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Thursday, December 11, 2014


The heavy rains are upon us - and with the heavy rain - the gusty winds. 

The man holes are bubbling and in places - the man holes are so full - streams of water shoot up - and all that is good.

The weak trees - having endured years of drought - have fallen down - and even as they lay - they wish they could stay upright - but nay - their time has come to wither - away.

The watershed has been replenished - after so many years of drought and famine - the Earth feels good - the air clean - and most everywhere - there is a sense of being alive and alert.

The SF Department of Public Works has taken all the precautions is can - to clean the many places that clog - man holes and more - where things get stuck - and water accumulates in puddles and often create a flood and mess. 

So far - the low lying areas are acting up - 17th and Folsom - Old Bayshore at the inter-junction - by the old Goodman Lumber building and the new LOWE's.

Once the rivers that were - flowed in these areas - now covered up with in fill - on days like today - the waters come up high and reveal to all - who really is in charge.

Engineers try their best to stop the flooding - and they can all they can - Mother Nature - always wins.

The Bay is ripe with gusty winds and the waves are high and mighty and strong.

By Candlestick Park - you have a swimming pool - the City is up to mischief - though.

There are unsavory elements - greedy to the core - who want to implode Candlestick Park and take advantage of this storm to drench the old Candlestick Park - as it comes tumbling down.

Never mind the Precautionary Principle - the many required permits - the possibility of spreading - contamination. The greed are only focused on their own self interest - and their diabolic - inclination to make blood - money.

Never mind the Asbestos - it may not fly high and above to the near by neighborhood homes. 

But,  for sure it will lie slow - in a wider area and when the sun comes up - those at the wrong place - and at the right time - will be exposed to high level of Asbestos - leading to to Mesothelioma.

Over a longer time - Mesothelioma - leads to a death so horrendous - you would not wish - your worst enemy to suffer - in like manner.

Lennar is a Rogue Developer - it may promise you the world - but so far nothing - Lennar touches - is devoid of evil - demonic to say the least. 

You never find good, decent people backing Lennar.

The worst of the sell outs back Lennar - Aurelious Walker, Dwanye Jones, Linda Richardson, Sophie Maxwell, Calvin Jones.

Lola Whittle, Malia Cohen, Doris Vincent, and I could name many more - suffice to say - the sell outs are well known - by the community at large.

Just to think that that one could use the much needed rain for an evil purpose.

Implode Candlestick Park - and think you could get away with murder - in broad daylight. No sound permits, no community outreach - and more less decency, standards - even less ethics and morals.

Beware of Lennar - a rogue developer. The devil - himself.

No good ever - will ever happen - at Candlestick Point and Hunters Point Shipyard. 

Time will tell. Aho.