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Thursday, December 25, 2014


This war with MONSANTO and the governments that help MONSANTO and others who are the MAFIA - has been an on going war. We must do all in our power - to stop the operations of the MONSANTO mafia - operations.

The United States of America aided by folks like Henry Kissinger, the Bushes,  other Zionists - greed to the core.

Those billionaires in Europe - others hiding in South America - but, most led by those beholden to genetically modified seeds - are right here in the United States of America.

Their one purpose to control food production - and control the population of the world. Play god - when they are the "devil" themselves.

President Barrack Hussein Obama for all the fuss he made with the "Interview" and Sony Productions - and the back and forth with the rogue nation North Korea - has yet to address - why millions of innocent people, thousands of innocent farmers, many consumers all over the world - are cheated of their money - and tricked into buying food products that are harmful to their bodies.

The man has the power to do something - but, will sit on the fence and see which side is green - typical of a man without a spine, inept, and not worth the salt.

MONSANTO is the devil itself and with the scientists that work for MONSANTO and its affiliates - daily, millions of innocent people are  adversely impacted.

Millions of innocent people from many a country - while our government - that must defend our own constituents and those of other Nations - for good - is looking the other way.

In the interim infants, children, youth, young adults, adults, others our dear seniors - are tricked into buying food products that say one thing on the label - but the contents are something, else. Often times very harmful to the body.

Our bodies are not used to the toxic stuff that we consume today - having evolved without them for thousands of years.

When I was young and plucked some fruit and ate it I knew for sure how it tasted.

I hate the fruit from the supermarket today - laced with some spray.

Laced with some spray - to keep the fruit lasting longer on the shelves, perhaps sprayed some more times to keep the bugs away - and for other, sordid reasons.

All so that some fruit, some vegetable, the cattle, goats, you name the animals that are eaten - some plant nature created for us to enjoy - are poisoned many times over - for ulterior, purposes.

As the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy I have taken a stand on many fronts. We can do a lot is San Francisco - but we do not.

Our San Francisco Board of Supervisors are not educated on issues.

More our Directors of the many Departments - foremost of City Administrator, the Director of Health, Barbara Gracia, those that advice our Mayor, Edwin Lee - most of them involved in mundane matters - and very few involved with Quality of Life issues.

The many ribbon cutting events are for the clowns - daily - innocent human beings are compromised - denied Quality of Life Issues.

Mayor Edwin Lee - looks and sound like a "clown" - at the many ribbon cutting events - how much of the "fake ego" can he pump - with artificiality - that is far removed from the practical and real world the people face - daily?

California was once the 5th largest economy in the world - even though we are just a State with a population of about 31 million people. Our Nation has a population of about 310 million.

California is now the 8th largest economy - and we produce sufficient vegetables, fruits, grain, rice, wheat - cotton, almonds, guavas, peaches, grapes - beef, other meat products - you name it - we can produce it.

Why do we have to work with MONSANTO when it comes to the seeds and genetically engineering life - be it animals, plant, or whatever?

Why do we the people and the government, our educational institutions -  encourage MONSANTO and others like them -  "permit" these evil corporations to genetically tweaked seeds" to be planted to trick our bodies - and keep insects away - poison the insects and mess with nature?

Whenever I go to any place - more a forest a remote location - the first thing I research in my own way - is the health of the frogs. If the "frog population" is doing well - I see most everything else is fine. I do not like what I see in the last 30 years - more in the last 5 years. Even here - right here in San Francisco.

I watch for the insects - I know by instinct now - from the over 60 years I have been nosing around the plants, by the riverbeds, the forests, large farms - what is good and what is not.

I detest the pesticides, they kill they insects, they kill the birds, the animals - they poison the watershed, they poison the rivers, the lakes, the fish - our estuary that is the Bay - that goes to the Pacific Ocean and more.

Once we had a thriving herring industry no more.

Beefore that Abolone that size of a couple of pounds - no more.

Our wild salmon - less and less of good fish - gone, gone, gone.

This greed knows no bounds - and the five or so Mafia Companies behind - the scheme to control our food chain - must be sent to jail - their assets confiscated.

These bastards are all over Asia, in Africa, in South America, Europe, here in North America, in Canada, you name it there they are MONSANTO and the allied band of crooks.

To make matters worse the Supreme Court has declared these Corporations like MONSANTO people - "thugs of the worst order".

We once had the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch - now it seems they all work together for the devil and evil. More when the United States Supreme Court has lost its mind.

Here is California we must do away with MONSANTO - we tried in vain with a Ballot - now, it must be direct action - protest where they are with their products - and weed them out.

Any product that is on the shelves must be removed - the people united can demand from the store managers - that they will not shop in those stores - until they abide by our protocols.

We can start in earnest in 2015 and complete the job in 2017. We have already worked hard and have grass root support. Aho.

Whatever happened the noble way of the indigenous people.

Who did not waste -  did not use access land - this greed must stop.

MONSANTO and its buddies in crime - are adversely the land and the Earth -  impacting for the worse -  the pollution of Mother Earth.

Mother Earth - half the bird and animals species are disappearing. The insects too - naturally the insects do what the pesticides cannot. But the fools never get it - all they see is GREEN.

Money is the root of all evil.

MONSANTO is a pesticide - we must get rid of these Mafia Operations - before it is too, too - late.