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Tuesday, December 9, 2014


It is business as usual in Room 200 - at San Francisco's City Hall - Mayor Edwin Lee has heard that come Wednesday to Friday this week - we are going to experience some very heavy rainfall.

As much as seven inches - heavy winds - and trees falling - everywhere. So we have the homeless - their numbers ever increasing - where will they take shelter? Who is really in charge of this humanitarian mission - in one of the richest cities in the world?

We are a world class city - but surely we must admit - among the world class cities - we have an increasing - homeless issue - a paradox - and an in your face situation - that no one - cares, about.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

What do we have planned for those that need help most - as the heavy rains - take aim at them - three days in a row?

I am not talking about - promises, vague plans - tons of hot air - and diatribe - I am talking about good shelter, food, warm clothes - for those that need it most.

Do we care about our Seniors? Do we have respect for those that fought for this nation?

Do we truly care for our children? Or do we - give more importance to the over 120,000 dogs that have a better life?

The shelters are full and more single mothers and children who are poor and do not have shelter - can try to get some shelter - but more than often - are told to fend for themselves.

" Try somewhere else" - they say - " we are full". "Come tomorrow".

Some of our SF Board of Supervisors are sensitive - but not the District 10 Supervisor - Malia Cohen - who is a panderer - and has no compassion whatsoever for the indigent - the sick and those that need, help most. 

Malia Cohen has chosen though - to make money - off an Wellness Center - at 3450 Third - in a very contaminated area. She and one Nadine Burke - putting our children and youth in harms way. The got a a $4 million grant from California Pacific Medical Center - and $300,000 from the 49ers.

Another $4 million plus from Facebook - no one cares to check and see where the Wellness Center is located.

This Black woman - Malia Cohen - who lives in the Potrero Hill has done nothing for the community at large.

With the help of the MACHINE - she is ready to do more damage - now, that she has been elected to another term - 4 more years of trials and tribulation.  

The poor, the hungry, those that are ill - the many suffering from AIDS and other respiratory diseases - in District 10 - grows ever more - and as days turn to weeks to months to years - many die - and there is no one worth the salt - to care for these - human beings that need - compassion.

What we have is a representative that talks from both sides of her mouth - has no leadership - and is not educated on issues. Pathetic - political whore.

The many children who go to bed hungry one in three in the Bayview Hunters Point - and more - over forty percent of the Bayview population - are just irking out a living.

The above issues are known to Malia Cohen - but the grinning jackass - could not care, less.

Many of the Bayview - poor constituents are often evicted from Public Housing and other housing - and forced to move or transfer themselves -  to District 6 - which is the jurisdiction of Supervisor, Jane Kim.

An area in District 6 - better known as the Tenderloin - has many pressing problems and needs dire, attention.

This area - is a hot spot for all sorts of crime - prostitution, drug selling, mugging, petty crime, cars broken into, killings, shootings - mayhem.

All the while Jane Kim - is busy rolling her slanted eyes - pussyfooting with the developers and giving tax breaks to TWITTER and other such - entities.

At Huntersview the John Stewart Company using millions of dollars from the State and the Mayor Office of Housing has built inferior housing - at Huntersview - District 10.

Malia Cohen must go and visit the leaking windows, and the run off from the heavy rains - that keeps adversely impacting - the many who live in these poorly, built homes - with our tax payers, money.

Malia Cohen proudly boasted: " This was the worse place ever and now it is the best". Yeh!

Hunterview surrounded by the worst contamination - and here we have an uneducated, shallow, inept, so called representative - who is  a sell out - selling out the community and pandering to the John Stewart Company and the Mafia.

There are poor in the other Districts and we have Eleven Districts - are all experiencing hardships.

The worse adverse impact is when you do not have a roof - over your head. The rains are upon us - and no one is there to offer a helping, hand.

Single mothers with children.

Seniors in their golden age from the District 10 are most affected.

Most of them - have not heard of Malia Cohen.

When her office is called - no one wants to take direct action.

They give you another telephone number to call someone - else.

It is always passing the buck when it comes to some Supervisors.

 I hope to address the Supervisors today - in Room 250.

Reveal to them some of the facts that they are aware about - but do nothing - about.