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Saturday, December 6, 2014


All over the world - citizens from other countries - always seem to ask you two questions - when it comes to "race relations" -  in America.

It is too deep to evaluate, analyze, adjudicate - race elements - all over this Nation.

Our Nation - that has an over 310 million population. We have people in the United States - from all over the world - and mostly given the circumstances - can excel.

However if you are a minority - a person of color - it is much more difficult to get opportunities. You have to work at it - and I speak from experience.

Once you attain some distinction, some level where you are in authority - you could expose the crooks - those that cause divisiveness - the sky is the limit - to take a stand and do - good.

It helps if you worked for the United States Army, the Department of Interior, the United States Park Police - other organizations that matter - but will go unmentioned - to keep the Zionist and other at bay.

It helps when you go to City Hall and take on the difficult issues - expose those that have a hidden agenda - and most of all - take on the crooked and corrupt Supervisors leading the pack - Malia Cohen.

When one travels to other countries - there are some questions people ask - and they are connected to Race Relations in America.

We who live here - some how know about Race Relations - but we speak and act - we are diplomatic.

Here are two questions - that stand out - in my subjective opinion. 

The first question why are the Native Americans - kept in Reservations - when the Native Americans - are the "First People" the people who have lived for thousands of years - here in America - that I prefer to call Turtle Island.

The second question - why are Blacks discriminated the most - and many from some countries - cannot comprehend slavery - and these two questions - cannot be answered - without giving some -history.

As human beings - the best way to understand fellow human beings is to travel - and meet people.

When you meet people - do not judge them - listen to them - hear them out - and once trust is built - then we all seem to get along.

In my recent travels to Europe - Rome, Florence, Vienna, Nuremberg, Berlin, and Frankfurt - I met a lot of people - and in meeting many people from all over the world - I learned a lot.

The cities I mentioned above attract people from all over the world - from Africa, Asia, East Europe, and beyond - you get the drift.

In 1976 when I visited Rome the population was not as dense as it is today. I could walk - cross the river Tiber - go to the Vatican - visit the Sistine Chapel - and there were about 20 people at the Sistine Chapel. I did this hundreds of times.

Now, if you go to Rome - it is dense - and if you go to the Sistine Chapel - you need to buy expensive tickets.

Once you are in the Sistine Chapel - it is croweded - in fact it is more than crowded - it is jam packed.

It is the same in Florence - and the same in Vienna - which is the center - where planes come from all over the world - a center well known - for the last 60 years plus.

I lived in Vienna and know the place very well. I also lived in Nuremberg and in Rome too.

In all of these diverse cities - the diverse population - bring issues to the fore - and it is amazing how these cities are "open minded" and do an excellent job.

The cities offer good housing, and make an attempt to offer good jobs - and the social services are next to none.

Here in San Francisco we are a hub - and people come from various countries.

The mild climate - our City being a financial center - innovative industries all over the place - and if anyone has the education and the skills - they can find a good job.

We have seen a wave of immigrants - fleeing from war and other atrocities - from South America - and have done our best to accommodate them - San Francisco being a Sanctuary City.

San Francisco has 11 Districts - with a population of about 820,000 - which grows to a million plus - in the day time.

 San Francisco offers opportunities - to thousands of people who live outside San Francisco - and less who live in San Francisco.

Slowly San Franciscans themselves have been denied opportunities in the last 20 years. We went through the era - and suffered many adverse impacts.

Today, it is the same with the Techies - who are all over the place - shell out money - and depriving San Franciscans of affordable housing - by influencing the housing market - in a bad way.

When you deprive people of good housing and if you add to that depriving minorities of good jobs. Slowly, there is going to be an erosion in relations - and situations that erode Quality of Life issues.

We are diverse - and we treasure our diversity - but we are not fair - and when it comes to equality - it is who you know - and if you can pay to play - then those - who have connection - make some head way.

So, do we have good leadership in San Francisco today?

I am talking at City Hall - civic leaders who embrace our immigrants, our seniors, those that are mostly not white - and how do we fare - dealing with Blacks - who once were 25% of our population?

I have attended hundreds of forums on Race Relations - and listened a lot.

Attended thousands of meetings at City Hall in San Francisco - people discussing about Quality of Life issues - tons of hot air - and little action.

Today the City and County of San Francisco is treating the poor, the indigent with disdain.

The recent rains - caught many by surprise - for months the sunshine and warm weather - gave many of those who live under bridges, under bushes, in places where they have to live to survive - a false sense of security.

Then the rains came - and those who had a some what false security - had to face the inclement weather - and in doing so - the situation became miserable.

Many approach me and we do what we can. It is really the business of the Social Services - if you depend on them - those victims who are suffering - will be dead. I repeat dead.

Not a sound from City Hall and less from our Mayor Edwin Lee - on the plight of our poor - that have been suffering - from the adverse impacts - encountered by the heavy rains - and we will have more - next week.

Wake up City Hall - you all talk too much - and when it comes to sound action - you all are pathetic to say the least. Deplorable.

Why would you want to build thousands of expensive high end housing for the filthy rich?

Many of these folks - who will come here from other countries.

Chinese from China - for example that do not share our values - and who themselves are experiencing - difficulties with the slow down of their own Chinese - economy.

We have thousands of Chinese - second, third, fourth generation - right here in San Francisco - who are living in despicable, conditions. One has just to go to China town.

What has Mayor Ed Lee and the Office of Housing - Olson Lee done for our own San Francisco Chinese Americans?

Now what has Olson Lee done for our African Americans?

What has he done for the Mentally and Physically Challenged?

What has he done for our foster children and our Queer youth?

If you go to District 10, 11, 4, 8, 3, 5 - there are American Chinese and others - sharing their homes - and many renting couches. It is with Latin families and other too.

What is our City and County of San Francisco doing about these adverse impacts?

What is our City and County really doing about sound housing, sound health, sound safety - in short addressing - of Quality of Life issues?  Nothing much.

When we have a situation where people cannot have decent place to live - are stressed - it affect everything - even being able to work and socialize.

In our population today we have an increase of those who are Mentally Challenged - this City and County of San Francisco - with a over $9 Billion budget - does not deal with this chronic - problem - in a realistic manner.

The Mayor, Edwin Lee has done nothing - nothing much when it comes to congestion on our roads.

Recently flanked by Ed Reiskin who is the Director of the Municipal Transportation Authority - and the Chief of Police, Gregory Suhr - some attempt was made to address congestion, double parking - and all in a vague, manner.

I keep reminding the authorities - all this is Ohlone land.

Every square inch was stolen - and the First People - do not favor the greedy, those that encourage congestion and pollution - and more those that foster - gentrification.

It is not as if I do not know the Mayor, Edwin Lee, the Chief of Police, Gregory Suhr, the City Administrator Naomi Kelly, the Controller Ben Rosenfield, the Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, the Public Defend Jeff Adachi, the Economist of our City Ted Egan - they and more who hold positions of power - must speak up - and represent - with some consensus.

In many cases the left hand - does not know what the right hand is doing - and all this happens more - when there is rampant corruption - lack of transparency and accountability.

We have serious race relations in our City and County of San Francisco.

I am on that front line - and I am NOT a sell out.

So, here is a clarion call to the many sell outs - the Blacks who are selling out our City - thinking that when they get some stale bread crumbs - they can get away with murder. No more.

You will pay a price. You will bring it upon yourself.

The City is now paying folks - trying to foster divisiveness - and we see at at City Hall - and more in the areas in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - being developed - sell outs - paid  sell outs - doing the devil's work.