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Monday, December 8, 2014


Saint Luke's Hospital - that has done so much good before - it now under the control and jurisdiction of the Sutter Hospital Group.

Sutter Hospital Group -  works hand in glove with California Pacific Medical Center - and has caused untold damage to the patients of Saint Luke's Hospital.

Saint Luke's has always offered the best service and is well known for treating the poor in general, the mentally challenged - prenatal cases - more from the Mission all the way to Bayview and beyond  - with dignity, compassion and care.

The recent Disposition and Development Agreement - by the take over hospital California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) - has left a sour taste - in the mouths - of many.

 CPMC has stated many things - but has failed when it comes to "charity care" - reaching out to the indigent in the Tenderloin.

The Mission, the Excelsior, and the Bayview - where generation after generation have put their hope in Saint Luke's Hospital and their once - extraordinary care for those that came - to that very caring, compassionate and holistic hospital - Saint Luke's.

In the Bayview CPMS has given a doctor Nandine Burke a grant - who  works with Supervisor Malia Cohen - $4 million to build a Wellness Center at 3450 Third Street - in a very contaminated area. One of man devious grants that are not holistic.

Lacking sound transportation - and in an area where single mothers and others - are put in harms way - when it comes to, safety.

Our children should not be going anywhere near this very contaminated area. Lacking the basic facilities linked to transportation, safety, and contaminated with very dangerous - particulates.

The SF Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Work force has failed the constituents of San Francisco. It is the same with the San Francisco Health Department - that has not mandated - hospital standards - to be followed by - CPMC.

Jobs have been promised but nothing has come from the vague - promises.

When it comes to the mentally challenged, the physically challenged, prenatal cases, those suffering from respiratory diseases, heart diseases, other chronic diseases - CPMC has done all in its power - to hinder the quality services.

Saint Luke's situated in Mission - once rendered the best service and care - by the hardworking nurses - that worked for Saint Luke's Hospital - under the previous operators. No more.

There are few that speak good about CPMC - and the reason is simple - CPMC is greedy, has no consideration when it comes to those that need help most. Treating the poor and those that need help with disdain.

CPMC has a narrow window of opportunity to change its sordid ways.

We are getting way too many complaints about CPMC - and it does not help that Mayor Edwin Lee, those that participated in the so called negotiation to craft the Memorandum of Understanding - that has failed on most levels.

It does not help that the SF Planning Department with John Rahaim in charge and the SF Health Department with Barbara Gracia in charge - keep spewing diatribe - generalities - and nothing substantial.

No one can hoodwink all the people all the time.

At the last joint meeting - with the SF Planning Department and the SF Health Department - during Public Comment - again and again - those that spoke - exposed the FAILED memorandum - on jobs, charity care, focus care where the indigent need help like the Tenderloin, the Mission, Bayview and so on.

In all their talk both John Rahaim and Barbara Gracia have nothing substantial and viable to deliver.

Both continue to speak and make - vague promises - where those that need help - do not receive even the basics - while CPMC continues to hoodwink the - community at large.

Our SF Board of Supervisors are fast asleep at the cockpit - and it is time - with the exit of David Chiu -  those who are left - represent the constituents of San Francisco - as best the can.

Study the adverse impacts and the way CPMC is treating Saint Luke's Hospital. Saint Luke has done a lot of good all these many years - serving thousands - all over San Francisco.

Enough of the whoring and pimping that has been doing on in Room 250 by the SF Supervisors - who have failed to truly represent the constituents of San Francisco - so far.

In the interim those that go to Saint Luke Hospital get inferior care - entire departments have been shut down.

The entire floor that cared for the Mentally Challenged has been shut down - those SF Supervisors more Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, Katy Tang, Mark Farrell, Jane Kim should visit Saint Luke's Hospital and check things for themselves. Now.