bureau of Investigation has tons of nefarious material on them - but, they continue to use "political grease" to carry on their nefarious activities - in open defiance - and think they can get away with murder.

The worst segment of the San Francisco population are the Blacks - the criminal elements - who continue to speak from both sides of their mouth.

Saying one thing and doing another, stealing, cheating, petty thieves, shooting, murder, and  and involved in all sorts of shenanigans - shame of them.

You would think the Blacks learned something from the Civil Rights Movement - they learned nothing, much.

You would think for once - the Blacks would ponder - they would walk in the foot-steps of Frederick Douglass and other Black leaders that I admire.

These House Negroes - must be ashamed of themselves. The only legacy they will leave - is that they will be know for the deals they made and continue to make - behind close doors - the have BLOOD on their hands.

I have kept quiet for a long time -  I have a lot of information that I will reveal on many levels at many forums/

Most of these I propose to reveal on the National and International Level - one needs to do this - soon.

We have crooked folks like Van Jones, Fred Blackwell, Tiffany Bohee, Kofi Bonner, Juliet Elllis who could have done well - and represented - each of them has chosen with intent - to work with the devil.

This is Ohlone land - meaning it belongs to the Native Americans - all of it - every square inch.\

You would not know that from all the ploys and machinations going on in Room 200 - under the jurisdiction of Mayor Edwin Lee at City Hall.

Many of the above crooks I have mentioned above - do the bidding of our Mayor, Edwin Lee - who should know better and has a track record of "utter corruption".

More - from his days working at the San Francisco Human Rights Commission, the Department of Public Works, the City Administrator and now the Mayor of San Francisco.

This is just a clarion call - when you have been following and monitoring and gathering information - for as long as I have been gathering information - one can release the information at short notice.

This is is not easy for those who are NOT educated on issues have no history.

In short the Blacks of San Francisco have only themselves to blame with their "crab mentality". Failing to unite behind the good and the truth - and always taking the easy way out - "what is in it for me - mentality and attitude.

The Unfinished Agenda, the Out Migration document on Black in San Francisco - point to the on going cancer, fungi, sordidness of a kind - we cannot brush aside these issues - and shove them under the rug.

The same crooks getting the grants, the outreach, Blacks that do not live a good and just life the likes of Dr. Churchwell, Al Williams,  Amos Brown, Calvin Jones, pastors who pretend and fake that they do care - for the sheep but care only for themselves.

Stoop low to wet their filthy tongue in lust and care little for what they say they aspire to do for the flock. They are all in "hell" now - now on this Earth.

I have attended over 265 Black funerals - no more - this crime that has baffled many is the work of the "devil" - by minions who worship the devil.

Many of these "thug" are good friends of those I have mentioned above - the all were "jail birds" one time - friends of jail birds - birds of a kind that flock together.

Nothing good come from these vermin - these folks -  to put it simply in precise words, are - spiritually bankrupt.

Do not get me wrong - I know the Brothers and the Sister - that count - not only among Black, but among the Asian, the Latinos, Whites, what have you - among the Native Americans - among those that count.

I represent the First People of San Francisco and that is all that matters to me. This land in Sacred Land - not what it has become - the Tower of Babel - fornication and sordidness endorsed at City Hall - a den of thieves.

Where is the sound representation? How can one represent if they are Spiritually - bankrupt? Aho