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Sunday, December 21, 2014


London Breed and Malia Cohen - the District 5 and District 10 Supervisors FAIL San Francisco - when it comes to Community Policing in San Francisco.

Community Policing affects everyone - Blacks, Asians, White, Native Americans - everyone.

Right from the on set both London Breed and Malia - know precious little about Community Policing.

For sure both their District have had the majority of shootings and killings - affecting Blacks and because both of them are Black first; and San Franciscans second - have a subject opinion that is their to keep - it will bring about their down fall.

Anyway you look at it - in San Francisco - we, the constituents have followed the process - and have included the "best practices" when it comes to Community Policing. Both London Breed and Malia Cohen have NOT been part of this process - ever.

San Francisco was ahead of its time - with the process of Community Policing, several details documents, PERF, and so on. Did our Mayor implement the process - that questions need to be answered.

As Supervisor Eric Mar stated both Malia Cohen and London Breed - love to jump on the bandwagon - long after most everyone has jumped on it - on this matter of the Memorandum of Understanding.

When these two Black women - not educated on issues - join any forum, any deliberation - they insist that their point of view - be head first and accepted.

This simply will not happen in San Francisco.

More when London Breed - states for all to hear that she " does not care what others say" - she will do - as she pleases.

This one singular statement - reveals to all concerned - that she is NOT a team player - and in San Francisco - will NOT succeed.

Up until five years ago - our San Francisco Police Department did not have the software - to electronically - query incident reports.

8 years ago we had computers - that could not run - a software - that was worth running - forcing the Federal Bureau of Investigation - to stop sending information - because in the end - nothing much was forth coming - from SF Police Department - monthly, quarterly - reports.

Asked to provide - under a certain subject - for example homicides.

Further to query the software to query all Blacks killed - say from 2004 to 2012 - then further asked the software to give you the location - further the status of the crimes committed or non committed - prior to the Black victim being killed.

Such simple and direct information and other pertinent information - would take ages.

This is not so with the Federal Government and more the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) - their computers, their software - and their access to queries of all kind - far exceeds, is very precise, and pertinent to anything available - even today at the SF Police Department.

It is not as if Chief Gregory Suhr is not trying - it is has been our Mayors past and present - who have NO clue about incident reporting - and other reports. Far less all our SF Board of Supervisors have been on board - preferring to be arm-chair critics.

Can you imagine Supervisor Jane Kim making a statement that NO criminals records annually are available in our Nation - be it on Blacks or anyone? 

Such statements belie her ignorance - and further reveal the stupidity of our SF Supervisors - who talk too much - and who have clue - about Community Policing - and Incident Reporting.

Way back in 2002 some of us took upon ourselves to address Community Policing - putting together - over 20 pages of of how we could achieve this. Nothing happened.

All the Mayors from Art Agnos to Gavin Newsom dropped the ball and so did Mayor Edwin Lee.

Some years ago - we had no way - to know how many Police Officer and Police employees we had working for the San Francisco Police Department.

Some said around 2000 - others said more. All this in San Francisco - an area that is close to the "digital world" and home to the state of art - computers.

5 years ago - the Federal Bureau of Investigation could not communicate with the SF Police Officers - on the streets - with their laptops. The laptops were primitive - and the software - outdated.

It is all about having our communications and communication equipment - in order.

Some years ago - when the Federal Government wanted us to revamp our Radios - that were primitive - and lacked broadband - here, was Jane Kim giving the presenters - a hard time.

Can you imagine - all the talk - about just a simple 'Resolution" - a Resolution is NOT binding.

The Resolution - is not law - and now - London Breed wants to have a hearing - just to prolong the process.

Procrastinate and joining her the Bayview Political whore - who no one respects - Malia Cohen.

Blacks form just 4% of the population of San Francisco.

Blacks contribute to more killings, shooting, and other crimes - then any other segment of the community in San Francisco. Adversely impacting Quality of Life issues.

This Black on Black violence must stop - and because it is not stopping - now, other segments of the population are being impacted. Those who are on the front lines - know about this - but our SF Board of Supervisors.

So, where is Amos Brown and others like him - on Black crime?

Some years ago - Malia Cohen gathered some Black pastors - on the fringes of Bayview - and made some "drab, shallow speeches" - that was the end of the subject.

Crime was on the increase - until we had to step in and do the needful. The Mayor Edwin Lee knows about it - and if does not know about it - shame on him.

Every time the City and County of San Francisco is in trouble - a few individuals - who can contacts the "thugs" - are forced to put their lives on the line - and help Mayor Edwin Lee. Once the work is done - he forgets who helped him.

Amos Brown has created a lot of divisiveness in San Francisco - with his impotent NAACP - it does not stand for Blacks and it surely does not stand for - "people of color".

You can pay your dues to Amos Brown and his NAACP - but for sure you will not receive a receipt.

That goes to the center of Accountability and Transparency.

Amos Brown wants the title - but he has not learned to represent.

Mayor Edwin Lee removed him and his "thugs" - all of them - from the San Francisco Housing Authority.

So, back to this memorandum that wants to state that here in San Francisco - we do have a better SF Police Department and we can do better. Join the Nation in address the best aspects of a working Community Policing.

San Francisco is a City and County and far advanced then the poorer town on the East Coast - and even the Bronx that is New York. Seeing is believing.

We really do not need London Breed and Malia Cohen who contribute to -"divisiveness" daily in District 5 and District 10 - two of the worst Districts - and think for a second their votes matter - they do not.

Have the hearing on Community Policing - and let us see what Malia Cohen and London Breed - first know about true - Community Policing?

Secondly what have their two offices contributed to - "police making" linked to Community Policing in the last 5 years - as a Supervisor and before being a Supervisor.

These two heifers are just that - two fat cows - that talk from both sides of their mouth.

The Brothers and Sisters on the street - do not care about them - we know that - we are the ones who do the real - work.

It not easy dealing with "morons" - who have no clue about Enforcement, less about Incident Reports, even less about Law and Order - and more are spiritually - totally, bankrupt.

These two London and Malia - pussyfoot a lot.

At the hearing - let us bring the Federal Bureau of Investigation - the FBI has a lot on Malia Cohen and London Breed - they may not know about it - but, many of us know about it.

Both these heifers are known - for taking money - from the Zionists, from folks like Lennar Urban, the John Stewart Company - both are divisive and both and not - worth the salt.

Never saw these two heifer - join us when we started the movement against Lennar - Stop Lennar Action Movement - SLAM.

Our children, elders, others were poisoned with intent by Lennar Urban.

Now, Malia Cohen wants to implode - Candlestick Stadium - she is not from District 10 she is from District 9.  Her parents live there - in all matters - Malia Cohen is fake - and a political, whore.

We in San Francisco started the Oscar Grant Movement - that is the TRUTH. Others may say - what they want. Where were any of the present SF Supervisors when that movement started.

On my website there is an entire article on Community Policing - in fact several articles?

Where were London Breed and Malia Cohen on Community Policing all these years?

There are those that talk the talk and other that just walk the walk. In the end - action matters the most.

And finally those that are spiritually bankrupt - no good can come from them. Arrogant, drab, shallow heifers, whore like political scum bags.